Persian Literature night to be held in Tokyo

Persian Literature night to be held in Tokyo

Professor Emiko Okada is scheduled to make speech in the event sponsored by Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Office in Japan. She is the first Japanese to have a PhD in Persian Literature from the University of Tehran and has been researching in Persian Literature and Iranian studies for the past 50 years.

She has been devoted to research and teaching students about Persian and its classical literature at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She has been enthusiastically working to introduce Persian classical literary works to Japan and has published translations of poetry collections such as Nizami and Khayyam. As an essayist, she was awarded by the Japan Essayist Club Award in 1982 for “The Heart of the Iranians”. 

“Iran and I, the Land of Words” was published last year, in which the readers are introduced to the exchanges with the people of Iran and the poetry that the Iranians love. The out-of-print “Iranian Heart” is scheduled to be resold from the Human Archives in November 2020.

She also gave a part of her library about Iranian studies to Iran’s Cultural Representative Office last year.

The webinar is to be held on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. local time in Tokyo. The necessary information can be found here.  


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