God bless us all


As the tragic news comes flooding in non-stop, I try to look back at what has caused the world to come to this.  Although it is not looking promising, I still hope and pray it was not so-called Muslims or Arabs who perpetrated this horrific crime.  I feel we have all been put under the microscope of suspicion.  It is so un-nerving to feel like some sort of criminal because of my ethnic background or religious affiliation.

This terrorist attack has done more damage to the righteous cause of Palestinians, as has the sickening public demonstrations in Palestine, then we can even comprehend.  At this moment, totally ignoring the use of US weaponry against civilians, Dennis Ross is blaming all the Arabs, especially Palestinians, for inciting hatred against Americans.  Barak and the such are having a field day on world TV pushing the self-serving Zionist goals.

The Americans are basically decent people.  It has been the unjust and unequal American foreign policy that needed adjusting.  This could have only been accomplished through thoughtful diplomatic channels.  We were getting close to achieving this goal.  In contrast, when thousands of innocent American civilians are killed, it galvanizes the common American Joe against all things Arab and Islamic.  The fear of reprisals against innocent people is strong and real.

Why America?  Although there may be other rationales, again, again, if it was an Arab or so-called Islamic connection, blind, full political and military support for Israel, comes to mind first.  How could it have come to this?  Again, if it was the most popularly floated scenario, the Palestinian people have been begging for help from the US for years and years, always falling on deaf, and becoming increasingly belligerent, American government ears.  Could this have been prevented?  I believe yes.  By more intelligence, maybe, but not completely.  By a better and fairer foreign policy, most probably.  Can we prevent this from happening again?  I also believe yes.  By more killing and killing, definitely no.  Again, if it was the ‘popular scenario,’ careful, objective re-evaluation and changes in American foreign policy, concerning it’s unconditional support for Isreal, whole-heartedly, yes.

As we should all collectively condemn this action, and the actions of the few ignorant Palestinians cheering being flashed on TV screens all over the world, and give what support we can to families of victims, we need to focus on surviving this distressing and most nightmarish scenario.

God help us all.