Manga Arabia, a Saudi cultural project to enrich entertainment knowledge for 180 million Arabs

Manga Arabia, a Saudi cultural project to enrich entertainment knowledge for 180 million Arabs

Riyadh (UNA-OIC) – The Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) launched “Manga Arabia” project to empower Arab generations and stimulate their imagination and creativity in the field of shaping and making the future, by enriching Arab content with purposeful, safe, reliable and high-quality cultural content, inspired by the culture of our societies and the authenticity of our Saudi and Arab values; As well as through translated content inspired by international works, produced in Japan.

Manga Arabia, which seeks to attract about 180 million Arabs towards leisure reading – according to a media statement by the group – includes the launch of two magazines in Arabic, one of them: “Manga Arabia for Kids”, concerned with creating content catering to group aged 10 to 15 years old, and the second: “Manga Arabia”, specialized in creating content for age groups over 15 years. Both magazines will be available free of charge in monthly print and weekly electronic versions; through a special digital application for each of them, to provide an enjoyable and safe experience, and to provide high-end content in a simple Arabic language.

The launch of Manga Arabia comes in the context of the digital transformation, expansion and growth strategy announced last July by the group, which relies on five main business pillars, centered around readers, customers and business partners, to seize opportunities and achieve global partnerships, and invest in emerging media companies, as well as backing new ideas that support excellence, innovation and development.

In this context, CEO of SRMG Jomana Al-Rashid explained that the launch of Manga Arabia opens new horizons of empowerment and intellectual, cultural and creative stimulation for the Saudi and Arab generations to shape the future.

It also constitutes an ambitious step that introduces a new dimension to Saudi and Arab content, and provides an active economic base with a positive impact on Arab societies. This is achieved by providing job opportunities, attracting promising talent and spreading Saudi and Arab innovations globally.

For his part, Editor-in-chief of Manga Arabia Dr. Essam Bukhary stated that the project is a revolution in the creative entertainment industry sector in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, pointing to the great impact of the art of Manga with its stories and animations.

Bukhary expressed his aspiration to draw, through Manga Arabia, a great success story and develop purposeful creative Arabic content with local thought and personalities, and in the hands of Saudi and Arab creators, and create characters that tell local stories with societal values emanating from the inspiration of Arab culture that reach the world.

He went on to say that “Saudi Arabia is ranked 11th on the list of the countries that read the most in the world. With the launch of Manga Arabia, we look forward to raising its rank to the top five countries in the world’s reading rate.

It is noteworthy that the Manga arts and animation “Anime” have made an effective contribution to rebuilding Japan’s economy, which faced major challenges in the nineties of the last century. Japan has sought through the arts of Manga and Anime to redefine itself from a great power in global business, to the source of a unique artistic culture.

Operating since 1972, Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) is a global media house from the Middle East and North Africa with a portfolio of more than 30 major media outlets – including Asharq Al-Awsat, Asharq News and Arab News – delivering information, news and lifestyle content to a monthly audience of more than 165 million. Listed on the Tadawul stock exchange in Riyadh, SRMG is focused on delivering original, exclusive and premium content in multiple languages to empower consumers with news and information through digital and social platforms, in addition to its leading cable and satellite reach.  Through its many platforms, content and voices, SRMG is uniquely positioned to capitalize on fast-growing opportunities for digital content distribution, online advertising and commercial partnerships in the media and entertainment market worldwide.  Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, SRMG has offices in 18 locations around the world, including London and Dubai.  

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