Israel’s Dirty Dozen (s): A Case of Zionist “Foot and Mouth Disease”

Mohamed Khodr’s Column

In one of my favorite movies “The Dirty Dozen”, Lee Marvin gathers twelve men of disrepute who’ve committed murder, felony crimes, fraud, and robbery for an undercover mission against a German target. Although all but two die they succeed in their mission. The Nazis are such evil people that we cheer these men as they kill military and civilian men and women alike in cold blooded fashion shoving them into the basement, blocking all access and laying siege to the palace until all are murdered. We feel detached and desensitized to the death of the Nazi “terrorists and murderers” because of our historical knowledge and indoctrination through the media and movies that all Nazi’s are evil.

Today, the Germans, Italians, Japanese, and the Turks are our friends and allies because the same information age media that demonized them now praises them. Even after spending $5 Trillion dollars in our Cold War with Russia we have developed a non-threatening stable relationship with the former “Commies”. We’ve even dumped our former “friend” Taiwan for the sake of China. A lesson for all our “friends” to keep in mind. We’re a fickle nation and we’ll dump you faster than you can say a buck.

This same information age media has for decades indoctrinated us into the false belief that Israel is our ‘”friend and ally” and the only democratic peace loving nation in the Middle East, a region brushed with the same demonizing celluloid and ink used against the former Nazis. Since Americans are a good hearted people with a knack for quick superficial understandings of issues and who loathe any “serious” discussions and confrontations we surrender our thoughts and feelings to our bastion of “knowledge”–the media and entertainment industry. And, there my humanoid friends, is the RUB.

Most dangerous among these gangs are Israel’s American Columnists whose allegiance to this country is questionable given their propensity to keep the Arab-Israeli conflict alive and well to the financial, military, and expansionist land policy of Israel: They are the real “Dirty Dozen (s)” They are the rich, successful, unchallenged purveyors of bias, hate, myth making, and lies who adorn the pages of the Op-Ed pages of our most powerful papers and who value Israel’s interest above America’s.

Most of the names of these “Dirty Dozens” are proudly listed in the Jewish website: 

These media “Mouths” provide the political cover, justification, and requisite preemptive intimidation of Congress and any potential critic of Israel that allows Israel’s “Foot” soldiers and government to stomp upon the lives and land of occupied Palestine, to lay siege to their lives, to determine what food, water, or medicine gets to them, to demolish their homes at will, to tear their farms, olive trees, and roads at whim, to imprison thousands and torture them, to liquidate any activist fighting the military occupation, and to force our proud nation to kowtow to Israel’s needs and embarrass itself around the world by vetoing even the simplest UN Resolution that condemns Israel’s human rights abuses and murder of school children.

There is no greater example of man’s inhumanity to man than what Israel is unleashing upon the lives of Palestinian women, children, and old men for the last 52 years. These “dirty” journalists and their employers deliberately deprive America and the world of the horrid hatred toward Arabs, Palestinians, and Islam that many in Israel feel and express through the armed Jewish settlers and army bulldozers.

They deprive us of television pictures of wounded and dying Palestinian babies, of grieving mothers, of children shot by snipers through their hearts or in their bed. They deprive us of sympathetic stories that could affect America’s public opinion that they realize will definitely go against Israel and the doormat pandering of our politicians who at election time discover their Jewish roots. America’s television lenses are only focused on Israeli loss, blood, and grief. The camera will capture the smiling face of an Israeli soldier ignoring his foot that’s pressing on the neck of a Palestinian mother.

Our “free” media, with its pro-Israeli bias, understands that as long as the “Palestinian” story is ignored, as long as they continue portraying Israel as the victim and not the murderous “rogue” state that it is, that as long as they intimidate by any means necessary anyone daring to speak up against Israel; our government will continue to pour the hundreds of tax dollars and latest weapons technology to Israel out of fear of “AIPAC: American Israeli Political Action Committee” and its hundred of statewide political action committees. It’s either “shut up” or you are an “Anti-Semite”: a label guaranteed to be picked up and repeated by news outlets throughout the country.

None of the fifty states in the union have the Un-Constitutional representation Israel has in our country. While each state has two senators, Israel has 10. While Virginia with a greater population than Israel has 11 House Representatives, Israel has 23 House Representatives. Shockingly, one of Israel’s most ardent salivating supporters in the House is Rep. Benjamin Gilman (R) of New York who was recently removed from his Chairmanship of the House International Relations Committee, but his influence and power forced the House to create a special sub-committee just for him to chair called the Middle East Affairs Sub-Committee so he can whip the House and media into a pro-Israeli frenzy. No other Representative can muster such clout to form his very own Sub-Committee to deal with an important issue for his state. This is an outrage. Israel and its Jewish partners in our country have blurred the line that defines America’s relationship with another sovereign nation to the extent that during Clinton’s administration almost every important Cabinet, Agency, and Ambassadorial position was filled by Pro-Israel Jewish Americans. Many of these appointees came to government from Israeli lobbying groups and think tanks and now many returned to their Pro-Israel lobbying jobs. This is a new and unprecedented definition of an unpatriotic “Exchange Program”.

So far our country has been fortunately free from the virus causing Europe’s “Foot and Mouth Disease”, but unfortunately we have not been so free from the Zionist virus that’s causing America’s version of “Foot and Mouth” Disease responsible for infecting and corrupting our nation’s political system. Israeli’s and Palestinians are tragically suffering and dying due to the failure of Zionism that only recognizes the humanity, welfare, and wealth of Jews only. Our media shares a great deal of responsibility for this inhumane yet easily solvable tragedy. With their words and pictures these “dirty’ media “humans” contribute to the death of innocents on both sides. They have truly sold their conscience to the devil.

We as Americans can cure this “Dirty” Virus before it engulfs us further into a military and economic confrontation with 1.2 Billion Muslims; a confrontation manufactured for us and one that goes against our national interest, our morals, our sense of justice, and humanity.

Our silence and quiet acquiescence to the Zionist viral propaganda and it’s “dirty” purveyors are at the root of many of our failed policies and conflicts overseas. These “dirty” Zionists are few but powerful and don’t even represent the majority of Jews in our country.

It’s time to find our backbone, our voice, and find a permanent Anti-Viral cure for this dirty “Foot and Mouth Disease.” We’ve eliminated the smallPOX, now let’s eliminate the BIGPOX on our nation’s conscience. God bless us all to do the right thing and finally find our moral compass for truth and justice.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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