Israel: “Am I My Brother’s Killer?”


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

To both Questions, the answer is a Resounding “YES”. No historical or religious issue has so divided and defined the relationship between the Arab/Muslim world and the United States as the forceful stamping by the West, especially the United States, of a pure “Jewish” nation upon a land owned and inhabited for thousands of years by Arabs, both Christians and Muslims. The end result of the forceful expulsion of millions of Palestinian families into the wilderness of refugee despair to make room for the remaining Jews of Europe’s Holocaust still thrives after 53 years in the millions of tents and sewage filled Palestinian refugee camps. Such were the “Original Sins” of Europe, America, and Israel. The first western Sin—the Holocaust–was followed by the second original Sin by Europe, America, and Israel–the murder, dispossession, and forceful expulsion of an entire native Palestinian population. Such was the historical practice of western colonialism from America to Israel to Australia: a. Might makes Right b. the colonized lands were barren for the taking. c. the White Man is here to help and civilize you. d. Be grateful and be “quiet”.

After the Primary Sin of colonialism and forceful confiscation comes the even more egregious Sin of “historical revision” better known as Lying. No factual history of any conflict has been so hijacked, manipulated, indoctrinated, spread, and easily accepted as the history of the founding of Israel. From the hijacking of God’s word that the “holy land” was ONLY promised to Jews, to the barren Palestine whose deserts bloomed under Jewish hands, to the denials of massacres of Palestinians and the total destruction of 450 Palestinian villages, the geographic destruction of a Palestinian Christian and Muslim topography, to Israel’s besigeness by hateful violent Arab nations, to the five wars “Arabs” launched upon Israel, to Israel’s perennial acceptance of “all” peace initiatives rejected by the Arabs, to the historical victimization of Jews unloved by the entire world who simply want a small parcel of land to call their own and live in peace.

Israel found in America an ignorant guilt ridden sympathetic greedy politic and an easily swayed and uninformed population more interested in sports and pets than the status of the world’s humanity. Thus the Jewish Holocaust has been milked for every penny, bullet, rocket, missile, tank, nuclear bomb, fighter plane, submarine, settlements, Security Council Vetoes, friendly editorials, columnists, TV picture, Congressional Resolutions and support, and public relation bonanza that can be mustered by the powerful American Jewish lobby upon the “innocent” Americans. The world’s most powerful nation is held hostage by its Congressional, Wall Street, Hollywood and Media Cojones (testicles) by Jews who were not victimized by the Holocaust, never fought in Israel’s wars, do not migrate to Israel, but are content to live in the most welcoming and generous nation for Jews in their history for one reason and one reason only: SUPPORT ISRAEL AT ALL COSTS, DAMN AMERICA’S NATIONAL INTERESTS, DAMN AMERICA’S TAXPAYERS, DAMN AMERICA’S PRESTIGE AND CREDIBILITY, and DAMN THE TRUTH (AS SHARON SAYS. “There are things we will tell the public about, there are things we will deny and there are things that will remain hidden forever….in wartime, you don’t have to expose everything to the world, to stand in public and reveal everything, in the name of that hypocritical and lie-filled concept known as honesty.”)

“I have learned that the state of Israel cannot be ruled in our generation without deceit and adventurism.” — Moshe Sharett, Israel’s first Foreign Minister and later a Prime Minister (p.51 Simha Flapan, “The Birth of Israel”, 1987).

Now the world has FIVE victims to the HOLOCAUST: 1. JEWS 2. PALESTINIANS 3. AMERICANS 4. TRUTH 5. REASON

Israel has cost America 1. MONEY and WEAPONS: Hundreds of billions of dollars in direct and indirect economic and military aid, stolen military technology, stolen industrial secrets, and billions of tax free dollars from Jewish organizations. Congress fears cutting aid to Israel out of greed for Jewish money, votes, and media good will (carrot) as well as out of cowardice of alienating the powerful Jewish constituency that has proven its metal by defeating powerful Congressmen daring to stand up to Israel’s control of the Legislative Body (stick). 2. CREDIBILITY and PRESTIGE: To the entire world, Israel is America’s heel and gateway to American money and weapons. Individuals and nations find their rehabilitation into America’s good will goes through Tel Aviv and AIPAC (Israel’s powerful Jewish lobby in Washington D.C.) In the United Nations as well as every other International Organization, America follows Israel’s lead and dictate to the eternal shame and embarrassment of this great nation. In its constant vetoes to protect Israel’s massacres, it’s massive human rights abuses, its violations of International Law, its violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention forbidding annexation of occupied land, America is alone in supporting Israel’s unjust, immoral, and illegal practices unleashed upon its occupied populations. Blindly supporting Israel is alienating not only our allies in Europe but America is forced to accept Israel’s enemies as its own. Israel sets the agenda for America’s foreign policy and defines friends, foes, and terrorists to its liking while America cowardly accepts such dictates. That is why the Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbullah, is on America’s list of terrorists but not in the European Union’s List. Our Presidents and Congress are content with parroting Israel’s talking points to the media and to the American people to justify Israel’s total disregard for world order and peace. Nations around the world with domestic opposition have learned Israel’s “Prime Directive”: Identify your enemies as “Islamic Fundamentalists” and America will not only disregard your military campaign against your enemies but will also support and protect you from world condemnation. The key word to winning western support for murder is “ISLAM”.

Israel’s friends in America have so confused Americans with such a successful unrelenting daily media grind against Islam/Arabs/Palestinians that America and the west have lost the ability to think independently, ask questions, be curious, search for truth or even think with logic and reason. A well indoctrinated robotic, knee-jerk, comforting and conforming response is the usual pathetic response from an American when discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not realizing that what they regurgitate is a mythological false diet fed to them daily by a well organized, financed, and focused public relation lobby courtesy of Israel’s friends both Jewish and Christian Fundamentalists. In this indoctrinated myth: Israel is the small besieged weak Jewish state facing annihilation from 22 virulent Arab states. A Jew holding a nuclear bomb is the victim of a Palestinian child throwing a rock. That resisting a Jew from demolishing your home, killing your daughter, and raping your wife, exiling you from your land to a life of misery and poverty as a refugee is “terrorism”. That only Jewish stories and Jewish blood are sanctified worthy of endless movies, TV stories, hundreds of Holocaust museums (paid for courtesy of the American taxpayer), apologies, and reparations. That America’s religion is based on the JUDEO-CHRISTIAN faith–forgotten is Jewish history leading to Christ’s crucifixion (don’t say that otherwise you’re politically incorrect and an Anti-Semite), forgotten is Jewish history of aiding enemies in the murder of Christians in the Holy Land, forgotten is the Babylonian Talmud’s ugly and vicious depiction of the Virgin Mary and Jesus (SEE:, forgotten is the prohibition of Christians and Muslims from praying at Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Hebron, forgotten is the destruction of countless churches and mosques in Palestine, forgotten is the Jewish refusal to allow the selling of Bible or the Prostelyizing of Christians and so much more. Indeed, Islam that honors and reveres Moses and Jesus (read the Holy Qur’an Chapter 19 “Mary”), that promoted peace, respect, tolerance, and harmony for Jews and Christians for centuries is now the enemy of the newly formed JUDEO-CHRISTIAN partnership. One must ask: “Who will benefit from a Muslim-Christian Holocaust?”.

Even if America succeeds in killing Osama Bin Laden, killing all current Al Qaida terrorists, killing Saddam Hussein, Qaddaffi, Al-Assad in Syria, all Palestinian and Lebanese resistance fighters in Palestine and Lebanon, bombing Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and locking up all Muslim-Americans, all America will gain is more enemies, more terrorists, more animosity, more wars and more deaths. The rest of the world will not stand for America’s new imperialism. Ironically, neither our government nor people want more wars, killings, and terrorism. We want to live in peace with the rest of the world but due to our government’s submissiveness to Jewish lobbies and our silence and preoccupation with the mundane, Israel is dragging us quickly into a conflict with the Muslim world, a world mostly respectful of America’s democracy and freedoms. Without Israel as the barrier and manipulator of America’s foreign policy, the Muslim world and America could be allies against terrorism, poverty, and illiteracy leading to a more peaceful world. No matter what America does to pacify India, Russia, and China, these states will for eternity remain our enemies at their core.

American impotence, arrogance, short sightedness, corrupt campaign finance laws, response to short term lobbying pressures of powerful interest groups, and media dominance of short and long term agendas, has allowed America to coast through its brief life on the world stage since WW II with enormous ignorance of the world and a dangerous neglect of the world’s injustices. To the 56 Muslim nations with one fifth of the world’s population, America’s unjust and unreasonable support of Israel, a nation that’s used American money and weapons to impose and continue its illegal occupation of Palestinian land for 34 years is the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East and to a peaceful and economically beneficial relationship with the United States.

America proudly boasts of exporting democracy, freedoms, self determination, respect for human rights, justice, and peace throughout the world but hypocritically supports an Israeli regime that’s been accused of murder, illegal military occupation, violating international laws, and abusing human rights.

Thus America’s foreign policy can be classified as: HYPOCRITICAL, SELF SERVING, with DOUBLE STANDARDS:

FOR ISRAEL America is the Doormat: too impotent to do otherwise but kowtow to powerful Jewish influences. FOR REST OF WORLD America is the Super Power that Demands: a. Show Me the Money b. What’s in it for me c. Do it My Way or Else.

The future is uncertain. America is making the rules as it goes along and as it sees for the moment depending on the latest polls. Today’s friends are tomorrow’s terrorists and vice versa. Hey, an 800 pound guerrilla can do what it wants. America’s will, strength, values, beliefs, morals and world leadership have been sapped by one tiny nation with powerful friends in Washington DC.


Yes, we all can blame, and rightfully so, Arab/Muslim countries, the United Nations, Europe, even the Palestinians themselves for some of their miseries, but at the end of the day it’s an Israeli soldier carrying an American rifle, shooting an American bullet, paid for by an American taxpayer, who determines on a daily basis who lives, dies, passes through checkpoints, gets to a school, hospital, mosque, or church; farms their land, drinks water from sewage of Jewish settlers, or gets blown away by an American Apache helicopter or an American F-16 for no other reason than being a Non-Jew Palestinian Christian or Muslim in the way of Orthodox Jews from Brooklyn who covet the land, damn its inhabitants, because a Rabbi wrote 1,700 years ago such a land is theirs. The People of the New Testament and the Holy Qur’an Need Not Apply to the Holy Land of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, and Jesus. It’s strictly for Jews, the “Chosen Soldiers/Lobbyists” of the modern era.

As long as the American and Muslim peoples continue in their silence to Israel’s injustice and oppression of the Palestinian people, Israel will succeed in its Final “Ethnic Cleansing” of the Holy Land of all Non-Jews. Our government is too weak, cowardly, and too dependent on the good will of Jewish money, votes, and media coverage to demand that Israel respect International Law, United Nations Resolutions and the sanctity of human life, especially non-Jewish life.

Silence is truly the A.I.D.S. and Heel of Justice. Won’t you please speak up to keep the Holy Land Holy and peaceful for the children of Abraham: Jews, Christians, and Muslims?

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