Pakistani Nation in anxiety — Is it a start of an end?

Pakistani nation seems to be in the state of perplexity. Is it a start of an end of a State, which was the dream of millions of Muslims of Indian Subcontinent 61 years ago?

Today, a common Pakistani in Pakistan and abroad is fearful when look what has been happening in the country for the last few months.

The entire nation and institutions including secret services have been either hijacked or paralyzed with the help of western powers. Who could imagine, not long ago, that a man once had the reputation of being a top ranking fraudulent, spent years in jail on corruption and murder charges would run almost every institute of Pakistan. Who could image that the country’s decisions would be taking by thugs sitting in Dubai, London and Washington. Who could imagine that a 19 years old boy (Bilawal Zardari) who hardly knows anything about Pakistan and its history would represent Pakistan, enjoying on State’s expenses and meeting world’s top leaders in an international event (Olympic) in China. Who could imagine that the head of the state (President of Pakistan), a man who opened the doors for democracy, allowed so-called political pundits to participate in general election, held free & fair elections and made no fuss for their opponents to form their government would be asked to leave his job or face impeachment.

Today, Pakistan is observing 61st anniversary and sadly, it is facing worst kind of threat of disintegration from in and out side forces. Conspiracies again brought the country in the situation like in 1971 — when Pakistan was divided and East Pakistan became Bangladesh.

Pakistan’s economy, stability and security are at stake. Sky-high prices made the life of a common person horrible. According to the latest figures inflation is rising to an all-time high of 24.33 per cent. Talibanisation movement inside Pakistan and on the Pak-Afghan border is escalating to take control of the entire country. According to some reports, the Taliban are building their cells in Karachi –” the largest commercial city of Pakistan. United State’s ongoing military operation alongside Pakistan’s border against Al Quaeda and Taliban is a clear indication that US wants a full operation inside Pakistan. If United States openly launched military operation in Pakistan, it will be another Afghanistan or Iraq. The situation in Indian held Kashmir once again is appalling.

On the other hand, the so-called political pundits of Pakistan cannot think anything other than politics of greed, revenge and power on the cost of country’s integrity. Since, the ruling coalition came into power what they have given nothing to the nation except plotting revenge, conspiracies and personal gains. They have shown no competency to come out with any plan to rescue country’s falling economy, security and stability. For them the most important issue is how to impeach the President. These political thugs, whom most of them hold dual nationalities, spend more time abroad than in Pakistan and some of them charged of looting state’s wealth and building foreign assets in the past are now behaving like burglars in a sleeping city.

The western powers talk about democracy and civil rule in Pakistan. No doubt, any form of dictatorship is evil for a country its civil society and institutions especially the army rule. Yet, for Pakistan, the fact of the matter is that the country will never ever have a true democracy or civil liberty and the reason is very simple. For the last five decades, Pakistan has been under control of US establishment through Pakistani army, landlords and bureaucrats. US establishment deals either with army or landlords & bureaucrats, in turns, depending what form of government suit to US next. These two powers, Pakistan army and the landlords-cum-political leaders, I call them political thugs as they are the political tools for the western powers, are the two trump cards for the US to use when and where required to continue the control of the state. The US negotiates its vested interest and in return award them country’s power.

More than 60 percent land of the country is occupied by tribal leaders, choudhrys, waderays and sardars (feudal). And more than 60 percent wealth of the country is consumed by Pakistani army. The tribal sardars, waderays and choudhrys run Pakistani politics. Pakistan’s history shows that to be in power these landlords often shack hand with the army generals. How can the world expect democracy in Pakistan when western powers support army rule and feudal culture? These tribal leaders and feudal treat their own farmers, labours and workers like slaves. Their own people who are in majority in the country are not free to vote by their own choice. Unfortunately, today, the political thugs are, once again, controlling the country.

For the last seven years, President Musharraf was the best choice for United States to run Pakistan. President Musharraf was fully supported by United States and its allies. And now is the time to say army ‘Good Bye’ as the need of the game has changed. Reassembly of Taliban & Al-Quaeda in Afghanistan and rising activities of Taliban in the Northern territories of Pakistan made President Musharraf a man of broken promises in the eyes of United States. Therefore, this is time to kick out Musharraf and use the civilian card. So, who could be the best choice for Washington than Musharraf’s political foes. Increasing operations against Taliban and their supporters in the northern Pakistan and alongside Pak-Afghan border and Washington’s silence on ruling coalition’s movement against Musharraf clearly indicates the obvious deal behind the scene between Washington and ruling coalition. Sharing common interest all these political thugs together busy in impeaching President Musharraf basically serving US agenda.

If this analysis is true than it is quite clear that ruling coalition’s move for impeachment of the President and launching the operation against Taliban and Al-Quaeda on Pakistani soil is another American game. But this time for political thugs, it will be like playing with fire and this fire will spread all over Pakistan. War against Taliban inside Pakistan will transform Pakistan into Iraq. And perhaps, this is what US wanted to happen for ages.

Of course, the Pakistani nation and the civilized world wouldn’t want to see this to happen in Pakistan, however and unfortunately, it happened in East Pakistan and regrettably happening again.