Palestinian President discusses recent developments with Egyptian counterpart

Palestinian President discusses recent developments with Egyptian counterpart

Ramallah (UNA-OIC) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday discussed with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El-Sisi the latest developments in the Palestinian arena.

Speaking over the phone, Sisi updated Abbas on the details of Egypt’s contacts and efforts in support of the Palestinian question as he affirmed Egypt’s firm support to the Palestinian state and people under Abbas’ leadership. He also reiterated that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

The Egyptian president also briefed the Palestinian counterpart on the outcomes of his recent meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, during which Sisi stressed the need to advance peace efforts and confidence-building measures and promote a favorable environment for launching a peace process based on the UN resolutions.

He stressed that Egypt continues to attach great importance to bringing about intra-Palestinian unity and would continue to exert efforts to ensure the return of the Palestinian Authority to the Gaza Strip and the commencement of Gaza reconstruction.

The Egyptian president also underscored his country’s efforts to maintain security and stability throughout the occupied territories and reinforce the PLO status.

On his part, President Abbas thanked Sisi for his efforts in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people to regain their legitimate rights to freedom and independence.

He affirmed the Palestinian side’s readiness to act under the auspices of the Middle East Quartet, which comprises the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the UN, and in line with the UN resolutions towards ending the Israeli occupation of the State of Palestine’s territories, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Abbas also stressed the importance of complete calm throughout the Palestinian territories along with the need to halt the Israeli military and settlers’ attacks against the Palestinian people, cautioning that such attacks would undermine the two-state solution, which could not be accepted.

He renewed his readiness to form a Palestinian unity government whose parties would recognize the United Nations resolutions.

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