Israel, The Enemy Within

Its widely believed among average Americans that Israel is the only real friend for the US in the Middle East. The voices of Zionism in America would like people to believe that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and that it is the closest to American values and culture. Senator Joe Lieberman told Fox News that Israel remains America’s most steadfast ally because of the shared values of democracy, freedom and, get this, human rights. Unfortunately these notions resonate throughout the media’s unbalanced coverage of the Middle East crisis. This, however could not be farther from the truth.

Israel has been notorious for its human rights violations against the occupied Palestinian population. In fact, Mary Robinson, the UN highest human rights officer cannot get a visa to go to Israel. There have been countless reports of human rights violations documented against Israel by UN organizations and by other NGOs in the field such as Amnesty International and others. Israel has denied a whole nation of its freedom. The Palestinians have been living under the most oppressive military occupation for decades.

Ever since the latest events in the Middle East erupted, the Zionist institution has unleashed a massive media campaign aimed at discrediting the Palestinian legitimate grievances and excusing Israeli actions despite worldwide condemnation of Israel. This campaign can be easily detected by watching the coverage of FOX news, MSNBC, and even CNN. Countless self claimed experts come on and try to validate the Israeli claims and reinforce the patriotic value in supporting Israel in a way that almost makes Americans feel unpatriotic if they question that blind and unequivocal support for the state of Israel. These experts, however, fail to mention a few facts that would probably change the way Americans feel about the Zionist state.

Israel has the widest and most sophisticated espionage web in the US. Israeli intelligence penetrates all US government institutions. Ever since the tragic events of 9/11, there has been countless reports of Israeli Spy rings and individuals that have been either deported back to Israel or that are still being questioned by the American authorities. There are also a number of cases of spies that are serving sentences in the US for spying for Israel. Not only does Israel not apologize for their actions but demand the release of these convicted spies as in the case of Jonathan Pollard.

Israel practices control over American foreign policy by using internal political pressure on the White House or any other entity that dares to defy the Israeli (Zionist) agenda. These pressures are exerted through a systematic campaign of media attacks that are obviously enslaved for the service of this agenda. The other method is through controlling the isles of democracy in America. I mean both houses of the congress. The Zionist lobby is by far the most powerful and far reaching arm of power in American politics. Has anybody ever wondered why all these senators and congressmen race to support a criminal like Sharon. The whole world knows that Sharon is a mass murderer. In fact he is currently on trial in the Hague for war crimes committed against Palestinians in Lebanon in the early 1980s. Any American president finds himself hostage to the arm twisting and blackmail tactics of this Zionist lobby and its striking arms of power.

This can be no more evident than the events of this last week. The President has on more than one occasion declared that Israel must withdraw immediately from the West Bank. These demands went unheeded. In fact the president was under an enormous pressure from congress and the media bullies for even making such statements. America voted and sponsored UN security council resolution 1402 calling on Israel to withdraw, but again Israel refused. The American president finds himself in a very tight spot. If he insists on Israeli withdrawal he will face vicious attacks in Washington and in the media. If he lays off he will relax the pressure, he will regain the support and the praise of the media and get rid of the whip of the congress. Historically, presidents have chosen the later since the first is considered and is equivalent to political suicide. This notion is confirmed by the conversation between Sharon and Peres. Sharon responded to Peres’s nagging over the American response to Sharon’s government actions by saying” stop worrying about what the American’s think. We, the Jewish people, control America”.

Israel has in the past attacked American interests. In some cases it has staged them to look like attacks by other countries thus unleashing the anger of America on those nations. Libya is a perfect example. Israel even attacked American military targets. In 1967, Israeli boats and attack planes fired torpedoes, rockets and massive gun power on the USS Liberty, causing the death and injury of scores of US sailors. Survivors of the attack are adamant that the Israeli attack was intentional. The Liberty was under attack for several hours and the Israeli forces were relentless regardless of numerous messages and calls from the Liberty identifying itself and asking for help. To this day the US congress refuses to launch a formal investigation of the incident. You could say that it was swept under the rug.

Israel receives 5 billion dollars in aid every year from the US. Most of which is in military aid. The Israeli army is equipped with the latest American weaponry systems. Yet the Zionist state does not hesitate to sell some of these and other military technology to America’s adversaries. The Israeli – Chinese weapon trade issue has surfaced many times in American politics only to be swept under the rugs in the isles of the congress. With its military support to Israel, the US has created a monster that I am not sure it can even control, that is if the US had the resolve to do so. It is estimated that the Israeli army is one of the most sophisticatedly equipped and powerful army in the world, second only to the US Armed Forces. Some have even argued that the Israeli army is very possibly superior to the American Military. Whether it is superior or not is not very relevant. If you believe that Israel has the kind of influence on American politics as the evidence suggest, then you must believe that Israel enjoys the luxury of having both the American and the American funded Israeli Defense Forces at its disposal.

That is why Israel is trying to drive the region into a regional conflict that will be fought by the US in favor of Israel for the sole purpose of advancing their Zionist expansion doctrine. Such a war is not in the interest of the USA and its people. In fact it would be very detrimental to US interests in the region and the world.

Israel is the worst kind of enemy one can have. To the American people, they are portrayed as friends. Yet, Israel drains American tax dollars, attacks American interests, harasses political leaders through blackmail and arm twisting tactics and then demands the American people’s support against their own interests. All this while having the upper hand in policy making through their obvious domination of the congress and a loyal media both of which drive the American people into submission to their agenda.