Quebec labor group actually call it the correct name


It is the old game, each time an honest voice against the apartheid Israeli regime come forward, some of Israel supporters come with the old falls slogans as “The Jewish community is profoundly attached to the state of Israel”, and the usually is the “Anti-Semites” it is not the case and Israel dose not represent all Jewish and it is over due, we have to call the things with its real names, in the article written by 4 Israeli defenders they tried the old game to spread their misleading information through what could be seems defending Jewish.

After the president of the Centrale des Syndicats du Québec (CSQ) has just returned from a visit to the Palestinian occupied territories with a coalition of human rights activist from Montreal, they came with a just and fare conclusion. Boycott Israel because it is an apartheid regime.  Myself and tens of thousands of the Quebcers can not understand the call for  balanced and compassionate debate on the conflict in the Middle East”, what is the meaning of balance, we should call the things by its names, there is no balance between the people under occupation and the occupied forces, there is no balance between humiliated people and aggressors. 

The balance is needed here, in our local reporters and mainstream media; when one of the occupation force been killed they call it in the first page “a terrorist act” and when tens of civilian and children under occupation murdered and their homes been demolished a small report in a small corner of a paper or even no report at all.

Calling Israel “A democratic and pluralistic Jewish homeland that has been built on fundamental and immutable pillars of justice, respect for human rights and the rule of law”. Can they explain the justice in ethnic cleansing hundred of thousands since 1948 from their homes and villages and not allowing them back, can any of the writers of this pieces tell us where is the human rights in refusing allowing the human right organization to investigate the Jenin mass murder in cold blood, what they are afraid of?

They stated “Israel is a democratic Jewish state with one million Arab citizens. It seeks the peace and security of its people” Those one million Arab are within the pre 1967 boarders are without any right of ownership and the balance 4 millions are between West bank and Gaza strip living in scattered land surrounded with well armed illegal settler, who are enjoying all the resources of the occupied land while the legal owners do not have the minimum basic required of human life.

They repeated in all over the article and as all the media the expression of “Palestinian Authorities” trying to make people under impression that they are a government on a independent state, while they are not more then some people as all other Palestinians leaved for more then fifty years without home or identity.

The misleading statement “In Israel, anti-hate laws have been invoked to ban even Israeli Jewish organizations that break the law” where is this law, when one of the occupation force been killed they called terrorist, The Palestinians been killed by the F16 and their home been demolished, and Jewish illegal settler well armed killing the Palestinian people, considering all this acts “self-defense”é! It is the first time in the history some body can call the occupation aggression a self-defense.

Israel claims that it is looking for its people’s security, would the security been achieved on injustice?  They are calling for security that would lead to peace, than this peace will achieve the reconciliation that will automatically result of justice. You cannot achieve peace unless you solve the puzzle correctly. It is in order should be “justice, reconciliation, peace, than security for everybody”. That is would be the real balance approach.

I as one of tens of thousands of Quebecers congratulate the CSQ for the fare honest stand, and I am calling upon all Quebecers to boycott Israeli products, this will be our tool to end the occupation, to establish justice for all. That’s will be the real balance and that is the real people fare approach.

Mr. Mohamed S. Kamel is a Freelance writer in Montréal, Canada.