Israel First or America First

“Axis of the world brought to its bloodied knees as bodies rain” on September 11. But the American leadership does not learn the lesson. Instead of distancing itself from the occupier Israel and abandoning pro-Israel policies, it is again playing in the hands of the Jewish leadership and the Jews. This is happening in spite of the fact that the American leadership knows that its pro-Israel stance is the main reason for the loss of American lives and its humiliation in the entire world on September 11. Tuesday’s Onslaught on key targets in New York City and Washington DC will, almost certainly, elicit a harsh response from the Bush administration. However, it is unlikely that the US government, media or opinion makers will draw the appropriate conclusions about this attack.

Tuesday, Sep.11, was the United States “Yom Kippur,” its “Day of Atonement,” for all the sins its policy makers have committed against other countries and peoples over the past 40-odd years. While the Bush administration has announced its determination to “wage war on terrorism,” the US will never win that war until it addresses the grievances which inspire militants to strike at Washington. Palestine should be at the top of the Bush administration’s list because the US pro-Israel stance in this century old conflict fuels the hatred which drive Muslims to attack “soft” US targets and kill US citizens. War on terrorism should address grievances which inspire militants to strike, The Jordan Times, September 13. And Jordan Times is not alone for pin pointing the American leadership’s misguided policies towards the Muslim World . Scott McConnel of also blames the misplaced policies of the American leadership. “Whether the World Trade Center perpetrator is Osama Bin Laden, or one countless Arab or Muslim subgroups, we should not have any doubt: this attack was welcomed in much of the Arab and Muslim world. Palestinian’s leaders may have given it pro-forma condemnation, but the people on the Arab “streets” were smiling and flashing signs when they heard the news.

Before Americans set their sights on revenge, they should at least understand why this attack delighted many, why United States foreign policy makes it hated in much of the world. “Why Many Arabs Hate America, September 12, 2001.

Other reasons are also given in the same article that generate hate and resentment in the hearts of the Muslims for the U.S. blanket support of an occupying power Jews, occupying Palestine. Some reasons are as follows.

1. The message of President Hosni Mubarak delivered by foreign advisor to the Egyptian president Osama Baz was ignored last month by the Bush administration. He urged the Bush administration to diffuse the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict or face mounting rage.

2. Senator George Mitchell’s Middle East Plan shelved because Israel was not ready to freeze the settlements.

3. Reoccupation of the West Bank by Israel.

4. Assassination of the Palestinian leaders

5. Decades’ old sanctions against Iraq and as a result killing of half million Iraqi children besides other miseries.

6. Bush unwise policy towards the Arab world. “Now George Bush, whose knowledge of the Middle East seems little deep than what he picked up from a ride with Ariel Sharon on a helicopter, has decided to snub the Arab world”

7. U.S. is the main supplier of the tools of death and destruction, arms, to Israel 8. The death of the Oslo peace process which raised hopes among the Palestinians.

In nutshell, the article concludes that American policies are the main reason which provokes hatred and resentment. “But we shouldn’t delude ourselves about why there is so much hatred for the United States. It does not come out of the clear blue. It is not because we represent freedom and virtue and light, while the Arabs stand for darkness and repression. American culture may represent something corrosive and immoral to certain Islamic sensibilities – that can’t be helped. But that isn’t what provokes suicide bombers. American policies often kill, directly and indirectly- and this is why people are willing to sacrifice themselves to kill us in return.” Why Many Arabs Hate America,, September 12. An other article, Eye on the Empire, of the adds new factors in the misguided policies of the United States which were not covered in the article under the title “Why Many Arabs Hate America.” One is the lack of understanding about the image of the United States in the world by the American leadership. Second is the inability of the United States to comprehend that it is now operating in a different atmosphere after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.” In short, the United States, as a government and to some extent as a society, seems to have no idea how it is perceived in much of the world and no effective defense against the most dangerous threats to the continuing functioning of our society. Chalmers Johnson (author of Blowback: The Costs of American Empire), maintains that US defense and intelligence services have seemed incapable of imagining the world as it really is for at least a decade, may be longer. He thinks that the Cold War actually ended, in terms of the Soviets posing a genuine threat, before the Soviet Union deteriorated. Even if that’s arguable, however, the world changed profoundly in 1989 and our defense and intelligence agencies, whether through bureaucratic inertia or the comfort of old preconceptions or a number of other reasons, still don’t understand -and haven’t even tried very hard to understand – the new shape of the world. “Eye on the Empire,”, September 12.

Whatever the reasons for the short-sighted policies of the U.S. administration, the Jewish leadership is taking the advantage of the event of the September 11. It is whipping hysteria by its complete monopoly on the American print and electronic media. The goal is to use the American big stick to destroy the armed resistance of the occupied Palestinians. These headlines of the newspapers are indicative where the Jewish leadership is taking the Bush administration. A Declaration of War. The End of Our Holiday From History. Under a Cloud of Evil. The new evil empire. Barbarians at the gate. Civil society vs. Terrorism. Globalization, technology victims of terrorism. Bush Vows Revenge, FBI Searches Hotel. Declare war on bastions of terror. Let loose the war on global terrorism. Bush Says Attack was First War of the 21st Century. Congress works together to fight common enemy. Probe Gathers Pace, U.S. Builds Global Coalition. Powel Says It Clearly: No Middle Ground on Terrorism.

The Question can be asked why the Jew wants to take the Bush administration to the path of death and destruction. The answer is very easy. They have to gain more than anybody else. They are pitting directly against the Palestinians and the Muslim world. They are the one who are hiding behind the “American boys”. The so-called Israel, is a tiny dot on the world map which can not exist without the help of the United States. If U.S. abandons it, it can not survive.

With the happening of 11 September, the urgency for U.S. protection has increased for Jewish leadership. It is trembling in its shoes. If the anti-occupying forces can humble a joint like the U.S. after crossing the ocean, to penetrate in the occupied land, called Israel, is a child’s play. If fadians can sacrifice themselves while placing bomb on their chest, they can sacrifice their lives by hijacking planes and hitting the Israeli buildings. This is the reason that the Jews always subvert every effort by the Muslims to have an accommodation with the United States. They cannot live without the support of the United States. It is as simple. Any tilt by the U.S. toward the Muslims makes Jews hysterical.

Note an other Jewish plot to widen the gulf between the Americans and the Muslims. The Jews are pressing the Bush Administration to shift the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Bait ul Quds. They know the consequences of this anti-Muslim action on the relations of the Muslims and the Americans. And this is the reason they are emphasizing for this move. Recently they were the main factor for the extension of sanctions against Iran and Libya.

Why the Bush administration is a puppet of the Jewish interest? It has no choice. The Jews have manipulated the system from a to z. Note the statement by Bernard Baruch, a Jewish leader which indicates the power of the Jews. The American leadership could sell the seven Arab states and Mr. Baruch could get the head of “Ibn Saud” on a platter for the Jewish votes. The statement was made before the grafting of the Jewish state in the heart of the Muslim World. The statement was true decades ago when there were only seven Arab states and it is true even to day when Arab states are in double digits. The places mentioned in the statements were and are inhabited by the Jews in the New York City.

“The only thing which will matter in Washington … Is if the people in the Bronx and Brownsville and borough park begin to mutter in their beards, they’ll be damned if they continue to caste their votes to a party that breaks its pledges to them … You let me have the Jewish vote of New York and i will bring you the head of Ibn Saud on a platter! The administration will sell all seven Arab states if it is a question of retaining the support … Of the Jews of New York alone, never mind the rest of the country.” Israel in the mind of America, by Peter Grose, page 175

Coming back to the scenario painted by Mr. Johnson, the only question which comes to the mind is this. Is it possible to physically occupy another country in the 21st century or in “America‘s New War.” The answer is yes. Note the occupation of Bosnia, Kosovo, and partial occupation of Iraq in the 1990s. Include the failed attempt by the U.S. leadership to occupy Somalia in the “name of doing God’s jobs.”

While concluding some comments:

1. The U.S. leadership knows very well that what it is doing. So when the political pundits point out that sanctions hurt the people and not the leadership, they are implying that the U.S. leadership does not know the consequences of the sanctions. It knows very well and it wants that people should suffer. So when the targeted leadership is toppled, people treat the U.S. as the savior. It also knows about its real image in the world. It knows that it is considered as a mass murderer in the world. Why does it pursue policies, which bring hatred and resentment against the Americans? Its policies are hijacked by the vested interests. These interest groups do not care for the U.S. national interests.

2. Why is so much breast beating on the event of September 11? This is the first time that the American people have to pay the price of an empire on their soil after a long time. U.S. is now in the age of vulnerability. The stick of deterrence has broken. What can it do against the committed individuals who are ready to pay the ultimate price – their lives? Nothing.

3. As the occupation of the Muslim Palestine by the Jews is concerned, it is not only a war between the Jews and the Muslims. It is also a war between an occupier and the occupied.

4. It is patriotic to stop the government from pursuing wrong policies. So it is patriotic to stress again and again that U.S. leadership is on the wrong side of history by supporting an occupier against an occupied nation, Palestinians.

5. As the events of the September 11 are concerned, word Muslim is used again and again. When a Russian Jew commits a crime, media does not say a Russian Jew is involved in a crime. The world Russia is used. When America attacks Sudan, the media does not say that the Christians attack Sudan. The word America is used instead of Christian. So why the word Muslim is used again and again in the said event. Media can name the nationalities of the suspected individuals.

6. A community who is not ready to sacrifice ceases to exist as an effective community in any society. It is a tough time for the Muslim community in the United States. Make no mistake about it. But do not be a “serial apologizer.”

Instead start telling the truth to the Americans that they are paying the price for the mis-guided policies of their leadership. The real cause of resentment among the Muslims is the U.S. blanket support of the occupiers of Palestine, the Jews. Unless the Palestinians are given their legitimate rights, there will be no peace and Americans and the Muslims will have to pay the price. The only beneficiaries will be the Jews. They will benefit on the expanse of the Americans and the Muslim blood. This Muslim stance, telling the truth, will definitely offend the Jewish leadership. But that is the only stance, which can educate the Americans and change their perception about the Muslim in America and elsewhere.

7. If the U.S. does not change its pro-Israel policy, it would cease to exist as an empire. In that case whoever will write the obituary of the U.S. empire, the first reason written will be the U.S. pro-Jewish stance.

8. It is a fact that Jews occupation of Palestine over 50 years and their brutal measures could not end the Palestinians struggle to free their country from an occupying power. Now the Jews want that U.S. should involve directly on permanent basis to force the Palestinians to accept the occupation of their country by the Jews. Is this the reason that the discredited Prime Minister of Israel, Nattan Yaho, is urging the United States to do the job for an occupier if it could not do in the past. “The United States must lead the alliance of free nations to stamp out terrorism and uproot its safe havens. We must declare terrorism as a crime against humanity and the terrorist as enemies of mankind. We must destroy the terrorist organization, punish and dismantle regimes that support or harbor them, and disarm their weapons of death.” Dismantle terror-supporting regimes, The Jerusalem Post, September 14

9. Ads voices to the forces who are against the U.S. anti-Muslim World policies and pro-Israel policies. To ignore the legitimate interests of the Muslim World of over one billion for the illegitimate interests of the few million Jews is anti-American.

10. The U.S. policy has been to provoke resentment and then smash to please special interests.

11. When any Muslim or American lost his life while pitting against each other, the finger should be pointed to the Jews – the main source of confrontation between the two. American should not direct their anger against the Muslim. Instead the Jews should be the target of their hatred.

12. If any Jew claims that Palestine was without people at the time of occupation in World War One, show him this statement by their so-called founding father, the first Prime Minster David Ben-Gurion. “Why should the Arabs make peace? If I were an Arab leader, I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, god promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we came here and stole their country. Why should they accept that?” David Ben-Gurion quoted in the Jewish paradox by Nahum Goldmann, former president of the Jewish congress. Source. Jordan Times accessed on September 14, 2001.

Jewish propaganda machine has been persistent in propagating that Palestine was without people. It was not. Besides P.M. Ben Gurion’s statement there is an other proof. It is President Roosevelt’s plan of ethnic cleansing – to disperse the Palestinians and plant the European Jews. “But the Roosevelt imagination was quietly at work. An ambitious plan was taking shape in his mind, a plan calling for the transfer of the entire Arab population of Palestine to a nearby Arab land. He outlined his idea to brandies in one of their talks. Iraq could be an appropriate new home for the Arabs of Palestine, in Roosevelt’s view. Two or three hundred thousand of them should be resettled, at a cost of some $ 300 million. Britain and France should together put up one-third of that, the United States another third, and wealthy Jews of the western democracies the rest. Twice he raised this notion with British representatives, only to be firmly told that no amount of financial inducement would move the Palestinian Arabs. Roosevelt was unconvinced, and told Zionist friends early in 1939, as they reported, “as soon as he was somewhat relieved from the pressure of other affairs, he might try to tackle the job.” Israel in the mind of America, Peter Grose, page 138-139

Pray to Allah that American leadership should come to its senses. It should stop biting the hands, which feed millions of Americans. Feeding hands are of the Muslims and not of the Jews. The natural resources of the Muslim World have been utilized and are being utilized by the Americans. Instead, every Jew in Israel is fed, clothed and housed by the poor American taxpayer.

Only Allah is Allim and Basir.