Obama’s Disgraceful Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Audacity is certainly a hallmark of Barack Obama’s style, but not of his substance. His acceptance speech of the Nobel Prize was yet another in an unending series of audacious misrepresentations of truth, false pretenses of moral character, and revocation of history.

America is not a nation at war. The American people have not been called upon to sacrifice for the war effort. To the contrary, American citizens in general have little concept of the realities of war as inflicted on America’s soldiers, or by America’s soldiers on their victims, who are often called "terrorists" or "insurgents".

America’s current military actions are elective wars, not wars of necessity. They are resource wars, not wars based on American victimhood.

If America wanted to deal with every nation that hosted participants in Al Qaeda planning for 9/11, why did we not invade Germany? Planning for 9/11 took place there. Why not occupy jurisdictions in Florida, Minnesota, and other American locations where 9/11 plotters not only trained, but were detected crossing US borders by the US State Department watch lists that were in effect prior to 9/11?

Every belligerent nation knows that any war can be justified by claiming that one’s citizens are under threat, under attack. Hitler’s Nazi Germany used "self-defense" as justification for their warmongering.

If Barack Obama were a peaceful man, he would find ways to avoid conflict. Obama lied when he said there could be no negotiating with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has repeatedly offered to cease militant operations in exchange for changed policies and actions of various nations, including the U.S. It is ludicrous to think that war with Al Qaeda at the expense of hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of human lives is pragmatic. But such warring is indisputably profitable for the world’s arms makers and dealers.

Barack Obama is a Man of War, not of peace. There was never any serious doubt about his plan to increase US military presence in Afghanistan. His slowness to reach his "final" decision was shallower than his waistline.

The likelihood of an American withdrawal within a year or eighteen months is as unlikely as a Taliban’s surrender. As long as there are people in Afghanistan who do not submit meekly to American dominance, and as long as there are people who take up arms to resist American occupation of Afghanistan, Barack Obama will keep tens of thousands of American troops, plus military aircrafts, including drones hard at work killing off the resistance one by one. To "Just Say No" to American occupation in Afghanistan is to put a big target on your back.

The "moral justification" used by Obama in his warmongering is delusional.

There is no bombing of the Pashtuns to democracy. If Obama wanted to help the Afghan people, why not send in 100,000 Peace Corps volunteers? Instead of sending in arms and money that can be converted to corrupt officials’ private use, why didn’t Obama send in medical supplies, building materials, water purification equipment, and life-giving aid, instead of killer US Marines and mercenaries?

Barack Obama is showing his true self. He has abandoned the American public by offering false hopes of healthcare reform that, instead, benefit Big Pharma and the Health Care Industry. Obama has looted the public treasury to help Wall Street while Main Street withers and dies. And Obama wages war on Afghanistan; continues to occupy Iraq, and threatens Iran and even Venezuela.

Barack Obama is the most dangerous man in the world at present. He chooses war over peace, and sides with belligerents like Israel’s Netanyahu. The climate change meeting in Copenhagen promise to show Obama’s disdain for the developing nations of the Global South, as Obama’s negotiator acknowledges no climate debt and a desire by the US to conspire to put a cap on developing nation’s aspirations and trade in carbon emissions until the planet becomes uninhabitable.

There is little cause for rejoicing in Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and hope that the poor and the honest can believe in is diminishing with every new Obama initiative and every word that comes out of his mouth.