The War within America :: Part One ::


The more powerful the United States becomes, the more frightened the Americans are. Why is that?

The reason is that those who are busy in making the US strong by promoting war abroad are the ones who are keeping the nation frightened to keep themselves in power and to keep the systems alive that, in turn, sustain them in power. Without keeping them frightened without promoting a “war within Islam,”[1] the people at the helm of affairs in the US cannot hijack democracy and usurp their freedom and money.

There have been voices about the creeping tyranny in the US since long. However, 9/11 redoubled the reaction as at this point chicanery and deceit crossed all limits. The US is now fully involved in a struggle to determine its own nature and values, with serious implications for the Muslim world in particular and the rest of the world in general. What role can its victims, threatened and affected as they are by its struggle, play in bringing about a more peaceful and positive outcome of the war within America?

Devising a judicious approach requires a finely grained understanding of the ideologues from Bush and his team members to a whole range of Neo-cons in the US who criticize Muslims of blindly following some medieval myths are themselves neck deep in blood of thousands of innocent beings just for their inner belief of paving the way for the second coming of Jesus.

Such an understanding would help the rest of the world in identifying appropriate partners and set realistic goals and means to discourage further evolution of this blood thirsty ideology of hate.

The rest of the world has three goals in regard to militarized United States in the hands of benighted war lords. First it wants to prevent the spread of occupations, extremism, human rights abuses and violence. Second, in doing so, it needs to avoid the impression that the rest of the world “hates Americans and their freedom.”

And third, in the longer run, it must help the Americans find ways to help address the deeper causes and malfunctioning of their political system that brings such people to the top who played a historical role in promoting many monsters from Hitler to Saddam and who continue to do so in other parts of the world. The world needs to help the Americans understand causes that glorify militant radicalism and to encourage a move toward real democratization.

The stark contrast in what appears on the mainstream media and what the whole world watches on the weblogs shows the extent of conflicts that mark the present day United States. And the stark difference in the way the reality is project on both sides of the divide makes the picture more confusing. It becomes easier to sort the actors if one thinks of them not as falling along a spectrum but as belonging to two distinct categories. One that proves that the US system and resources have been exploited by a few elite and the other being the alleged elite itself ignores all the facts that are being unearthed with increasing frequency.

It is then possible to see which category is more concerned about freedom at home and abroad, democracy and equal rights and lies and deceptions perpetrated as means to justify megalomaniac designs of shaping the world in the image of a few globalist totalitarians. On the basis of such analysis it would not be difficult for victims to identify components of a specific strategy to deal with the war within America to which New York Times referred on October 17, but covered only a fraction of it.[2]


There is no question that contemporary United States is in a volatile state, engaged in an internal and external struggle over its values, its identity, and its place in the world. These comments are generally made about Islam. However, it is easy to understand irrelevancy of this argument with the help of an analogy. If there is a small village and extremely powerful bandits from outside come and occupy some household in this small community and make some collaborators in other houses in charge of their respective households. It is possible for the people living in the chaotic world, occupied by outsiders –” following the might is right approach –” to present rival versions for spiritual and political dominance of all surrounding communities?

The answer is very clear: Those who have been oppressed by repeated colonial adventures in the name of making them civilized human beings, do not have time to think of dominating the world or enter a debate over its values, identity and place. Their first priority is to somehow see an end to the never ending interferences and occupations by the outsiders.

The real “conflict within” is on in the US which has serious costs and economic, social, political, and security implications for the rest of the world. Consequently, the World is making an increased effort to come to terms with, to understand, and to influence the outcome of this struggle the Americans are engaged in, particularly in an environment where the change of President at the top hardly matters. The more the guards at the top change, the more malfunctioning of the system consolidates. The more freedom the people lose and the more vested interests get entrenched.

Clearly, the Muslim world, the target of the colonial adventurists’ deadly interferences since long, and indeed the international community as a whole would prefer an America that is compatible with the rest of the system: really democratic at home as well as at the UN, economically contended on its own and the available resources, politically mature, socially prudent –” not eager to impose its way of life on the rest of the world –” and follows the rules and norms of international conduct.

They also want to prevent global domination by the US in the name of a “clash of civilizations” theory promoted by its totalitarian ideologues. The world wants an end to “clash of civilization” in all of its possible variants –” from increased domestic unrest caused by racial profiling at home to increased militancy and the use of terror for dominating the Muslim world and its consequences, instability and terrorism.

It therefore seems judicious to support the elements within the US that are most compatible with global peace and the international community and that are friendly to real democracy, freedom and human rights. However, correctly identifying these elements is not as difficult as finding the most suitable way to cooperate with them because anything that goes against the official theories and stories from Washington has become plain terrorism or sympathy with terrorists. Speaking truth and digging out facts is gradually becoming a crime.

The United States’ current crisis has two main components: a failure of the faulty governing system to thrive further and a loss of connection to the global mainstream because international laws are becoming hurdles to the adventurism of those who thrive in the system that inherited some seeds of tyranny.

The US has ratified less than 30% of its international agreements. Over the years, the US has ratified only 14 out of 162 "active treaties" put together by the International Labour Organisation and only two of the eight "core" UN conventions protecting the rights of workers, according to a recent study by Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Washington. It has approved just three of 11 major environmental treaties, five out of the 12 human rights treaties promoted by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and about half of the 23 treaties regulating intellectual property rights and related technologies.

As for the 10 treaties managed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the US senate has ratified only six of them. The retreat from the UN-sponsored system of international law makes it much harder for the White House to take the moral high ground. Speaking to journalists on September 29m 2004, the institute’s vice-president Kristin Dawkins said less than 30% of laws already agreed with the UN had become law, despite pledges made by the White House.

The reason for such arrogant and unilateral approach is that the United States has been marked by a long period of strength and comparatively unchallenged power. The United States has a military presence in approximately 140 countries around the world. It decides when to by pass the UN and if and how AIDS drugs will be administered in Africa. It pushes for the privatization of energy in India while shaping land reform in Tajikistan. Just like the US’s unchallenged powers, its president’s power is also dramatic and sweeping.

Challenges posed by many researchers and political figures from alternative parties get compounded with the inherent weaknesses of the system and the strength of those who have exploited these weaknesses. With the increasing public awareness about the system that consolidates two party dictatorship and entrenched interests of the corporate world is leading to frustration and anger in the camp of ruling elite. Islam is proved to be a good scapegoat for diverting attention from the internal disorder and creeping tyranny towards a new enemy of choice.

The use of Roman tactic on global scale for diverting public attention from the real usurpation of power by the ruling class forced the US to fell out of step with contemporary global law abiding culture, an uncomfortable situation for both sides. American public remained oblivious to the global opinion for too long.[3] Very few cared about the US is setting new records in researching and building weapons.[4] Time is however fast changing. Americans have started to seriously disagree on what to do about this, and they disagree on what their society and governing mechanism ultimately should look like.

We can distinguish two essential categories:

–¢ PSEUDO MAINSTREAM (driven by corporations, Zionists and ruling elite): Backed by the gun power and historical legitimacy, this category has the monopoly of governing system, media and corporate world. It rejects real democratic values at home, at the UN and abroad. It believes in the strongman approach which can help keep the weak in order. It rejects any ideology or religion that presents an alternative governing mechanism. That’s why Islam became an easy target as it claims it has the potential to develop an alternative social, political and economic order.

Most of the members in this category have huge stakes involved in the survival of the present system in the US. That’s why they will never see the truth about 9/11, for example, no matter how much clearly they see the evidence about it captured by the camera of their own “mainstream” media.

Most of the Neo-cons are behind this category to see an authoritarian, puritanical state that will implement their extreme views and make the second coming of Jesus according to the way they want to see. Zionist elements behind and within this category extend their support because they clearly see a Greater Israel in the making. If the US sinks to the bottom rock in the process, they are the least worry for it.

–¢ REAL MAINSTREAM (with no gun or dollar power but armed with the power of undeniable facts): This category is comprised of independent Americans who want the US to become a real responsive democracy that caters to the need of people from every population group at home and a part of global justice and equal opportunity. They are busy in exploring and propagating facts to let rest of the Americans realize how they have come to live in a garrison state and how there is no one but those with entrenched interest in the present set up of government behind almost all the terrorist acts committed on the US soil –” particularly since the demise of the former enemy, the Soviet Union.

These groups hold distinctly different positions on essential issues that have become contentious in the United States today, including political and individual freedom, education, the truth about 9/11, status of the corporate firms, criminal justice, effectiveness of the present governing mechanism, the legitimacy of the federal writ over states, and attitudes toward the United Nations and the Muslim world.

The pseudo-mainstream is diplomatically neutral but actually hostile to the Muslim World and those who want the US to act more rationally and justly. Some liberals in the mainstream media, such as Mona Chern of the New York Times generally hold more moderate views, but there are significant differences between different groups of liberals. Some are close to the neo-cons and present themselves as unbiased neutral analysts, such as Thomas Friedman. None wholeheartedly embraces the concept of allowing Muslims to live by Islam or to go for, at least, discussing the facts unearthed by the independent researchers regarding fatal flaws in the US governing system and monopoly of the elite; let alone dissecting official lies surrounding the US government’s hand in the 9/11.

Independent organizations, such as the Freedom of Future Foundation, and weblogers such Information Clearing House and What really are becoming the real-mainstream. The individuals behind them are closest to the world in terms of values and policies they want to prevail. However, they are generally in a weaker position than the pseudo-mainstream media and groups, lacking powerful backing, financial resources, an effective infrastructure, and a public platform.

To encourage positive change in the United States toward real democracy, policies based on justice, and compatibility with the international norms and laws, the rest of the world needs to consider very carefully which elements, trends, and forces within the US it intends to approach for a clear picture of the real situation; what the goals and values of their various potential allies and protégés really are; and what the broader consequences of advancing their respective agendas are likely to be. A mixed approach composed of the following elements is likely to be the most effective:

–¢ Support the real but emerging mainstream first:

–” Publish and distribute their works.

–” Encourage them and financially support them in distribution of their work.

–” Do further research on the links they expose, the points they raise and the threads they unveil.

–” Introduce the facts they dig out to local audience who have no access to internet.

–” Give them a public platform.

–” Make their findings and judgments on fundamental questions available to a mass audience in competition with those of the so-called mainstream so that the world could see that a few web-bloggers, without having funds to the amount of the New York Times or Washington Post, had been saying from day one that all claims about Iraq’s WMD are pure lies, whereas the NY Times came out to admit its biased reports after the damage was done and the US was already knee deep in the Iraqi blood.

–¢ Support the liberals against the so-called liberals:

–” Publicize liberals, such as Maureen Dowd criticism of the so-called liberals’ violent and extremist views, and encourage disagreements between these;

–” Discourage alliances between liberals and the so-called liberals.

–” Encourage cooperation between liberals and the independent researchers who are bent upon exposing the roots of tyranny in the US culture and government’s system.

–” Where appropriate, educate the liberals to equip them better for debates against the so-called liberals and neo-cons who are often rhetorically superior, while liberals practice a “politically correct” approach of criticizing the war lords, yet hesitating to ask the real questions that would expose American emperor’s feet of clay.

–” Discriminate between different sectors of liberalism. Encourage those with a greater respect for justice and international law.

–¢ Confront and oppose the neo-cons and their allies:

–” Challenge their myths about Islam and expose inaccuracies.

–” Reveal their linkages to terrorist activities, particularly how their views help make an environment which is conducive for taking the most criminal acts, such as invading Iraq and Afghanistan on the basis of nothing but lies.

–” Publicize the consequences of their extremist views.

–” Demonstrate their inability to rule, to export freedom and democracy to other lands, or to win heart and minds of the oppressed people.

–” Address these messages especially to Americans, to pious liberal but naive populations

–” Avoid showing respect or admiration for the violent feats of the American “intellectual,” military and political war lords.

–” Encourage journalists to investigate issues of corruption, hypocrisy, police state approach and immorality in neo-cons circles.

–” Encourage divisions among neo-cons and between neo-cons and neo-mods.


The notion that the outside world should try to encourage a moderate, democratic interpretation and presentation of Islam is not as important as the issue of making the US government abide by international law and decision of the world body. Making the US government accountable to its people and the world has gained great urgency after September 11, 2001.

There is broad agreement that this is a constructive approach. The US is the only super power with enormous military, political and societal influence. Its foreign policies directly affects lives of millions of people around the world, some aspects of which are dangerous to global stability. Instead of focusing on the narrow interests of the corporate elites and neo-con ideologues; it seems sensible to foster the strains within it that call for a more pragmatic, democratic, peaceful, and justice based approach.

The question is how best to do this. This report identifies a direction. We begin by setting the scene for the main methodological and ideological fissures in the discussion over the US governing mechanism, its approach towards foreign affairs and the American society. The second chapter analyzes the pros and cons of supporting different elements within the United States. The final chapter proposes a strategy.

Immediately following September 11, 2001, political leaders and policymakers in the East and West began to issue sympathetic statements affirming their conviction that the United States is the victim of terrorism and they stand united against terrorism. Expressions of sympathies with the United States were fully backed up by calls that Islam was not to blame for what had happened. This served a purpose: Blame Muslims and present the US as a victim.

Statements that Islam was a positive force in the world, a religion of peace and tolerance; speaking in mosques, holding widely publicized meetings with Muslim clerics; inviting mullahs to open public events and inserting Qur’anic suras into their own speeches did little to exonerate Muslims. All this further confirmed that Muslims are perpetrators of the crime and the US is the victim.

This approach was noticed by many. Some Western commentators expressed with astonishment that it seems the political leadership “collectively appears to have acquired an instant postgraduate degree in Islamic studies, enabling them to lecture the population concerning the true nature of Islam.”[5] However, until recently, at least until the 9/11 release of the Commission’s Report, which calls for a war on Islamic ideology, only a few could understand the objective behind this show of presenting Islam as a peaceful religion. Such a separation of soul from the body, taking ideology out of Islam, is still hardly understandable to many.

Understanding this point alone can help resolve the unresolved mystery of the US government’s complicity in or full planning for the 9/11 attacks. As time goes by, a great number of Western writers are now gradually coming to the conclusion that the subsequent “war on terrorism” is a “no-win war against 1.3 billion Muslims.”[6] Muslims are not the direct enemies, their religion is because it presents an alternative that undermines vested interests which have consolidated themselves in the last 70-80 years in the name of most noble values one can imagine.

In reality the tyranny in the US is the worst kind of tyranny that the human beings have ever faced. In previous cases people could not realise it. This time around, those who have come to perfectly understand it and try to tell about it at the top of their voice can hardly make a headway. The “free” pseudo-mainstream media is so encompassing and influential that it reduces all facts to just nothing and helps a majority believe that they are living in the most free state of the world. Outsiders despise American only because they hate freedom and democracy.

The public demonstration of embracing Islam by opinion leaders and politicians after 9/11 had a domestic rationale: Western leaders were attempting to prevent an uncontrolled backlash that might have inspired acts of violence and hostility aimed at their respective Muslim minorities before they could plan how to systematically marginalize them through initiatives such as racial profiling.

In addition, there were at least two foreign policy motivations, one short term and the other longer term. In the short run, the goal was to make it politically possible for Muslim governments to support occupation of other Muslim countries by temporarily detaching the issue of terrorism from the issue of Islam. In the longer run, the Western leaders were attempting to create a schism, a division, that would facilitate the better dilution of Islam into “good,” open to alien values Islam and “bad” Islam, which limits itself to the limits set by the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The notable example is Pakistan which was used as a launching pad for occupying Afghanistan on the one hand and finding Musharraf, singing his mantra of “enlightened moderation” on the other.

In the intellectual community, a majority remained steadfast as ever, trying to make the case that Islam is not compatible with moderation, tolerance, diversity and democracy. Even the most supportive-of –”slam studies concluded with the argument that everything is fine with Islam but it needs to be remoulded and re-interpreted.

Abdulaziz Sachedina concludes his argument on the first page of his book The Islamic Roots of Democratic Pluralism: “This work undertakes to map some of the most important political concepts in Islam that advance better human relationships, both within and between nations. It aims at uncovering normative aspects of Muslim religious formulations and specifying their application in diverse cultures to suggest their critical relevance to the pluralistic world order of the 21st century. . . . The goal here is not to glorify the Muslim past but to remember it, retrace its path, interpret it, reconstruct it and make it relevant to the present.”

Remember the catch lies in reinterpretation. Salman Rushdie, Tasleema Nasreen and Irshad Manji, all of these want reinterpretation of Islam and they are promoted by the Islam-bashers, such as Daniel Pipes, as the real moderates.

However, even as a few authors were seeking to “highlight” one set of values to be found in the Qur’an and tradition, other authors were successfully publicizing what they took out of context from the Qur’an and Sunnah. If Tasleema Nasreen and Irashad Manji kind of writers were totally ignorant of the Islamic teachings, Khalid Abou el Fadl is a prime example of those who knowingly present selective portions of the Qur’an out of context and without any reference to other relevant portions just to please their target audience.

The fact finders, the independent researchers in the US are trying hard to detach the root causes of violence from the US policies, not Islam, and refer to the areas which lead to bloodshed, instability and chaos; the radicals in pseudo-mainstream media and politics are equally determined to keep the issues joined.[7]

9/11 has provided us with an excellent opportunity. It can serve us as a touchstone to find out the real radicals and terrorists and their innocent victims. The more we know about the real culprits behind 9/11, the more we understand where the problem lies. There has been an all-out effort to discredit researchers and their work regarding 9/11’s independent investigation as conspiracy theorists and theories respectively. However, there is too much to answer and prove wrong to exonerate the enemy within then coming out with a report to blame Islamic ideology for the unprecedented crimes in human history.

For the world opinion leaders, the goal of preventing the conflict from turning into a “clash of religions,” and of discrediting the neo-cons’ presentation of Islam, made it all the more advisable to listen to and support those in the now-becoming mainstream alternative media who represent a liberal strain and who are bent upon exposing the real culprits behind 9/11.

Identifying the elements that should be listened to and supported, choosing appropriate methods, and defining the goals of such support is difficult. It is no easy matter to transform a super power. “Religion building” is easy. All it takes is shower some dollars, offer some positions, promote some opportunists and propagate some myths. Transforming a system where entrenched interests have consolidated themselves in the most effective ways human beings could think of perfecting tyranny is immeasurably more perilous and complex.

The US is neither a homogeneous entity nor a simple system. Many extraneous issues and enemies have been developed and lumped together to divert focus from the tyranny within. Many of the political actors among the so-called allies, such as Tony Blair, deliberately seek to galvanize issues and globalize the problem in a way that they think will further their goals.


America’s current crisis has two main components: It has marked by a long period of political stagnation and comparative feeling of invincibility. Although elections take place after set intervals, but the core system remains what its founding fathers set in place more than 200 years ago. The system has some inherent flaws which have been exploited by elites and their corporate backers to the extent of transforming the US into a perfect two indistinguishable-parties dictatorship. Many different solutions for reducing the government are proposed without success; and this has led to frustration and anger.[8] At the same time, the United States has fallen out of step with contemporary global culture and international law, as well as moving increasingly to remake the world in the image of dominant forces in the American society.

Americans disagree on what to do about this, on what has caused it, and on what their governing system and society ultimately should look like. We can distinguish four essential positions, as the following paragraphs describe.

The neo-cons put forth an aggressive, expansionist version of America that does not shy away from violence, deception and outright lies. They have gained political power and then to impose an order in the name of democracy and liberation, forcibly on as broad a population worldwide as possible. Their target and unit of reference is not the nation-state or the ethnic group, but the world, particularly Muslim community, the ummah; occupying a few Muslim countries and supporting their puppets in others is a step on this path but is not the main goal. They are now vastly viewed as the enemies of truth.[9]

We can distinguish two strands within neo-cons. One, which openly displays that it is grounded in theology and tends to have some roots in one or another kind of religious background and work towards fulfillment of some prophesies. Evangelicals and their political counterparts such as Bush are part of their overt-neo-cons. They are much less concerned with the much vaunted human right, liberation and democracy, with which they deliberately take considerable liberties.

Covert Neo-cons

On the other hand there are others who present themselves as liberal and secular minded politicians and political analysts but they share the same view with regard o the need of countering Islam’s way of life and dominating the world with force. These are covert neo-cons with the only difference that they do not parade their religious affiliations. They do not show that religious prophesies are the base of their policies, particularly in the Middle East. A majority of analysts working for the New York Times (Friedman, David Brooks, William Safire), Washington Post (Jim Hoagland, Charles Krauthammer), Washington Times (Diana West, Tony Blankley), Times, Newsweek and other major print and electronic media and think tanks fall in this category. They usually do not have any “institutional” religious affiliations but tend to be eclectic and autodidactic in their knowledge of Christianity and Judaism.

Overt Neo-cons

The overt-neo-cons do not merely approve of the terminology and practice of Crusades of the past.

More significantly, they expand on them, applying some of the more stringent demands for changing Muslims way of life than the original Crusaders ever did, exercising an arbitrary selectivity that allows them to ignore or drop international law, Geneva conventions, and UN resolutions, and inventing some new rules of their own. This is particularly true of the overtly radical neo-cons. Not all neo-cons embrace or even endorse terrorism, at least not the indiscriminate type of terrorism that targets civilians and children. Like Madeline Albright they do not openly say that the price of starving half a million children to death is worth the struggle to impose the neo-cons vision of the Middle East, but neo-conism as a whole is incompatible with the values of civil society and the so-proclaimed vision of civilization, political order, and society.

Together these two types of neo-cons have brought America to its knees. They are a ruthless band of fundamentalist religious fanatics that respect no international laws and seem destined to cause only death, misery, and destruction. They strike without warning using stealth, torture, lies, and deception to rain down violence without regard to innocent lives lost. They cynically exploit the World’s media. They constantly invoke the name of their God, to justify every cruel act for their holy cause. They’ll use and sacrifice innocent believing kids as warriors. Most of the world already hates and fears them, and no country on Earth is safe from their rage or terror.

In short, the mainstream politics and the mainstream media are actually the pseudo-mainstreams. They simply present the same wine in different bottles. The core objective remains the same: eliminate from their hearts and minds the terror of a system which they believe may one day undermine their interests if their subjects ever come to know that a superior workable model exists. They are afraid that if such an alternative model is allowed to take roots, their subject will realize by comparison that they have been taken for a ride in the name of democracy while experiencing the most perfect tyranny of human history.


While the pseudo-mainstream outlets can be counted on finger-tips, the real real-mainstream outlets are so far diverse and countless. The crux of their message, however remains the same: there is no democracy and freedom in the US; people have been taken for a ride; a perfect police state is well in place in the US; the government is behind all terrorism from 1993 bombing of WTC to Okalahoma City Bombing to 9/11.

The freedom lovers (Reformers)

The Libertarians believe the answer to America’s political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness; a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade as prescribed by America’s founders. Independent analysts behind endeavors such as Strike the Root and the Future of Freedom Foundation are working with the mission to advance the cause of liberty, primarily by de-mystifying and de-legitimizing the State.”[10]

These individuals and organizations are working for limited government. They believe that the US was founded on the basis of individual liberty, however, “in the 20th century, our country has moved in an opposite direction. Operating through the IRS, DEA, ATF, INS, FDA, FTC , and a multitude of other bureaucracies, our government has waged immoral and destructive wars on our freedom, our property, and our well-being.”[11]

Through studies and analysis they have concluded that their lives are governed by modern day Pharaohs.

The United States government has the same economic control over the American people as the pharaoh had over his people. The lives and incomes of the citizenry belong to the national government. Our political masters decide how long we must work for them and how long we can work for ourselves… Americans say, "But we have the right to elect our governmental officials, while the Egyptians did not." However, the right of a serf to elect his taskmaster does not change the reality of his condition…Americans point to their high standard of living and proclaim, "We are free. We are free. We are free." Their perspective is simply a delusion. In the old South, there were slaves who had it better than other slaves. There were the nannies who took care of the white children. There were the carriage drivers who drove their masters to the townships. Others did not have privileged positions –” they toiled in the fields. But privileged or not, slaves were slaves.[12]

The 9/11 Truth-diggers

Mush to the dismay of the so-called mainstream media, the 9/11 Truth Diggers are working day and night to prove that 9/11 was the handy work of the US government. As opposed to the US government mere claims that Muslims were behind 9/11, these individuals and organizations have come up with unimaginable amount of hard evidence to prove conclusively their point of view.[13] No one dares to answer the questions they raise. Instead their questions and the evidence they unearth from the video tapes released by CNN, ABC and other such sources is belittled and discredited with the fig leaf of “conspiracy theories.”[14]

Identifying the real culprits behind 9/11 is of paramount importance for the reason that whoever was behind 9/11 are the real enemies of the humanity. 9/11 has become the defining crime. It is increasingly becoming difficult for the pseudo-mainstream to ignore the facts presented on these web sites and try to reject them with the two word defense: “conspiracy theories.” The fig leaf of “conspiracy theories” is hardly enough to blind a nation and the whole world to the reality they see with their eyes for too long. It is very unfortunate for those who believe and try to make other believe in Washington’s story about 9/11 because they can discredit words as foolish theories but they don’t know what to do with the videos and pictures that totally negate the official version of what happened on 9/11.

Active individuals

Capable individual-truth-seekers are busy on their own to keep the public informed. Internet has become a blessing for them where they can launch various centers for Informed American, like that of David McGowan ( ), Jeff Rense (, Michael Rivera ( Others, such as Angel Fire ( and Information Cleaning House ( are doing tremendous work to expose the sinister alliance between the mainstream media and the ruling elite. They are providing the actual perspective of the global and local issue. If it were not for the fear of these organizations, the would may never have known the atrocities and human right abuses in the US concentration camps such as Abu Ghraib and Camp x-ray.

Those exposing hidden sources of power

There are individuals and groups who not only prove that 9/11 was just another milestone on the road to total tyranny,[15] but also show that politicians worldwide are under the control of some hidden forces (the Illuminati, Skull and Bone and free masonry.) Well-educated Americans and many government officials are busy in making it quite clear that the Illuminati are not some "fictitious" group for conspiracy theorist nut cases to hang their hats on and have wild imaginings about. They are very real and their goal of "New World Order/One World Government" was well known back in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Just as George Bush Sr. referred to a "New World Order" back in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s, so did Adolph Hitler refer to "New World Order."

The beauty of this information, which has so far been rejected as conspiracy theories, is that gradually these are becoming part of mainstream media. Not everything can be shelved under the lable of conspiracy theories. Information about 9/11 is so transparent that it is becoming too much for the so-called mainstream media to ignore and reject as conspiracy theories. The alternative media networks (read the real-mainstream) have been talking about Bush families connections to Hitler since long ( However, the mainstream media just recently surrendered to include this information to their records.[16]

Reformist Voices within the government

There are voices of dissent within the government circles. At the one end, Congressman Ron Paul of Taxes goes to link paper money to tyranny ( and on the other is Rep. Cynthia McKinney who challenges the US government’s claim that it did not know anything in advance about 9/11 and also questions the motives behind the so-called “war on terrorism.”[17]

All those who are having the alternative views to the over and cover neo-cons are of two major types:

a). those who are still under partial influence of the pseudo-mainstream and those who are fee of it. Alex Jones, et al fall in the first category, who believe the US government is imposing a Global World Order; a police sate is in place, all the terrorist acts have been committed with the full knowledge and support of the federal government but Middle Eastern were used to do the job. The amount of evidence which this group unearths about the federal government’s involvement in 1993 attack on WTC, Oklahoma City Bombing and WTC, however, is amazing.

b). those who are totally free from the influence of the pseudo-mainstream. Dave vonKleist of and other thinking on the same line however come out with irrefutable evidence that 9/11 is absolutely not the job of a few box-cutters-armed hijackers. It is nothing to do with Islam, ideology or Muslims.

The group that is totally free from the influence of the pseudo mainstream weaves several key moments of live, un-retouched film footage regarding the events of Sept. 11 into a crystal clear picture of official deception. This group raises the following serious questions about the government’s honesty in conducting the 9-11 investigation. They ask:

How does a plane over 44 feet tall, fit into a hole which is only 16 ft. in diameter, as shown in the crystal-clear photographic evidence taken at the Pentagon? See the astonishing evidence for the first time.

Why does photographic evidence taken moments after the event, show no wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon?

Why weren’t America & the world shown the video & photos of the Pentagon, before the outer wall collapsed?

Why is there a “pod” attached to the bottom of “Flight 175” and what purpose did it serve in the attacks? Full screen television blow-up reveals all of the details.[18]

What is the bright flash seen right before impact on both the North Tower& the South Tower, captured on video by 5 independent cameramen? Slow motion analysis reveals startling answers.

Why did a FOX News employee report seeing no windows on “Flight 175” a commercial United Airlines jetliner?

Why were there numerous reports of bombs & explosions going off in and around the World Trade Center before any buildings collapsed? Hear and see the testimony of the reporters and rescue teams.

Why did firefighters, reporters and other on the scene eyewitnesses describe a demolition-like, pancake collapse of buildings One, Two & Seven? Shocking new video evidence answers this important question.

We have yet to hear a response to the crystal clear conspiracy evidence[19] –” not theories –” and plainly worded questions from the pundits of so-called mainstream media and the US administration.

Those who unearth evidence about 9/11 and those who cover it up are playing two different vital roles. The first group exposes the real culprits, the real enemy, and of course what Bush calls, “the evil.” The second group, which covers the evidence, protects the culprits, protects the evil and leads the world into further chaos and destruction by going after the wrongly identified enemies of the humanity at the wrong places.



Overt Neo-cons and religious fanatics

President Bush deserves credit for his attempts to recognize the authority of God. He openly and publicly acknowledges God and recognizes the need for His divine guidance. Like neo-cons President Bush is aware of and acknowledges that his nation is in peril. (For more information, The United States and Britain in Prophecy).

The neo-cons clearly do not blindly support the present administration’s policies. Instead, they have aimed to show how America’s actions are hastening the fulfillment of Bible prophecy–”e.g. in aiding the rise of the king of the south, a regional power in the Middle East (Daniel 11:40).

Covert Neo-cons

Bush administration is right in its decision but wrong in its execution. For example it did not put enough troops in Iraq to quell insurgency.[20] U.S. failed to pour men and materiel into Iraq –” that such an occupation could not be accomplished by a light, lean, "transformed" military. Bush has a strong moral vision but no moral influence. Anti-semitism is playing a role in criticism of Iraq policy.[21] In 20 years, no one will doubt that Bush did the right thing. To his enormous credit, the president has been ruthlessly flexible over the past months and absolutely committed to seeing this through. Bush is not a lair.[22]

Reformists still under the influence of “mainstream” media

The administration rules and runs its foreign policies only through repeated lies. Big lies are often hard to refute, it’s the little lies that can be proven false. Just like in the first (Father) Bush Iraq war, when supposed photos, (see Christian Science Monitor)[23] of Iraqi forces staged upon the border of Saudi Arabia were never released, and "incubator babies"[24] became the justification for demonizing Iraq and then massive bombing, this war too has its lies. See devastating analysis of Bush 2’s Lies[25] by John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine. Rumsfeld recently said (and Powell now as well) that al Qaeda forces were in Iraq, but the only proven case was in the Kurdish areas where Iraqi military and police forces have no control. When questioned, he had no evidence; similarly about evidence of Iraqi and al Qaeda connections. A good update on the incubator lies and their use by (Father) Bush for his war. [26]

Uninfluenced Reformists

The US has become Nazi Germany. In his eyewitness account of "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," author William Shirer, who lived in Nazi Germany throughout most of the 1930s, describs a phenomenon that will, in 2004, seem disturbingly familiar to Americans who dissent from the policies of the Bush regime. Powerful interests from within and without have collectively, and over time, by means of bribery, intimidation, blackmail, and assassination, usurped the Constitutionally-mandated government of the United States. The Americans are now living in a de facto dictatorship.[27] In the White House, we have an unelected idiot with name recognition only, useful only for those who installed him there and very little else. In order to remain in control of the government in Washington, and to perpetuate the power of the Oligarchs, only candidates acceptable to the Oligarchs will be tolerated. These candidates already exist, commonly called "career politicians" or "Washington insiders," etc., and any other candidates, any candidates espousing opinions and policies contrary to that of the Oligarchs, never make it past the primaries.[28]


Overt Neo-cons and religious fanatics

Thus Western culture, which had developed to its peak prior to World War I, began its descent into the shoddy mess it is today, with the tenets of classic Western democracy becoming increasingly corrupted in its wake.

America has dumbed down its culture–”its taste in all things from food to dress, from music to sitcoms–”the quality of life and the fruits thereof are painting a very different picture of the results of democracy to the rest of the world from that which our Founding Fathers envisioned. Family breakdown, a huge drug subculture, rampant sexual perversion, violent crime–”all these bitter fruits now being reaped by an Anglo-American society in decline are being perceived by undemocratic, religiously zealous, reactionary regimes as dramatic proof of the failure of the great Western dream.[29]

Democracy cannot retain its “Westernism” when applied to a non-Western nation. The pluralism aspect of democracy is not applicable in countries like Iraq where Shiite, Sunni and Kurds have different views for co-existence. Democracy in non-Western countries will not spawn pro-Western administrations. In the US, democracy considers and protects the interests of those governed; uses a system of checks and balances and allows a great deal of freedom among its citizenry.

If the moral fabric of the population begins to unravel, such decline will only be exacerbated by a democratic system. The very safety valves in place to guard against human corruption actually build several inherent weaknesses into the system. It is ill-equipped to bring the world the peace it so desperately needs. God’s system considers the BEST INTERESTS OF THOSE GOVERNED. His law and government consider the best interests of those being ruled. The government will be “for the people,” but NOT “of the people, by the people.” It will be BY the King of kings, Jesus Christ. He will be in ultimate control.

The noble but inadequate freedom that democracy offers will exist in pure, godly form in the World Tomorrow.
President Bush was right about this one thing in his April 13 press conference: “[F]reedom is the Almighty’s gift to every man and woman in this world.” What he and his administration have yet to understand is that this gift will not come about through democracy–”but through the establishment of God’s perfect, benevolent government ruling this Earth!

Covert Neo-cons

Democracy can tame Islamic fundamentalism. Where Islam is imbedded in authoritarian societies it tends to become the vehicle of angry protest, because religion and the mosque are the only places people can organize against autocratic leaders. And when those leaders are seen as being propped up by America, America also becomes the target of Muslim rage. But where Islam is imbedded in a pluralistic, democratic society, it thrives like any other religion.[30] However, the same analysts believe that the one man one vote formula “will be very problematic for Israel.”[31]

Mr. Bush should remember what Mr. Reagan well understood: America’s most effective cold war weapon was the power of its democratic ideas. The Reagan administration’s support for democratic opposition movements across Central and Eastern Europe played a crucial role in hastening the Soviet empire’s collapse.[32]

Reformers still under the influence of “mainstream” media

What we consider democracy in America has a two-faced political system. You see the bankers must keep up the appearance of constitutional government while they infiltrate and subvert it by placing their puppets in power.[33]

"The basic problem we have, as far back as we know, mankind has been engaged in a struggle to free us from a condition, in which some people, a relative few, hold the rest of the people in a condition of virtual or actual slaves, as human cattle: either herded cattle of the type that 80% of the people of the United States are today; or as hunted cattle, as we treat the people of Southern Africa."[34]

The word democracy appears nowhere in the Constitution, nowhere in the Declaration of Independence. When it appears at all in the writings of the founders, it is universally derided and contrasted sharply with the kind of republican government they sought to create and maintain.

Perhaps the most concise and definitive condemnation of democracy came from Lord Acton: "The one prevailing evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections."[35]

In many democratic nations, elected public officials have omnipotent power over the lives and fortunes of the citizenry. The only real freedom that people in those countries have is the freedom to elect their dictator every four years.[36]

Uninfluenced Reformers

The popular pastime of modern democracies of punishing the diligent and thrifty, while rewarding the lazy, improvident, and unthrifty, is cultivated via the State, fulfilling a demo-egalitarian program based on a demo-totalitarian ideology. Democratic tyranny, evolving on the sly as a slow and subtle corruption leading to total State control, is thus the third and by no means rarest road to the most modern form of slavery.[37]

Genuine liberalism is the answer to an entirely different question: How should government be exercised? The answer it provides is: regardless of who rules, government must be carried out in such a way that each person enjoys the greatest amount of freedom, compatible with the common good. This means that an absolute monarchy could be liberal (but hardly democratic) and a democracy could be totalitarian, illiberal, and tyrannical, with a majority brutally persecuting minorities. (We are, of course, using the term "liberal" in the globally accepted version and not in the American sense, which since the New Deal has been totally perverted.)[38]

Many Americans believe that democracy is dead.[39] And they have reasons for it.[40] This group of Americans realize that democracy is dead but they do not have any clue how to change the system.[41]


Overt Neo-cons and religious fanatics

Human government does have its purpose at this time, as Christ made clear when He was on Earth (Matthew 22:21). In Romans 13, the Apostle Paul says “the powers that be” are to “execute wrath upon him that doeth evil” (verses 1, 4). The neo-cons do attempt to uphold the authority God has given their human rulers in their pursuit of curbing evil–”until the time comes of which the Prophet Daniel spoke, when “the God of heaven [shall] set up a kingdom [or government], which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Daniel 2:44). There is no place for Islamic or other alternative model of human governance.

Covert Neo-cons

It is a dream of Islamist totalitarianism threatening open societies. Thomas Friedman of The New York Times writes, "What you are witnessing is why Sept. 11 amounts to World War III – the third great totalitarian challenge to open societies in the last 100 years." The first two were those by the German Nazis, and the Soviet communists.[42] And 9/11 was about religious totalitarians, Islamists, using suicide bombing to try to impose the reign of the perfect faith, political Islam.[43]

Reformers both under the influence of “mainstream” media and independent

There is a relative silence in this camp about the issue of Islamic state.


Overt Neo-cons and religious fanatics

In four massive blows on September 11, the U.S. has now been brought into the bloody limelight of overt terrorism suffered by both Britain and the tiny nation of Israel during much of the post-war period.

Shame on us. After suffering such a curse, can we not take an honest look at ourselves? Shame on our RELIGIOUS “LEADERS” for failing to help us look deep within ourselves for answers to why September 11. (Falwell quickly apologized for his remarks, saying he was merely making a “theological point” that had been misunderstood.)

Forget about the terrorists for a minute. GOD is the one who allowed September 11 to happen. And if He allowed it to happen because of our sins, shouldn’t we all want to CHANGE OUR WAYS?

God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11). He will deal with the sins of our enemies, the Muslim fundamentalists, in due time.

While the U.S., Britain and Israel have entered a darkened hour of terror (Lev. 26:14-16), this last hour of man’s civilization is but a prelude to the first hour of a new beginning for mankind![44]

Covert Neo-cons

United States is innocent and a moral leader of the world. Terrorism is handy work of those who hate the US, its way of life, freedom and democracy. The root causes of “terrorism” is not the US, Israeli, Indian or Russian aggression, but humiliation which the Muslim world field due to socio-economic underdevelopment.[45] “Suicide bombers” are engaged in such desperate acts simply because of unemployment.[46] “A job,” he believes, “gives people dignity and hope.”

Reformers still under the influence of “mainstream” media

Those who are still under the influence of “mainstream media” believe that the federal government is responsible for the WTC 1993 bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11. However, the government actually allowed and assisted Muslim terrorists to do so. A prominent example of this kind of thinking I Alex Jones of Prison

Uninfluenced Reformists

These are the people who say Muslims have nothing to do with 9/11. It is an internal job only to justify wars and aggressions abroad for total domination.
See for example conclusion of a documentary at Israeli Terrorism and American treason have caused 9/11.[47] We do not want any war for Israel.[48]


Overt Neo-cons and religious fanatics

At the heart of this question is religion. As long as the Jewish religion and Islam are thrust onto each other’s doorstep, as they are in Israel and particularly Jerusalem, there will be no peace in the Middle East. The creation of sovereign Palestine will not alleviate the hostility in the region.

The Bible prophesies the downfall of key nations in the end time. The nations to fall victim to this are the modern descendants of Israel–”the U.S., Britain, Israel, and other parts of the Anglo-American world. God calls end-time Britain a "silly dove" in Hosea 7:11, because "they call to Egypt, they go to Assyria"–”modern Germany. This precarious alliance is mentioned in Hosea 8:9 as well: "For they are gone up to Assyria, a wild ass alone by himself: Ephraim hath hired lovers."

God uses the term "lovers" to describe Israel’s end-time allies. But He says, "Behold, I will raise up thy lovers against thee, from whom thy mind is alienated, and I will bring them against thee on every side" (Ezek. 23:22).

The Bible also says that Judah, or the Middle Eastern nation of Israel, will go to Assyria because of its "wound." As our free booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy points out–”this "wound" is actually the current "peace process."[49] The peace process will end up wounding Israel; the Jewish nation will seek help from Germany; and that will seal its ULTIMATE DOOM as a nation!

Covert Neo-cons

At the heart of the question is Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East. A ‘glorious Israel besieged by savage natives’ These are long-standing apologists for Israeli state terror and ethnic cleansing. Their expressed doubts never reach beyond the pragmatics of Israeli state violence-does it work or is it counterproductive? They periodically berat the Palestinians for failing to recognize that they have been defeated and should humbly surrender and accept large-scale expropriation and de facto transfer. They also laud Israel’s sponsorship of terrorism-one of their recommendations for bringing security to Israel (they never recognize the need for security for Palestinians) is that Israel use more widely the tactic it employed in South Lebanon of sponsoring a proxy force, the South Lebanese Army, to pacify the local population and fight any indigenous groups hostile to Israel. This arrangement fits precisely the definition of terror organization and terror sponsorship, but as Israel was the sponsor those terms are not applied here. Instead, Friedman and his co-covert neo-cons applaud their use and present this as a model.[50]

Reformers still under the influence of “mainstream” media and Uninfluenced Reformers

The US is exploited by the strong Jewish lobby in the US. Jews have consolidated their control of America. Many still “refuse to notice the jewish hands on virtually ever power lever in the US federal government. Or at the helm of virtually every media organization that exists, and throughout the executive and editorial ranks. And, it’s not just jews that control America – they are zionists. Even Ariel Sharon, Israel’s current Prime Minister, has said openly, ‘Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.’ (October 3, 2001). Problem is, most of us seem not to know it.”[51]

The Zionist bosses know that by America’s supporting the criminal policies of Israel spawns hatred against America. They are certainly aware that bombing and going to war against nations solely for Israel’s benefit creates dedicated and fanatical enemies against America, enemies who will seek revenge in American blood. Of course, it is not in America’s interest to go and kill people for Israel; but Jewish interests are always paramount. In actuality, they are fully aware that the brutal and stupid acts of terror that recently happened in New York and Washington only help the Zionist cause by engendering enormous American anger at Israeli enemies, and make Americans more easily manipulated to do the bidding of Israel.[52]

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