‘President’ Kerry and Axis of Occupiers

‘Chicken-hearted’ leaders of U.S. and Israel are ‘shivering’ in their shoes. Why? The ‘survival’ of their nations is at stake. They have ‘determined foes’ –” not one, not two, not three but so many. Who are these formidable foes and who have the ability to destroy the United States and Israel (occupied Palestine)? Surprise! Surprise! They are Saudi Arabia – equipped with weapons of mass destruction –” billion barrels of oil, Iran – studded with imaginary nuclear weapons, Syria – ‘host’ of ‘terrorists’ and ‘occupier’ of Lebanon, Arafat who is not a partner in ‘peace,’ Middle East oil that does not allow the U.S. leadership to show its true color that how much it ‘loves’ the Muslims of the region, ‘terrorists’ in ‘liberated’ Iraq that does not allow the U.S. and Israeli leadership to make Iraq a ‘democratic model’ for the ‘backward’ Middle East, education system which is producing fundamentalists who do not believe in the U.S. divine world-wide occupation, and resurgent anti-Semitism. And who is whining? He is Jewish-rooted Kerry, crying baby.

To the surprise of many and disappointment of Republicans, this father of all flip-flopping is not flip-flopping on the destruction of the Muslim World. He has a very consistent and elaborate policy which not only continue the genocidal policies of Bush, targeting Muslims all over the world but he is also determined and is publicly declaring that he would adopt more lethal, bloodier and more effective policies to target Muslims all over the world.

This Jewish rooted Kerry has developed a cogent policy to establish Israel hegemony over the region and beyond. This policy conspires to destroy the remaining resistance forces that are deemed as a hurdle to Israel total hegemony in the region and beyond. This policy is made public by ‘president’ Kerry himself and is published in Forward under the title “An Unwavering Commitment to Reforming Middle East.”

Why does not ‘president’ Kerry accept Saudi Arabia as it is and why is he determined to reform it? He does not like U.S. ‘dependency’ on Saudi Royal family. Second, Israel and U.S. are not secure while Saudi donors fund ‘terror.’ Third, Saudi Arabia is ideological backer of ‘Islamic fundamentalist jihadists.’ These are the reasons that Saudi Arabia must be ‘reformed.’ This is why Saudi’s ‘menace’ should end. How? President Kerry thinks it is very easy to deal with the Saudi royal family. What he has to do is to make America independent of Saudi oil. He will invest in the research and exploration needed to develop renewable resources. He will develop technology and production methods to ensure that coal and natural gas are used more efficiently and cleanly. All these steps will be the part of a new energy economy of ‘President’ Kerry. Results will be astonishing. U.S. dependency on Saudi Arabia will end. And with this development, iron fist will replace the kid glove policy that ‘dependent’ America’s successive administrations have to adopt against Saudi Arabia. “If we are serious about energy independence, then we can finally be serious about confronting the role of Saudi Arabia in financing and providing ideological backing for Islamic fundamentalists jihadists,” Kerry moans.

‘Domestic audience’ punctuates Kerry’s anti-Saudi policy. He does not care how detrimental this policy would be for the U.S. national interests. He does not care that Saudi Arabia is a long time ‘ally’ of the United States. He does not care that it was the Saudi leadership that stood with the U.S. in the Cold War against Communist Soviet Union. He does not care that it was the Saudi leadership that made U.S. the player in the oil war of 1920s. At that time U.S. was fighting oil war with French and British. They were not allowing U.S. even to have a single drop of oil from the occupied Middle East of First World War. He does not care that it was Saudi leadership that preferred U.S. to France and Great Britain in oil war of 1947. He does not care that it is Saudi’s one trillion dollars in America that are keeping American economy afloat. He does not care that it was Saudi Arabia that played a key role in ousting Soviet Union from Afghanistan. He does not care that these were the same Saudis whose sons sacrificed their lives in thousands to fight America’s war in Afghanistan against Soviet Union. At that time they were called Mujahaideen/ Jihadists. But this Kohn Kerry, democratic nominee for president, does not care what is in the best interest of United States. What he cares is the Jewish leadership. What he care is Israel First and not America First. Because it is the Jewish leadership that makes and breaks the presidency, he thinks. “The only thing which will matter in Washington … is if the people in the Bronx and Brownsville and Borough Park begin to mutter in their beards, they’ll damned if they continue to cast their votes to a party that breaks its pledges to them…. You let me have the Jewish vote of New York and I will bring you the head of Ibn Saud on a platter! The Administration will sell all seven Arab states if it is a question of retaining the support … of the Jews of New York alone; never mind the rest of the country.” Jewish leader Bernard Baruch, Israel in the Mind of America, page 175.

Why and how will Kerry deal with the second formidable foe of U.S. and Israel imaginary ‘nuclear Iran’? He says U.S. should have de-nuclearized Iran long time ago. “For too long, America has not led, and Iran’s program has advanced. Let me say it plainly: a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable.” How will he stop Iran to become nuclear? He has a policy to achieve this objective. He will forge alliance of allies and form international coalition to de-nuclarize Iran. This international coalition will stop Iran to play allies against each other. He also does not rule out tougher measures. “I believe we must work with our allies to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program and be ready to work with to implement a range of tougher measures, if needed. Developing an international coalition enhances our influence by ensuring that all nations are united in the effort, leaving no room for Iran to play allies against one another.”

There is a message that Sen. Kerry wants to convey to the Muslim World when he is warning imaginary nuclear Iran. Sen. Kerry is saying learn what the American leadership did to Iraq for its harboring nuclear ambitions. President Saddam, great son of the Muslim World, did not learn from Israel’s attack on Iraq’s nuclear facility. He is now in jail and Iraq is under the direct occupation of the United States. But why is a Muslim country Pakistan allowed to become nuclear? There are so many reasons. To counter an emerging power Bharat. Remember it is the policy of the United States that no power should become a sole regional power. It does not matter it is a friend or a foe. Second, if Asians murder millions in nuclear duel, it will give an other excuse to the White nuclear club to keep Asia ‘nuclear free.’ It can tell the world that you see between Soviet Union and U.S. nuclear standoff, there was no nuclear war. Forget there were nuclear alerts. Third, it is the U.S. leadership that decides the time and the place. Iraq was first to be de-nuclearized, now it is Iran and next might be Pakistan. Might be. Yes. Why might be? It is not the nuclear weapons that matter. The most important factor is in whose hands they are. Israel’s nukes are targeting more than 68-70 cities. U.S. loves it. Why? These nukes maintain ‘peace.’ They also keep the Muslim countries in the ‘box.’ ” Israel has nuclear warheads aimed at 68-70 different cities in the world, including cities in every Arab country in the Middle East. Israel also has 200 atomic mines even more than Britain has –” located in holes on the Golan Heights. These mines have been prepared to counter a Syrian invasion of the Golan. … If Israel is attacked first by an atomic bomb which destroys its nuclear arsenal, Israel would still be able to respond with reserve arsenal located five floors underground which would wipe the country of the enemy attacking of the face of the earth.” The Jew Press, February 4, 1994. The title of the first page story is ” Why is P.M. Rabin Afraid? ISRAEL’S NUKES READY FOR ACTION. Could Wipe Out All Enemy Countries.”

For how many more days, months, or years will Pakistan be allowed to remain nuclear and a nuclear ‘proliferater’? Published reports suggest that Pakistan is given a very long rope to hang itself. The most despicable chapter will open in the history of Pakistan when Mushrraf will hand over Osama to the United States. Discredited Pakistan in the eyes of the patriotic forces in the Muslim World and all over the world will be more vulnerable to anti-Muslim forces. Then and then every anti-Muslim newspaper in the world will ask the dismemberment of Pakistan to ‘save’ the world. Then and then Pakistan will be declared as the ‘greatest threat’ to humanity. Americans will be warned. “If a nuclear weapon destroy the U.S. capital in coming years, it will probably be based in part on Pakistan technology. The biggest challenge to civilization in recent years came not form Osama or Saddam Hussain but from Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb. Dr. Khan definitely sold nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya, and officials believe, to several more nations as well. But, amazingly, eighth months after Dr. Khan publicly confessed, we still don’t know who the rest of his customers were.” (Twisting Dr. Nuke’s Arm, Nicholas D. Kristof. The New York Times, Sept. 25, 2004)

World is told that there is a deal between Bush and Musharraf as for as “Dr. Nuke” is concerned. Give me Osama and I will not whip you hard for nuclear proliferation, says Bush, the jailer of the world prison, called global village. “I’m am taking about the arrangement under which the U.S. cuts Pakistan some slack on nuclear proliferation, in exchange for President Musharraf’s joining aggressively in the hunt for Osama –” in the hope of catching him by Nov. 2.” (Twisting Dr. Nuke’s Arm)

But there is a catch here. If President Bush wins the election without Osama’s head presented on the platter, nothing will hold back Bush whipping his partner Musharraf. Bush can live without Osama in his second term. He does not have to contest another election. If Musharraf hands over Osama to Bush and Bush wins, even then the party is over as Musharraf is concerned. He will be no more needed. And Musharraf is not the first one who will be used as an U.S. lap dog and then hanged high in the hall of shame. Remember Stalin. He was declared the savior of the Western civilization when he was fighting the American war against Nazi Germany. War cost Russians more than 20 million sons. The moment Nazi threat ceased to exist; Stalin was declared the worst enemy of the ‘Western civilization.’ Another example. President Saddam Hussain was the star of the leaders of the ‘Western civilization’ when he was trapped to contain the Iranian revolution. The moment war with Iran was over; he was declared the ‘worst enemy’ of ‘peace’ and ‘stability’ in the region and beyond. Another example. Remember Gen. Zia ul Haque of Pakistan. The moment Soviet occupation of Afghanistan ended, he was also of no use. Remember how he was eliminated from the political scene. Every traitor from Shah of Iran to Pinochet was used by the American leadership and eventually betrayed and abandoned. Wait and see the tragic end of this lapdog Musharraf. Will he be dragged in the streets of Islamabad by the patriotic forces like Prime Minister Nuri or humiliated by patriotic forces like Marcos of Philippine? Time will tell. Even if he escapes the fate of Nuri or Marcos, he is already hanged high in the hall of shame for his treacherous rule in its war on ‘terrorism.’ He has handed over those brothers and sons who left their homes to liberate occupied Palestinians, Kashmiris and Chechens. These proud sons of the Muslim World left their families to challenge the Axis of Occupiers. This Axis consists of occupier Israel, Bharat and Russia. It is led and fed by the United States.

Therefore, denuclearization of Pakistan is not a question of if but when. Recently Israeli leadership has also shown its interest publicly to denuclearize Pakistan as a ‘prerequisite’ for declaring its nuclear capabilities. Enemies of the Muslim World will never stomach any Muslim nation to have the military ability to challenge their occupation of the entire Muslim world. This development will mark the end of the U.S. occupation and domination. Like other occupying powers, U.S. is maintaining its occupation and domination by military force and threat of military force.

Third formidable foe of U.S. and Israel is Syria. The reason for lumping Syria in the enemy list is very obvious for ‘president Kerry.’ Syria supports terrorist organizations and occupies Lebanon, says Kerry. How will he liberate Lebanon and stop Syria to support ‘terrorism’? He already has a proven record on this issue. He cosponsored “The Syria Accountability Act.” This act authorizes the president to sanction Syria. “The Syria Accountability Act, which I co-sponsored in the Senate, gave the president authority to sanction Syria, a concrete step against Syria’s support for terror and its occupation of Lebanon,” writes ‘president Kerry.’

‘Befitting punishment’ for an ‘occupier’ and ‘supporter of terror’! Why the Senator from Massachusetts does not cosponsor “The U.S., Israel, Bharat and Russia Accountability Act” for the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya. These occupying powers are not ‘occupiers’ in Kerry’s opinion. They are ‘liberators.’ Remember he is also the member of Skull and Bones society like Bush and a believer of “Manifest Destiny.”

Kerry’s crusade against Syria has a message for Syria and other Muslim countries. Your identification with U.S. in crises does not mean you are off the hook. Your siding with the U.S. against your own brothers does not mean you are off the hook. Your neutrality in an U.S. led aggression does not mean that you are off the hook. Take the case of Syria. Syria was the partner in the U.S. led aggression to ‘liberate’ Kuwait. Result? It was rewarded with concessions in Lebanon. Syria kept its ‘neutrality’ in the U.S. led occupation of Iraq. Does Syria rewarded. The moment Iraq was occupied; Syria was singled out for fomenting ‘terrorism.’ It was accused of letting the ‘terrorists’ walked into Iraq. It was accused of helping Iraq to hide weapons of mass destruction on its own soil. It was accused of hiding Iraqi money in its banks. And now concessions or deal made on Lebanon is used to destroy the Syrians. “Resolved, That the bill from the House of Representatives (H.R. 1828) entitled `An Act to halt Syrian support for terrorism, end its occupation of Lebanon, and stop its development of weapons of mass destruction, and by so doing hold Syria accountable for the serious international security problems it has caused in the Middle East, and for other purposes.” Senate, November 11,2003. And if this is not enough, Syrian government is charged for violating human rights of Syrian and Lebanese. Secretary of State is authorized to form a ‘National Congress of Syrians’ to ‘liberate’ Syria and to bring ‘democracy’ in another Muslim country.

(1) Condemns the consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights by the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic;

(2) calls on the international community to adopt a resolution at the upcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly which details the dismal human rights record of Syria;

(3) Expresses its support for the people of Syria in their daily struggle for freedom, respect for human rights and civil liberties, democratic self-governance, and the establishment of the rule of law; (4) encourages the President and the Secretary of State to reach out to dissidents, human rights activists, and the nonviolent democratic opposition in Syria, and to assist them in their efforts; and (5) urges the adoption and pursuit of these and other policies to seek a democratic government in Syria that will–(A) bring freedom and democracy to the people of Syria.”

Fourth enemy of U.S. and Israel is more dangerous than the Saudis with billion of barrels, than the Iranians studded with imaginary nuclear weapons and the Syrians the host of ‘terrorist.’ Who is this formidable foe, a threat to U.S. and Israel? It is Middle East Oil. “The greatest long-term strategic threat to U.S.-Israel relations is U.S. dependence on Mideast oil. A new security policy demands an end to that dependence. For too long, America has lost it voice when talking about the policies and practices of some government in the Persian Gulf.”

This statement by ‘president’ Kerry proves some facts. U.S. leadership has only one principle and that is it has no principle. Second, principles do not matter only oil matters. Policies of a leader do not matter if they can feed the global predators called mega-corporations. A thug like Shah of Iran is tolerable, if he is sitting on the sea of oil. Thug like Suharto does not matter, if he opens the door for U.S. plunder. Third, this statement proves that the ‘despots’ of the Persian Gulf are only safe until they are sitting on billions of barrels. The moment oil ends, their charm will end also.

Fifth enemy is the ‘terrorists’ in ‘liberated’ Iraq. “We are not secure while Iraq is at risk of becoming a haven for terrorists,” says ‘president’ Kerry. There elimination is necessary to ‘draw down’ American troops. How will he achieve this goal? ‘President’ Kerry will twist the arm of the United Nations and allies to secure ‘liberated Iraq. “I will work with the United Nations and our allies to bolster security in Iraq so that we can meet our goals for election and speed up reconstruction. I will launch a massive effort to train and equip Iraqi forces, so that they can take over the security of their nation, allowing U.S. to draw down out troops in an ordinary manner. These steps will be vastly more effective when backed by a long term strategy to change the political equation in the Middle East, to empower reformers and foster democracy.”

What is the hidden message in this statement? More outside forces will be hired to murder the Iraqis. More Iraqis will be hired to cut the throats of their own brothers. More ‘reformer and democrats’ will be installed. Meet Democratic and reformer Karzai and Alawi. And those ‘reformer’ and ‘democrats’ already in power will be shielded to stay in power. Case in point is ‘reformer’ and ‘democrat’ Musharaf of Pakistan.

Sixth enemy is Arafat, a great son of the Muslim world. He must be replaced with ‘real partner in pace’ like Musharaf. It is he who has sold not only the Kashmir but also the blood of thousands of Kashmiris to please his master at Washington happy. These freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to free the occupied Kashmir. Why Arafat should be replaced and how ‘real peace’ be established? Arafat is not a partner for peace, says ‘president’ Kerry. “The success of the withdrawal also requires a real Palestinians effort to establish security –” to ensure Gaza does not remain a haven for terrorists to launch attacks on Israel. Experience has made very clear that for the Palestinians to meet this key test, new Palestinians leadership is required, as Yasser Arafat has proven himself not to be a partner for peace.”

Seventh enemy is educational system in the Muslim World. As the occupier of the Muslim World, ‘president’ Kerry will introduce secular education. Model will definitely be the United States –” a nation of ignorant and uneducated. There are millions who are not school graduates and those who are graduates cannot read their diplomas.

Eighth enemy of U.S. and Israel is ‘resurgent anti-Semitism.” How the Jewish-rooted ‘president’ Kerry would deal with this ‘menace.’ He will create an anti-Semitism office within the State Department. Anti-Semitism will be ‘enshrined’ in the State Department’s annual human rights reporting. He will force the ‘governments’ of the occupied world to recognize the ‘crisis’ of anti-Semitism. “As a president, I will use bold diplomacy to get governments to recognize the growing crisis of resurgent anti-Semitism, and take action to deal with it –”not hide it. Silence will never prevail –” either abroad or at home. As president, I will support the creation of an office within the State Department dedicated to combating anti-Semitism, as adding reporting on acts of anti-Semitism around the world to the State Department’s annual human rights reporting. I will launch an aggressive public diplomacy campaign in Arab and Muslim countries to tackle head-on anti-Israel propaganda that fuels ignorance and hatred.”

After dealing with the enemies of the U.S. Israel, he assures occupier Israel. “American leadership is needed to bolster Israel’s security at home as well as in the region. I believe that we must stand with Israel, supporting our ally’s right to build a security fence and to allow its own Supreme Court –” not the International Court of Justice –”to address the issue of the route of the fence. The fence has proven its value as an anti-terror measure. We will magnify our power and restore American influence to enhance our own security and that of our allies. We will restore our alliances and we will lead. But we will never compromise America’s special relation with our ally Israel. As President, I will never pressure Israel to make concessions that will compromise its security. My commitment to a safe and secure Jewish state is unwavering. For 19 years, this is a pledge I have kept in the United States Senate –” whether through my votes on economic aid, military security or the location of the U.S. Embassy. And it is one I will continue to keep as I lead a bold new effort to enhance regional security throughout the Middle East.”

Any Muslim whom wants to vote for Kerry or Bush should think thousands times while voting either one of them. If this would have been your brother or son murdered by Israeli, if it has been your house razed by the Israeli, will you then vote for Bush or Kerry. Both are anti-Muslims and pro-occupying powers. Bush has the chance to show his anti-Muslim stance by declaring worldwide war against the oppressed and occupied Muslim World. Kerry will open a new chapter in this anti-Muslim crusade. The best way is to embarrass both of them. Declare them the enemies of the Muslim World. Protest their anti-Muslim policies at every block. Shame them for standing with the occupiers and waging a war on their behalf.

For Jewish-rooted Kerry Israel comes first and America comes second. Proof? Read his ad in the Newspapers. It is paid by Kerry-Edwards, 2004 Inc. Promise to Israel. “I want you to know that, as president, my promise to the people of Israel is this: I will never force Israel to make concessions that cost or compromise any of Israel’s security.” Anti-Defamation League May 3,2004. The US-Israel special relationship. “Israel is our ally, the only true democracy in this troubled region, and we know that Israel as a partner is fundamental to our security. From Truman through Clinton, America has always been committed to Israel’s independence and survival –” we will never waiver.” Georgetown University, January 23, 2003. The security fence: “No nation can standby while its children are blown up at pizza parlors and on buses … Israel has a right and a duty to defend its citizen. The fence only exists in response to the wave of terror attack against Israel.” Press Release, February 23, 2004.

Source of Information:

Forward, August 27,2004. Israel in the Mind of America.