Israeli Phalcons for Brother in Arms India


‘Congratulation’ Muslims of the world. War on “terrorism” has entered into a new phase. Off and on Israeli Phalcons deal with India is now final. The ‘largest democracy’ in the world will get three Phalcon from the only ‘democracy’ in the Middle East within two or three months. The first installment will be of three Phalcons. They will add more teeth to the Indian machine of death and destruction, the military. India will in a better position to intimidate Pakistan and suffocate the aspiration of the occupied Kashmiris.

Note who else is in the game. ‘Democratic Russia’ and the United States – an other ‘democratic’ country. Russia is in the game as supplier of the platform for the Phalcons and the US is there as the final clearing house of the deal. ” Meanwhile, progress has been reported in the planned sale of three Phalcons to India, according to Defense News weekly, which quoted Israeli defense establishment sources as saying that the deal could be signed within two to three months. That deal has Russia supplying India with Ilyushin transport planes, and Elta, a subsidiary of the Israeli Aircraft Industries, as the main contractor.” Forward, December 7, 2001.

” Israel is throwing a cold water on India’s plan to install the Phalcon aerial early warning radar on Russian A-50 aircraft until it gets a clear signal form Washington about whether the radar could be exported to the subcontinent. Until we have a green light from the Washington – preferably in the form of a memorandum of understanding – we’re not going to authorize any new contracts with India, an Israeli Ministry of Defense official told Defense News.” Weapons Trade Observer, August 7, 2000.

It was August 7,2000 when Israel was waiting for a green signal from the United States. Now it is December, 2001. So much has changed since then. Now U.S. is engaged in a war against war on “terrorism” on global level. These Phalcons will help India to get rid of “terrorism” exported across the border. Freedom movements are “terrorism” and the occupiers are “peacekeepers” in the uni-polar jungle. America shahi ki jai bolou ( in South Asian historical context, a most stupid act of a ruling elite).

What is common in these four ‘democracies’ of the world? Three of them are the direct occupiers. India is occupying Kashmir. Israel is occupying Palestine. Russia is occupying Chechneya. How comes U.S. in this equation? It is a strategic partner of all these three states. Israel is the “aircraft carrier” of the U.S. in the Muslim Middle East. This tightly held ‘ secret’ was revealed by Senator Jesse Helms, once the powerful chairman of the Foreign Relation Committee. Now he is ranking member of the said committee. India is an “aircraft carrier” of the U.S. in South Asia and the Muslims middle East. Proof? It was Truman administration who appointed the first Prime Minister of India Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehro as the “rehabilitator of the delinquent Asia.” All his life this “rehabilitator” worked as a secret agent of U.S. in Asia. What about ‘reformed Russia”? It is a strategic partner of the United States like Israel and India. Note, President Yelstin and President Putin cooperation with the U.S. against the Muslim world. Chechens were sold to Russia for its cooperation in “Balkans” and elsewhere. Even the Chechens were bartered for NATO “expansion”. Note, President Putin role in the war against “terrorism.” ” Congress embraces an old foe and helps cement Putin’s new status as a solid partner in the war on terrorism”. Congressional Quarterly, November 10, 2001.

The other partner in this Indo-Israel deal, Russia, was hopeful that the U.S. would give a green light to this deal. ” The Russian defense industry executive said he expects the United States will not try to block any sale to India of A-50 fitted with Phalcons as it did regarding China. I don’t see anything in Indian-U.S. relations similar to the Taiwan issue that could prompt Americans to block this deal, he said.” Weapons Trade Observer, August 7, 2000.

Russians were right that the U.S. would not oppose the deal with India. There are reasons for not opposing the Israel’s deal with India. First, India is not a strategic threat to U.S. like China . Second, India is not a rouge state like China. Third, India is not a moral pariah like China . This is the view of the ruling elite about China. Read their statements about China. Forth, China deal was opposed on bi-partisan basis in the Congress. Whereas there is an “amen corner” in the U.S. Congress. There are about 100 members of House of Representatives and Senate who are members of Indian caucus. Call them representative of Brooklyn and Bombay. So there will be no opposition in the both Houses of Congress about Indo-Israel deal as it was on the Sino-Israel deal. Fifth, reason for cancellation of Sino-Israel deal was that tension between China and Taiwan. There is no such issue between Indo-Israel deal. Pak- India tension does not matter as the United States is concerned. Forget the statements made by the ruling elite. No body will be more happy than the U.S. administration if India and Pakistan destroy themselves. It will cement the U.S. hegemony in the region. Sixth reason for the cancellation was that the deal would change the strategic balance in the region. It does not matter for the U.S. strategist that this deal will also change the balance in the sub-continent.

” Israel noticed that the US did not treat China as a strategic threat, like the former Soviet Union; a rogue state, like Iraq; or a moral pariah, like South Africa during apartheid. Yet despite the paucity of indications from actual U.S. behavior, US concerns about China contained all of these elements.

” …. in recent months a wall of opposition arose uniting the US Congress, administration, and even American Jewish organizations, it should have been obvious that this was not a matter that would simply blow over. At the heart of the Israeli failure of understanding was an inability to distinguish among different types of oppositions. Israel has at times been falsely accused of leaking American technology, ad has been involved in arguments over arms sales that were essentially commercial disputes. For months, however, Israel failed to recognize that the driving force behind opposition to the Phalcon sale was not anti-Israel bias, commercial interests, or election year politics.

” Once the sale was widely perceived as a threat to national interests, it was pointless to disparage American motives, argue that the threat was being overblown, or remind the US that it was less than sympathetic to Israeli security during the fight over the sale of American AWACs plans to Saudi Arabia in the in 1980s.” The Israel Report, July/Adjust 2000.

” Israel’s 1997 contract to sell an airborne warning system to China remains a bone of contention with the United States, especially given the recent tensions between China and Taiwan. The proposed sale of the Israel Aircraft Industries Phalcon system to China troubled the visit of the US Secretary of Defense William Cohen to Israel and was clearly on display during the concluding press conference of Cohen and Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak, in which Cohen said that the US does not support such sales to China because of the potential of changing the strategic balance in the region” The Estimate, April7,2000.

Why Mr. Cohen was worried about the Phalcon deal there are reasons. It is superior to the US AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) according to Israel. ” The nature of the system is what particularly troubles the United States. Developed by Israel Aircraft Industries’Elta division, the Phalcon is an Airborne Early Warning, Command and control system (AWACS). It uses Active Phased Array electronic scanning rather than a mechanically rotating rotodome, like the US AWACS, said to give it greater flexibility. It consists of phased – array radar, phased array identification Friend-or-Foe equipment (IFF), and electronic and communications intelligence capabilities, making it both as a surveillance and potential battle-management tool.

” In Israel service, the Phalcon system is mounted on a Boeing 707 airframe, with six radar elements: in an enlarged nose, under the tail, and in two flat panels on either side of the aircraft. This permits 360 coverage.” The Estimate, April 7,2000.

So what ever the reason, the off and on deal since 1997 was canceled in July 2000. India appeared on the radar screen as the next customer.

What part India played in the cancellation of the deal, business media of the United States is still silent. First, its formidable foe China will not have this system. Instead, India will have this system on the expanse of China and specifically Pakistan. ” Aiming to end a prolonged public dispute with Washington, Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak told President Bill Clinton on July 11, the first day of a U.S. -brokered Middle East peace summit, that Israel would not complete a 1996 deal that would have given China its first advanced airborn early-warning (AWE) capability.” Arms Control Today, September 2000.

Few comments while concluding:

1.This almost final deal between India and Israel should shake the Muslim leadership from head to toe. They should realize who is an enemy and who is a friend. If Israel is a strategic partner of India, what about India’s relationship with the Muslim World. It can not have both. If both are anti-Muslim World, why India is entertained in the Muslim world as a friend of the Muslim World.

2. How the U.S. can claim as a friend of the Muslim World with its close ties with the all the anti-Muslim forces India, Israel and Russia. Iraq can not export ‘dental chairs’ for their ‘dual use.’ Why Israel is allowed to target 60 Muslims citifies with its nuclear heads. If China can not have Phalcons for its strained relations with Taiwan, why India is allowed to have this lethal system on the expanse of Pakistan.

3. When Pakistan’s leadership will confess to the Pakistanis that the U.S. was never a friend of Pakistan. It betrayed the Pakistan’s leadership since its inception. It used the Pakistan’s leadership and than abandon it. U.S. leadership was even against the creation of Pakistan. Pakistan’s leadership was coerced to abandon the idea of Independent Pakistan

4. On the issue of Kashmir, Pakistan was always strong-armed by the U.S. to betray the cause of Kashmiris. The first Prime Minister of India told the American leadership in very clear words that it would not give up a single inch of Kashmir. Inspite of this, U.S. staged the drama of “peace” for decades.

5. How now General Musharraf can go to the Muslim World and ask it for help. Just now , he has sold a neighbor like brave and kind Afghans to ‘save’ Pakistan. General when you sacrifice your own brothers to save your own skin, you are more vulnerable to the pressure of an enemy. Think about if Taliban were still there, can India could dare to threaten Pakistan. The present government of Afghanistan, should think twice to be neutral or indifferent to the present India’s threat to Pakistan. It should ask the same question. Will it be more safe if Pakistan is dismembered by India with the collaboration of other anti-Muslim forces.

Afghans! Join Pakistan against India’s aggression. Do not punish your brothers for the role which the Pakistani government played in Afghanistan.

6. American leadership should also think over to dismember an other Muslim country Pakistan for ‘harboring’ “terrorists.” U.S. anti-Muslim policies did not serve the U.S. interests in the Muslim World in the past. They are doomed to fail in the future. How much American blood will shed before American leadership will start siding with the occupied instead of occupiers like India, Israel and Russia.

7. Ten million Muslims in the United States can play a vital role by educating the Americans about the counter-productive policies of the Untied States against the Muslim World. It is patriotic to stop a leadership to pursue wrong policies.

8. The world is told that now the India’s priorities are changed about Pakistan. In the 1990s, India preferred a weak Pakistan than no Pakistan. Now it wants a dismembered Pakistan than a disruptive Pakistan. ” Tough times in Kashmir and warm words from Washington may combine to encourage the hawks in New Delhi who want to teach Islamabad a lesson. Some are hesitant to allow Pakistan to exist at hall. The 1990’s Indian mantra – better a weak Pakistan than no Pakistan now has an alternative: better a dismembered Pakistan than a disruptive Pakistan. But how far will this sentiment go? Strong anti-Pakistan and pro-Indian unity rhetoric has always drawn a wide constituency in India.” Washington Quarterly, Spring 2001.

Muslims of Pakistan prove to the world that if Pakistan existed for the last 50 years it was not what India wanted. It existed with its determination and the help of Allah. If there will be no Pakistan, there will no India. This is a dictate of history.

10. As Israel’s hostility about Pakistan is concerned, it has long roots.

No other better proof can be given than the heinous designs of the first Prime Minister of Israel Ben Gurion – the first Prime Minister of Israel. ” The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of danger of the Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological state is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of its hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. This love of the Arabs is move dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan.

“Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus – whose hearts have been full of hatred throughout history against the Muslims. Therefore India is the most important base for us to work theref rom against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.” The Unholy Alliance, by Muhammad Hamid, Page 167-168.

Now there is need to pursue disguised and secret plans to finish Pakistan by cooperating with India. Phalcon deal is a proof of it.