No war on Civilization, Dialogue is need of the Hour

While addressing the joint session of American Congress and Senate in the third week of September 2001, President George W. Bush has observed ” Every American is asking, Why do the terrorist hate us? He explained that they hate us because we are democratically elected government. Whereas they are all self appointed leaders. They hate our freedoms, our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.” My reply to President George Bush and every thinking mind in the world is, NO, Mr. President, this is not true, there is another side of the story, perhaps the Charter of Human Rights drafted as the foundation document of Comity of Nations has also forgotten these principles for the political expediency of territorial expansion for power and pelf and UNO has been converted into a mouth piece of America and America alone. What is terrorism, terrorism means “systematic use of violence and intimidation to coerce a government or community,” The root cause of this hatred, which is disturbing you today, is the seeds of which your elders and their elders have sowed. In today’s age of information technology where you are trying to convert geographical proximity under one global village, the advancement of media and communication has not only brought the people around the globe closer, but has increased their capacity to read between the lines and we in the third world are no more dumb driven herds of cattle for the West to drive and exploit our economic, natural and mineral resources once again for the fulfillment of their long cherished dream of ” NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM ” as printed in Latin on the reverse side of One Dollar note for the last eight decade, which means towards one world government. The black Tuesday tragedy has come as a rude shock and surprise to every sane person in the world, of course with little difference from the West, because we in the third world have been questioning and thinking about the so-called Western values for human dignity, peace, democracy and other freedoms, when every day we witness barbaric terrorism perpetrated against unarmed Palestinians and Kashmiris, innocent people in Kosovo and Chechania, the ruthlessly used super powers might in Yugoslavia and else where, the aims and objects of operation desert storm are no more a secret, it was to have control on oil wealth in Middle East, which was the dire need of West, so through Gulf War this was achieved.

Now again, black Tuesday of 11th September 2001 is the reflection of the same psyche, which earlier also led to attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam and Korea, Middle East and now the seizure of Asia and Africa under the garb of fight against terrorism. The forefathers of terrorism in the world are now calling terrorism a sin, like a pot calling the kettle black. Americans had never thought that they are also vulnerable and open to such an attack inspite of their hi-tech advancement in military hardware that such a horrifying tragedy can engulf them right on their financial capital of New York – The World Trade Center. The attack of 11th September is in itself an act of hi-tech terrorism coupled with sophisticated planning, training and execution and application of a state of art technology which is available to America, Britain and Israel only.

Within hours of this tragedy Mr. Henry Kissinger floated the name of Osama bin Laden and called for action against Osama’s network. If Mr. Kissinger had prior knowledge of Osama’s planning, then he should be also charged for abetting in the crime and brought to the bar of justice. The second immediate reaction came from Israeli Prime Minister who not only ordered intensified attack on Palestinians. The third was CNN telecasting a library film of 1991 showing Palestinians celebrating their victory with wrong captions attributing to tragedy of twin towers in New York. All this was enough to add fuel in fire the so called champions of democracy, peace, humanity and freedom for all religions and what not came out with their true colour – revenge, which is visible from the backlash against the Muslims, Arabs and other South Asian communities, so far more then one thousand such clashes have come on record in USA alone.

Now President George Bush has met with Muslims, Sikh and Arab community leaders and assessed that the so called war against terrorism is not a crusade against Islam, but the attackers of black Tuesday may have achieved their objectives because the element of backlash, bigotry and racial discrimination has divided the world on religious following, targeting Iran alongside Taliban is yet another naked proof of this heinous agenda of attackers of World Trade Center rapped with the hidden behind the so called war against terrorism. Let me make it clear to all and sundry that Islam is not a threat to West. The Italian Prime Minister is trying to mince words after declaring that Western way of life is far superior to Islamic civilization, I can only say less said the better, will the leaders in West understand this observation from a humble Pakistani, Islam preaches love and peace, Islam is a complete code for life, it talks of respect for humanity and dignity of mankind without any discrimination on the basis of cast, colour or creed. The institution of ” Addle & Insaaf.” Rule of law and justice is one of the main essence of Islam, which the people in the West are unable to understand or are really afraid of due to their own weaknesses of character and try to take refuge under falsified crusaders and might of the super power engaging itself in a war between two major religions of the world. A handful of people controlling enormous wealth have successfully maneuvered to pitch Islam against Christianity to achieve their own economic and financial goals and this operation against terrorism is a continuity of the same hidden agenda for control over the economic wealth in Asia for their benefit and not for the benefit of the mankind. It is a fact that think tanks and experts in USA and West have been talking of clash of civilization.

The relations among civilization have evolved through two phases and are now in a third phase where the requirement of time is for holding dialogue among civilizations and not clash between civilizations as declared in Infinite War by President George Bush. For more than three thousand years after civilization first emerged, the contacts among them were with some exceptions, either nonexistent or limited. These contacts are described by historians as Encounters. The Axial Age civilization unlike their predecessor had transcendental myths propagated by a distinct intellectual class ” The Jewish prophets and priests, the Greek philosophers and sophists, the Chinese Literati, the Hindu Brahmins, the Buddhist Sangha and the Islamic Ulema. What about the Jewish civilization? Most scholars of civilization hardly mention it. In terms of numbers of people Judaism clearly is not a major civilization. Toynbee describes it as an arrested civilization, which evolved out of the earlier Syriac civilization. It is historically affiliated with both Christianity and Islam, and for several centuries Jews maintained their cultural identity within Western, Orthodox, and Islamic civilization. With the creation of Israel, Jews have all the objective accoutrements of a civilization: religion, language, customs, literature, institutions and a territorial and political home.

The early civilization in the valleys of the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Indus and Yellow rivers also did not interact. Eventually, contacts between civilization did multiply in the eastern Mediterranean, southwestern Asia and northern India. Communication and commercial relations were restricted however by the distances separating civilization and the limited means of transport available to overcome distance. While there was some commerce by sea in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, by and large conflict of financial and economic interest had not blown to the position as it is now, which is the main reason for today’s holocaust, which may doom the West itself.

Ideas and technology moved from civilization to civilization, but it often took centuries. Perhaps the most important cultural diffusion not the result of conquest was the spread of Buddhism to China, which occurred about six hundred years after its origin in northern India. Indigenization and the revival of religion are global phenomena. They have been most evident; however, in the cultural assertiveness and challenges to the West that have come from Asia and from Islam. These have been the dynamic civilizations of the last quarter of the twentieth century. The Islamic Challenges is manifest in the pervasive cultural, social and political resurgence of Islam in the Muslim world and accompanying rejection of Western values and institutions. The Asian challenge is manifest in all the East Asian civilizations – Sinic, Japanese, Buddhist and on top of it Muslim, which emphasizes their cultural differences from the West and at times the commonalties they share, often identified with Confucianism. Both Asians and Muslims stress the superiority of their cultures to Western culture. In contrast people in other non-Western civilizations – Hindus, Orthodox, Latin American, African may affirm the distinctive character of their cultures but as around and after the fall of USSR has become hesitant about proclaiming their superiority to Western culture. Islam and Asia stand alone, and at times together, in their increasingly confident assertiveness with respect to the World Jewry in the West and this is the biggest obstacle for the so-called globalization agenda.

Asian assertiveness is rooted in economic growth; Muslim assertiveness stems in considerable measure from social mobilization and population growth. Each of these challenges is having and will continue to have into the twenty-first century a highly destabilizing impact on global politics. The economic developments of China and other Asian societies provide their governments with both the incentives and the resources to become more demanding in their dealing with other countries including the only super power. Population growth in Muslim countries will provide the required manpower to combat these challenges in 21st Century and after, the identity of wealth with the West and underdevelopment with the non-West will not outlast the twentieth century. The speed of this transformation has been overwhelming, it took Britain and the United States fifty-eight years and forty seven years respectively, to double their per capita income output, but Japan did it in thirty-three years, Indonesia in seventeen, South Korea in eleven and China in ten years. The Chinese Economic area, the World Bank declared in 1993, had become the worlds Fourth growth pole, alongwith the United States, Japan and Germany and sooner or later Asia is going to have four of the five largest economies of the world and soon surpass the West in economic product, as West is rapidly losing its ability to make Asian societies conform to Western standards concerning human rights and other values hence a catchy phrase ” War against Terrorism ” has been invented by the biggest terrorist of the world to rope in other countries of United Nation Organisation not only to save their own skin but to abuse their financial and military resources in this adventure to catch this Asian economic bull by the horn before it reaches the zenith of power through the economic barrel of the gun, which the West led by America is now trying to destroy by the military barrel of the gun and Osama bin Laden a blue eyed boy of Americans in Afghanistan war against the USSR has been planted under a well researched and thought out scheme starting with heinous drama of hijacking of four civil aircraft’s target crashes to achieve desired result to use Osama bin Laden as a easy scapegoat and United States, Britain, Israel, India and Europe have thus become engaged in a false global struggle against terrorism which in fact is a design to contain China and take control of Asian resources, which is bound to bring catastrophe of unimaginable dimension to West because Truth, Justice and fair play is ever lasting order for Universe given by the Almighty Allah, who is alone the omnipresent and Sovereign.

A global war involving the core states of the world’s major civilizations is highly probable but not impossible to stop, a statesman can always defuse the present stalemate through a dialogue among these warring groups for peace and harmony, live and let others live should be the buy word instead of Globalization agenda which is the root cause of all the ills and curses that afflict the man kind today. Now that Americans are propagating that they have established links of Osama bin Laden and their attack on Taliban and Afghanistan is justified is nothing by a face saving treatment to bury the real faces behind this tragedy.

Attack on Taliban and Osama bin Laden is coaxed to rejoice as the crisis is supposed to be over, Americans and CNN media may feel happy and jubilant over the so-called end of the Taliban and Osama, if they at all write a new chapter in history of warfare against the Afghans in the difficult Hindukush mountain range, but I can not join the fools. This crisis which is only a spec in the history of America, might lead to more terrorist attacks as they have declared it a war on civilization, which is not going to come to an abrupt end now and greater factors are looming ahead and looming at large as the roots of one pillar is besmeared with blood and humiliation, the entire faithful Muslims of not only Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan but all over the world have been forced to reactivate the true spirit of Jihad as a result of mishandling of present crisis in America and denial of fair trial leading to judicial disposition in this case with foul mouthed language and bullying shown on electronic and print media, Americans and their allies will soon hung their heads in shame when the whole truth will come out through a process of fair and free trial is allowed to take place by the world Jewry. Otherwise the great game of the West against Islam will shake the foundations of the glass castles as witnessed in the collapse of World Trade Center falling like a house of cards shown in fiction movies of Hollywood. Unless we stop these actors who in their lust for power have accepted to destroy the humanity. The world Jewry full of mediocrity and hypocrisy is only thinking in terms of protection of their enormous wealth amassed through corrupt exploitative mechanism and greed for more and more under the umbrella of global village will not be achieved because they forget that Allah is all powerful and supreme. Allah Almighty is omnipresent and we all are accountable to HIM. This power alone will prevent the adventurers from doing many a misdeed they commit out of their fallacious and worldly pride and instead of War on Civilization a Dialogue among civilizations will open the vistas of their minds and eyes to make the world a living paradise on earth.

It is time now that with the advent of new millennium and challenges from West, the Islamists should form their own bloc and pool their resources of men and material and technology, which they have enough in quantity and quality, the forthcoming meeting of OIC is a test of its strength and sincerity to the purpose for which the Islamic world is waiting, they should not endorse the programme of West and its allies because the day of Judgement is known only to Almighty God and not to the American President who had earlier let lose such a day on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and now is contemplating to do the same against Muslim Power. OIC should forge Unity, Faith and Discipline in their ranks and see how soon the West will extend a hand of genuine friendship to Islamic bloc rather then send their planes to bomb Afghanistan and Jihadis who are fighting for their rights having failed to attract the world support for their just cause which has been ignored and denied for the only fault of their being Muslim faithful.

The ways of Allah are much different then what is perceptible to the naked eyes of the West without any spiritual background, their fight against Islam which they are now trying to hide is really a fight against Almighty Allah which will be only lead ultimately to their doom and revival of Islam in this millenium. The earthquakes, the volcanoes and cyclones have been a precursor of this doom and now the spirit of suicide missions is an eye opener in the West itself where a 42 year man in Switzerland has shown that fighting for his rights is not an act of terrorism, it is an ultimate fight against denial of justice which is forbidden in Islam. Our brother Christians and Jews as well as Hindus should take a serious note of this message from Almighty Allah and try to live in peace with those who do not profess their faith.