Is the "Mega" Spy Case Headed for Hollywood?

“Spies are…a squalid procession of vain fools, traitors…sadists and drunkards.”

— John le Carre, author.

In May, 2008, an ex-U.S. military engineer, Ben-Ami Kadish, age 84, was charged in Federal Court with four counts of conspiracy for passing classified, defense-related documents to the Israelis. The foul deeds supposedly happened over 20 years ago. The Feds contend that Kadish’s case has ties to the matter of the convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. [1] In 1986, Pollard got a life sentence for his treachery. The speculation is that the FBI is hot on the trail of yet another crafty Israeli spy–a mole– buried deep inside the security state. One expert believes that it’s an individual “who held very high senior security positions in the [Bill] Clinton and [George W.] Bush White Houses.” [2] This Israeli spy is known to the Intel boy-ohs only as “Mega!” [3]

I couldn’t help thinking after reading the above accounts of this latest Israeli penetration of our valuable, top military secrets, (Pollard really hurt us big time), what a great flick this all will make for Hollywood after, and if, “Mega” is exposed and brought to justice. Then, I wondered: What actor could pull off the role of the ultra slick Israeli spy–“Mega”?

Wouldn’t Dustin Hoffman, a veteran thespian, be perfect as “Mega”? Michael Caine came up for me, too, but his British accent rules him out for this effort. Who can ever forget Hoffman in “Tootsie?” I mean, that was a real tour de force performance creating a hilarious male/female character. And what about his part in “Marathon Man,” where Sir Lawrence Olivier was trying to extract information out of him by pulling his teeth out? (This is before waterboarding was approved by the Bush-Cheney Gang and condoned by that flaky Sen. Joe Lieberman (IND-CT). [4]

Then, again in “All the President’s Men,” Hoffman nailed the role of reporter, Carl Bernstein. He, and his partner, Bob Woodward, (played by Robert Redford), supposedly helped topple from power President Richard M. Nixon in the Watergate scandal. Actually, I think there is more to that yarn that is currently hidden from the public view, since Woodward is such a Shadow Government shill. [5]

Getting back to “Mega.” Pundit Justin Raimondo, over at, has been tracking what he labels the Israeli “underground” in the U.S. for years. He’s written extensively about the highly suspicious activities of those 9/11-related “Five Dancing Israelis” and the “Israeli Art Student’s” affair. [6]

Raimondo, like the writer/scholar Grant F. Smith, who holds court at, has also kept the controversial case involving the suspected Israeli spies, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, ex-honchos for AIPAC, on the radar screen. [7] Smith has also written another tome on a related subject, “America’s Defense Line: the Justice Department’s Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government.” I’m sure it will be another riveting read, like his earlier book, “Foreign Agents.” [8]

As for Hoffman, like all actors, he has had his ups and downs. There was that bust of a film “Ishtar,” and also that disastrous movie, “Little Big Man.” They were real stinkers by any fair standard of reviewing. I thought, too, that Hoffman’s portrayal of Captain Hook in the flick, “Hook,” wasn’t really up to his purported star qualities either. On balance, though, this 71-year old , NYC-born actor, has had a long, moneymaking career on the silver screen. The critics have repeatedly extolled his acting skills and that counts for something. The box office draw is always the big test for an actor.

I think it’s also helps that Hoffman is well connected with both the LaLaLand and New York City in-crowds. What this means is that the press he gets is mostly favorable for him. Hi media cronies can’t protect him from a huge monster of a movie flop, such as “Ishtar.” But, they can make sure, that the public soon forgets about it. Where, if it were anybody else, like let’s say, actor/director Mel Gibson, whom a lot of the Hollywood/NYC types loath with a special vengeance, they would never let the world forget about it. Ever!

Oh, by the way, the alleged Israeli spy, Ben-Ami Kadish, who lives in New Jersey, was released on $300,000 bail! This raised some eyebrows. I mean, if it were a Muslim suspected of spying on behalf of an Arab country, the chances are the Bush-Cheney Gang would have declared him an “enemy combatant” and locked him up at Gitmo until hell freezes over. His assets would have been immediately seized, too, and his family probably deported to a famine-ravaged land. If he had season tickets to the NFL’s New York Giant games, I’m confident they also would have been forfeited. Sounds like the application of a double standard. [9]

Who can forget, too, the media-induced hysteria over the Dubai port-security-in-U.S. brouhaha? I thought Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) was going to burst a blood vessel over it. [10]

In any event, the Kadish case is very serious, indeed. The indictment charged him with giving the Israelis documents concerning NUCLEAR WEAPONS, THE F-15 FIGHTER JET AND THE U.S. PATRIOT ANTI-MISSILE SYSTEM. The Feds further claimed that the criminal conspiracy Kadish was involved in with his cunning Israeli handlers, began in 1979, and lasted up to “March 20, 2008,” and represented “SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY.” [11] Not a single word from mouthy Schumer about the Kadish saga. Why?

I feel the FBI is very close to snatching “Mega!” They may be just waiting to pick him up after the Bush-Cheney Gang leaves the scene. Who can blame them? If “Mega” is nailed in early 2009, I hope Oliver Stone considers directing the film, with Hoffman in the lead, of course. Stone did a terrific job with the movie, “JFK,” one of my all time favorite conspiracy flicks.

Traditionally, Hollywood has tended to pass on a screenplay of any historical incident that has reflected poorly on Israel: such as the Lavon Affair; the attack on the USS Liberty; the Jonathan Pollard Case; the killing of justice activist, Rachel Corrie; and the scandals surrounding the corrupt and sleazy Capitol Hill lobbyist and rabid Zionist, Jack Abramoff. [12] I submit, however, that the promise of megabuck returns at the box office will make the “Mega” spy case too tempting for the Film Moguls to ignore.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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