Goure-Jask pipeline, Iran’s alternative for Strait of Hormuz

Iran’s government early this year announced a “Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production” campaign which in the final stage led to the launching of a number of oil and petrochemical projects on Thursday, unveiled by President Hassan Rouhani through video conference.

Among many projects unveiled on Thursday, the pipeline in southern Iran was of great importance strategically. The 42-inch Goure-Jask pipeline with a length of about 1,000 kilometers is equipped with 5 pumping stations and 2 sphering stops and is accompanied by 11 electricity posts and a 180-kilometer power transmission line.

The project is aimed at transferring 1 million barrels per day of exported crude oil, the transmission capacity of an extra 1 million barrels per day of crude from Goure to Jas terminal, and storing and exporting crude oil from the new terminal in Jask Island.

The project has cost 300 million dollars until now and needs 800 to 850 million dollars more to be completed by March 2021, according to Iran’s Oil Ministry.

The pipeline, constructed wholly by Iranian experts which is a sign of domestic resistance to sanctions, is of great strategic importance to Iran. President Rouhani said in the unveiling ceremony that the oil-producing countries in the Persian Gulf region had prepared an alternative way for transferring their exporting oil in case the Strait of Hormuz is closed for any reason.

Rouhani went on to say that Iran was the only country that would be in trouble for exporting its oil if such a thing happened. However, according to Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh, Iranian experts doubled the security of Iran’s oil industry by constructing this pipeline which enables the country to sell its oil away from Strait of Hormuz.

Despite the fact that Iran hadn’t made under any circumstance a threat against its neighbors in its territorial waters, the United States’ Iranophobic propaganda gave such an image of the region that the world prepared for Iran’s attack on tankers and cargo ships and the subsequent closing of the Strait of Hormuz.

The noisy propaganda by the United States reached its peak last year by suspicious attacks on tankers and oil facilities in the region. The countries in the region thought of plan B for their oil exports and Iran was no exception. The Iranian plan B message can fade away the pressures on the country to some extent and, moreover, question the presence of the US Army in the region by undermining the importance of the Strait of Hormuz.


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