It’s Not the Intelligence, Stupid!

It appears well past time to stop use of the term “intelligence” to apply to raw data obtained for analysis by security agencies, such as the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Administration. Raw data can be true or false, intelligent or stupid, right or wrong. It can be bogus, fraudulent, biased, or accurate and appropriate.

President George W. Bush should never be associated with the world “intelligent” or “intelligence” or any of their forms. There is no credible association to be found in between the man and the concepts.

All evidence is that the Bush administration, with the active involvement of its major officials, devised a plan to sift through all the raw data on Iraq and its history, programs, and personnel in order to paint the most damning portrait possible, no matter whether the portrait was accurate or not. We ended up with a Van Gogh-like abstraction of reality that in no way was “intelligent” but it would not be far-fetched to use the term bogus, biased, fraudulent, mistaken, untimely, or false.

In his hubris, George W. Bush apparently thought no one could figure this out! Bush’s own lack of intelligence is not the failing of any security agency. And his total willingness to squeeze bogus information out of the security archives, while ignoring common sense, good data, and reality is typical of the Bush performance since taking office.

Bush had an agenda. He was angry at Saddam Hussein for allegedly threatening the life of his old man. Bush wanted Iraqi oil, and wanted to please Israel. Bush had an administration of Zionist warmongers and a keen desire to extend the Pax America by warfare and wanted to start with Saddam Hussein.

Truth was not only inconsequential, but undesirable for George W. Bush.

To this day, the American media has not caught on to the totality of the flimsiness of the Bush arguments, such as in collaboration with fellow conspirator of lies Tony Blair today. Yes, we know that at one time Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, Tony/George — don’t you remember, we sold them to him! But not at the time of the recent war. Former U.N. chief weapons Scott Ritter made that clear, and Ritter was uncannily accurate in his assessment of the Iraqi weapons program. Actually, Ritter was not uncanny, he was just well-informed as we would expect a man with his background and integrity to be. Why did Bush ignore HIS intelligence/ i.e. data?

This is the Bush modus operandi — seek out lies as a basis to tell your own lies. Then attack anyone who exposes you as a liar. In this age of easy access to the truth, and the easy means of communications worldwide, with truthseekers able to communicate proof and evidence, the Bush method is not very intelligent at all — is it!

The writer is a member of several falconry and ornithological clubs and organizations. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.