Sharon’s count down has started; departure will follow due to failure



George W. Bush did not forget that the presidency was about to be snatched of his jaws and he was about to be deprived from mounting the throne in the oval room of the White House, and to abolish his dream for the sake of another eight years of his current reign.

George W. Bush will not forget the American Jews who were about to deprive him – during the reign of his brother in Florida – of his election campaign, maybe to explain his positions on the domain of external policy concerning the Middle East. He & (Republicans) expended utmost efforts; spent millions so as not to loose his chance of mounting a seat in the White House. What ever happened did happen as (all of them know). American Jews have backed-up Al-Ghour for being an (AIPAC) “American Israeli Public Affair Committee” graduate and a great supporter of Israel, despite that G. W. Bush was not negligent in supporting Israel in generalizing promises of support, – except for the record of his father George Bush who for the first time since the year 1946 held a peace conference for the formalization of a Palestinian State and implementation of legitimate international resolutions in Madrid – have made the Jewish American community to unease from the election of George W. Bush the son as a leader for all the republicans, by any way, they got him into the White House, when he and his advisors started to think about the lessons gained from the electoral battle, they stated by suggesting to him means and methods for appointing people for obtaining Jewish American support, assuming two domains: the domain of the current presidency and the domain of future presidential reign. They played a crucial role in formulizing the American Ministers Institution; it is expressed on the highest levels of American Jewish leaders with president Bush and his advisors, also a great influence in appointing “Committee of Final Resolution” in the Pentagon controlling ultimately the resolution of peace and war. And also having an influential role in formulating of the National Security Committee and appointing high officials in the American Ministry of the Exterior. This assures the Jewish leaders that they have held of what is called the “The keys of the American Resolution”. This reflects itself on high American officials (Ministers) who fear opposition to any resolution presented by those due to two factors:

First: Election of Sharon as Prime Minister in Israel.

Second: The increase of Israel’s supporters in the Congress equally among Republicans and Democrats.

George Bush has resolved his position based on these facts and depended on the blind policy support to Israel in spite of occupation of Arab lands, and threatening U.S. interests in the Arab World. The international study and Media Institute offered Bush a report that the ultimate support for Israel will not absolutely influence U.S. interests, and will not initiate any outrageous reaction from the Arab people. This International study Institute is financed by Jewish money controlling studies and its results are used for Congress members in political power supporting Israel.

Bush decided that it is going to be a great asset inside the U.S. for achieving his ambitions and dreams in intervening his suggestions into Congress, assuring his position to another reign, backing up his assaulting foreign policy, that is why he has to sacrifice the people of any nation to reenroll in the White House and for the U.S. to dominate the world’s oil supply, with absolute increasing support to Sharon’s government not considering the position of the U.S., its interest, or principles of legitimate integrity of international resolutions and treaties.

That is what Sharon is doing since the first day of his election, worked to abolish the peace process and to terminate the signed treaties, and to wage an official and organized war of terror on Palestinians. The event of September the eleventh was a new scope for escalating a racial war against Palestinians, and a fascist war against powers of peace and democracy in Palestinian and Israeli societies.

For these reasons Bush’s positions appear superficially at the surface and his power to control over the International Community towards the edge, and his ultimate support to Israeli fascist practices by the U.S either internally or externally as well. In his last June speech, Bush offered his vision to resolve the Middle East problem another time after giving Sharon the green light to raid Palestinian regions using the American weaponry and mentioned that Arafat has disappointed him and the hopes of Palestinian people as well. And called upon the Palestinian people to emerge with a new leadership??, off course Bush was expressing the anticipations and gratitude of Sharon.

But what had happened was independently out of concern of the willpower of Palestinian people who have the “right to have a successful and functional leadership” (according to Bush’s speech), but the desire is to get rid of the Symbol, “the leader Yasser Arafat”, Sharon considers Arafat as an obstacle to peace not because Sharon is against peace but working for the sake of peace. What is so funny that President Bush of the United States of America is calling for democracy is also requesting from Palestinians to abandon the democratic principles and to abolish the results of the legitimate elections, which was conducted under the supervision of President Carter, and the world representatives, lately in which the Palestinians have elected Yasser Arafat as President. And when Sharon speaks about a new leadership and meets with some historical leader personalities, he does not mean virtuous democratic elections for a President elected by the people, but it means that Israel chooses whoever will submits to Israeli’s state of affairs. As mentioned according to a popular proverb: “the problem is not the pomegranate but the hearts are full”.

But the latest developments during the past week proved the undefeatable will power of the Palestinian people, simply we can say, despite of all the hardships, to which Palestinians are subjected to, such as siege, continuous destruction, Palestinians are determined on steadfastness and decided to end occupation and to establish an independent State. This is what happened on the midnight of the twentieth of September in West Bank cities and Gaza, people declared the disapproval to the atrocities, humiliation, but supporting the trustful election of Yasser Arafat under siege who is threatened to be killed at any moment.

If President Bush have advisors who accurately estimated the situation and explained to him the theme of what happened on September 20th, they would have clarified to Bush the explosive danger in the Middle East which is about to occur. And they would informed him also that Sharon fell into the ambush and even President Bush can not get him out of it, in spite of the pressures imposed by Sharon on some Arab countries to consecutively pressure Yasser Arafat. Why pressure is imposed on Yasser Arafat? if Bush and Sharon believed that Arafat’s authority had collapsed, and they wanted to deal with a new leadership.

No doubt that Bush felt for the first time that Sharon’s resolutions affected his strategies. The siege, threatening to kill, or deportation of Arafat had burst into flames the situation in Palestine and probably will follow-up blazing the situation in other Arab countries, but it is definite that calling the Security Council for convening about the dangerous situation resulting from Arafat’s headquarter destruction, siege, threaten to kill will distract the U.S. attempts from issuing a resolution from Security Council about Iraq, and this will expose the actions committed by Israel, that’s what Bush does not want. He is engaging in a diplomatic battle in the United Nations for issuing a resolution about Iraq, and to strengthen his position in the Congress in which it is rejecting the desires of President Bush for attacking Iraq. As Senator Bird has reiterated that President Bush did not present any reason to persuade us for the necessity of waging a war on Iraq. Therefore, the American bureaus of diplomatic affairs and the American diplomats are attempting to solve this forgoing discrepancy, “Arafat’s headquarter” should not surpass the “Iraqi issue”, and to rescue Sharon from the dilemma he got himself into. “Sharon now a days is like someone who actually ate a knife, he can not eject nor swallow it, and it is going to kill him anyway”.

The American Administration will never find any other way except to communicate with Yasser Arafat, and when these previously declared words said by Bush will vanish, and Bush will forget what he said about President Arafat as before (he requested from Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and when Israel refrains, he repeats: “I mean what I say”. When Israel refrains again,é., He has forgotten it all !). So is the case with Sharon; Bush’s partner, the ongoing developments had revealed that most estimated facts of his security bureaus were mistaken. It has been brought up by Israelis during the last two weeks after the Palestinian Legislation Assembly meeting, and the resignation of the government: that Arafat’s authority had collapsed and the Israeli government had succeeded in secluding Arafat from his people, and the people wants a substituted leadership.

The Palestinian people have been enthused for their leader triumph and for their elected President in defending his National Scheme (and will continue to rise publicly demanding for their freedom and independence), no doubt that Sharon who immediately ordered reserve troops to West Bank and Gaza cities, he felt that his security intelligence and chief of staff information reports were not accurate. (As we analyzed in the previous article of what the Middle East journal had published, what the Israelis call “Arafat’s authority collapse” is nothing but daydreams).

Now and after Sharon has discovered the reality, do not expect from him to change his course, but it is up to the Israelis to realize where Sharon is dragging them, and should return quickly to the negotiation pathway and to the peace chosen by Palestinians. Sharon will try to escalate violence against Palestinians, but the results would not be different from those of todays.

The Palestinian people will never subdue, and Sharon has to step down and depart,é and he will depart.


{ An explanation of the Arabic proverb }:

[Which means that the problem is not the Palestinian democratic elections, nor the state of affairs of the Palestinian people, nor Arafat under siege, nor terrorism in the form of suicide bombers, nor the relation to the events of September the eleventh, nor Iraqi problem, nor the wanted outlaws as they claim, but rather, the minds of Sharon and the Israeli government officials are full with hatred towards the present Palestinian leadership. How can you explain the collective punishment for all Palestinians under siege? All of the above are cooked down towards the following: The intentions are aimed to subdue all the Palestinians according to the Israeli plans; which is the reoccupation of the West Bank and Gaza which is a “matter of time“, also continuing the occupation of lands for building new settlements for fresh Jewish immigrants.

The Palestinians also are miserable and fed up of these Israeli practices as if Palestinians are made to suffer, as if they are void of humanity, dignity and self-esteem, while the whole world is not watching but siding with U.S.A and Israel serving their ultimate interests].

Bassam Abu-Sharif is a special advisor to Yasser Arafat.