On the anniversary of Al-Nakba: A large-scale people’s uprising is the way to stand up to Israel – the state of organized expansionist racist terrorism

For decades now Israel has been carrying out a wide-range deception aimed at regional and international public opinion. The most dangerous component of this deception is the media policy that has been methodically misleading Israeli public opinion since the state of Israel was established through massacres, destruction and displacement.

Israelis in general are not aware that Israel was created with the support of colonial powers over the dead bodies of Palestinian civilians and the rubble of their houses, after hundreds of thousand of Palestinian civilians were evicted from their homes and lands by the force of weapons.

When an Israeli dares to tell the truth, or part of the truth, an uproar arises among the ranks of the Israelis, leadership and public alike.

This misleading policy methodically retreats and covers up all the crimes that are carried out by Israel and its institutions against humanity, human rights, and the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination on their land and to return to their lands that they were forcefully evicted from.

On the whole the Israelis are not aware of what their armed forces carry out in the Palestinian territories. They are unaware of the war crimes being committed by their sons, recruited to execute the orders of the racist leadership of the Israeli army.

The Israeli public thinks and believes that its state really is a democratic one, that it really is fighting terrorism, and that it really does defend human rights. Those who know and follow the facts on the ground know of course that this is untrue.

Israel is a state that practices organized terrorism against an entire people, the Palestinians, as well as against more than one people in the Middle East region.

It is a state that uses military aircraft, tanks, missiles, and internationally banned ammunition against those who defend themselves, residential gatherings and infrastructures.

It is a state that commits massacres, kills children, uproots fruitful trees, and unlawfully seizes lands belonging to the Palestinians and turns their lives into an unbearable hell.

It is a state that arrests and imprisons people unlawfully and without charging them. It is a state that is holding an entire people prisoner in its prisons, their lands, cities and villages turned into a large prison for an entire people by the racist Israeli government.

Israel is the only remaining racist expansionist country on earth. It continues to follow this policy with support, encouragement and arms from its allies who use it as a tool while it in turn uses them as a tool to achieve its expansionist goals of controlling the sources of wealth in the Middle East.

Israel was created as an investment project for the Jews as Hertzl had planned. This investment was paid for by the Zionist movement and the Jewish Agency in both money and influence to Britain and the US administration in 1947.

Now, Sharon’s government is carrying out a new deception in order to seize the lands of the West Bank, finalize the Judaization of Jerusalem, and eliminate the Palestinian people’s right to establish an independent state on lands occupied by Israel in 1967.

We see Israel’s allies and the western countries who use it get dragged once again under the banner of the “reality on the ground” to approving Israeli expansion at the expense of the Palestinian people and the Arab world.

Sharon’s government uses the cover of the “disengagement from Gaza”, that is no longer sacred, to seize the lands of the West Bank and Jerusalem. It uses the colonial settlers as a tool.

Sharon and the leaders of the settlers, who Sharon created and aided with money and weapons, agreed to expand the area of attacks against the Palestinians, using the weapons of the Israeli government, the protection of its army, and the extensive opposition movement (funded and supported by the Israeli government) against the objections of Europe, and occasionally the US, to the practices and plans of the Israeli government.

The settlers are the tools of Sharon’s government. Their movement is a Sharon tactic to avoid pressure from the world, and a preparatory factor for the annexation of the West Bank to Israel.

The Israeli public may be misled, but the Arab public is not and has no reason to be. If the Arabs want what Sharon and Israel’s racist regime are doing then they have no reason not to resist Sharon’s plans that are being executed on the ground before the eyes of the world and the Arabs.

The possible way for the Palestinians and Arabs to resist the racist expansion would be a large-scale people’s Intifada against the racist occupiers, the annexation wall and land theft.

The Bush administration needs to know that it cannot continue to use double standards of justice –” it must use only one standard.