Politicians and Media Selling America’s Soul for an Israeli Shekel :: Forcing America to Pay and Die for Israel’s Invasions, Occupations, and Massacres ::

"He who controls the news, controls the views"

It is inexplicable on a human level, not on the ideological, political, or financial level, that our "mainstream" media are blaming the occupied victims in Gaza and Lebanon for Israel’s "forced" retaliations. Most of you are either unwilling or careless to learn about the history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and how a Jewish state for Europe’s victims was forced violently and with terrorism expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their home with the deliberate erasing of over 400 Palestinian villages (Read Ben Gurion and Dayan’s own writings; or Benny Morris’s: Palestinian Refugee Problem). Massacres, rapes, terrorism (first MidEast bomb was by Begin’s group, first hijacking of a plane was by Israel) were inflicted on the British, Palestinians, and U.N. envoys. Your myths about Israel as a "democracy" defies the logic that this solely a “Jewish state" where Christians and Muslims are unwanted. Mosques and churches have been burned and destroyed. This is part of Jewish dogma as evidenced in the Babylonian Talmud.

Today the latest tit for tat is reflected in your angry editorials and articles splashed on the front page "Hamas and Hezbollah" rain rockets on innocent Israeli civilians thus Israel must retaliate. This is akin to your hysterical adoption for ideological reasons the NeoCon lies that got us into Iraq killing Americans and Iraqis. It seems not even American lives are worth protecting when it comes to Israel.

Bush, “our” Congress, and you are foaming at the capture of one Israeli soldier as a POW. ; but neither he, the Congress, or you cared to highlight the deliberate murder of an American woman, Rachel Corrie, by Israel driving an American caterpillar twice over her beautiful soul. Where was your outrage then? I see, if Israel kills, even Americans, we cover the murder.

So I ask you, how long will you allow Israel’s military expansionism (Greater Israel) and massacre of innocent civilians continue under your protection and support? Are you this heartless and without conscience? You block the images of dead and shattered Arab children (Christian and Muslim), massacres of civilian convoys, destruction of entire villages, besieging entire populations depriving them of electricity, water, bread and medicines; all for Israel’s sake while enormous coverage is given to the "anxiety" of Jewish children living in illegal settlements stolen from Palestinians.

I lived through Sharon’s murderous indiscriminate bombing and siege of Beirut in 1982 for three entire months when American cluster bombs, napalm, phosphorous bombs, rockets, missiles "rained" on an urban city. I pulled U.S. made shrapnels from burned and injured children dropped by your ideological soul mates in Tel Aviv. Ten UN Security Council Resolutions were passed then “urging” Israel to stop the killing, to no avail. Even Reagan termed it a "Holocaust". Where were you then? Israel’s excuse in 1982 was the attempted assassination of its UK Ambassador. Today it’s the capture of three soldiers as POW’s in a state of war between the powerful occupies and hapless occupied. "Deceit and adventurism" was how former Prime Minister Moshe Sharrett characterized Israel’s military zeal for blood. Even the motto of Israel’s Mossad is “By way of Deception…we shall make war.”

You only have to read the quotes of many Israeli officials, Rabbis, military generals, and some media to understand that Israel’s racist policies and Apartheid existence is manifested in ethnic cleansing (transfer), massacres, bombing, and assassinations as official policy. Peace is anathema to Zionist expansionism.

Here’s what your hero, Moshe Dayan, said of collective punishment and U.S. support.

"The method of collective punishment so far has proved effective." (Righteous Victims, p. 275-276)


"Our American friends offer us money, arms, and advice. We take the money, we take the arms, and we decline the advice." (Iron Wall, p. 316)

Israel constantly spits in the face of its American taxpayer grants as well as our already subservient politicians, as evidenced by Sharon’s public rejection and slap in the face of our Cowboy President Bush when he demanded Sharon withdraw from Gaza and said “enough is enough”; only to later adopt all of Israel’s demands to kill the “Road Map” and once and for all to reject all UN Resolutions and American policy for decades. That’s “Chutzpah”.

It’s difficult to understand the notion that Arabs oppose Israel’s “right to exist” given that no one gives any nation the “right” to exist. Legally, Israel should not have any United Nations recognition or seat in the organization given that Israel rejected General Assembly Resolution 273 that conditioned Israel’s admission into the United Nation upon Israel’s acceptance of U.N. Resolution 181 (Partition Plan) and U.N. Resolution 194 that demanded Israel accept the return of Palestinian refugees or compensate them. Hence, Israel’s rejection of UN Resolution 273 should expel Israel from the United Nations.

You deliberately keep the opinions of patriotic American Jews, Christians, and Muslims and others, out of your television screens and papers to only allow Israel’s narrative, myths, and lies. You and the Zionist Cabal use "Anti-Semitism" like the Taliban used the whip to ensure "our" Congress tows the Israeli line. No politician, journalist, academician or any American seeking advancement dares to cross Israel and expect to make an honest living or at times eve to live.

Without Congressional and media support there would have been peace in the Middle East a long time ago sparing thousands of lives including Israelis, Arabs, and Americans. But you insist that America continue to pay and die for the sole "rogue" state, Israel, as so identified even by our European allies.

You are complicit in the shedding of all human blood as an acceptable price for your ideological benefit much like the Zionists sacrificed Jewish life to the Holocaust for the greater goal of a “Jewish State”. Congress is too cowardly to change as long as your power so intimidates them that they sell their soul to "Satan"; as is the case with Hilary Clinton, John McCain, John Kyl, Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum, and most of our Congress. Uri Avnery, an Israeli military hero and former Knesset member has said repeatedly that if Israel proposed to Congress the elimination of the Ten Commandments the majority of the Congress would pass such a bill.

The future of Jewish lives is in your hands. Israel cannot sustain its militarism and defiance of the entire world forever. Sooner, rather than later, Israel will lose its control of America’s foreign policy and become vulnerable to a world filled with wrath against Jews, especially the majority of Jews who don’t support Israel nor choose to live in the “Promised Land.” This scenario has been advanced by many courageous Jews who truly love and care for their brethren and fear for their future.

Stop spreading current and future hate that can only come back to haunt Jews with worldwide persecution. Save Israel’s and Jewish futures. This century has been coined by an American Jewish academician as the "Jewish Century"; but what of the next century? We’ll all be dead by then but your pictures and words will remain be exploited for potential Jewish persecution.

Christian and Jewish Zionists and the mainly Jewish NeoCons are itching for a fight with Syria and Iran much like they did with Iraq. William Kristol recently wrote a piece entitled “..And now Iran.” How willingly callously and carelessly do these Israel lovers wish to send America’s youth to constantly die for Israel while the American taxpayer funds these wars and our nation’s future is mortgaged.

You use one UN Resolution, 1559, to demand Hezbollah disarm; while Israel has defied hundreds of UN Resolutions and US policy since 1949. The same resolution called for all occupiers of Lebanon to leave, Syria complied while Israel lied about its continued occupation of Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms. That fact seems to be missing from your blood thirsty pictures and words.

Find your reason and human heart and do the right thing to bring peace to two peoples caught hostage by extremists, our Congress, and your blind support.

For God’s sake have courage and stop hiding behind ideology, fear of financial loss and"Anti-Semitism". Muslims, including me, hate our policies, not this beautiful nation and its people who are innocent of your love fest for Israel, a foreign nation, willing to fight its enemies to the last American.

In due time Americans will awaken and demand accountability of our politicians and media. Then, there’s the rub.