Global Politics is not about the Safeguard of Humanity and Peace but of Special Interests and Wars

Myanmar/Burma Little hope for Rohingya IDPs

We, the People are at Loss in Global Affairs

We the People of the Globe, We the conscientious Humanity are not the focal point of global political agenda for peace, security and future-making. The contemporary global leadership is obsessed with its own pitfalls of failing accountability to the global mankind. The corporate managed global media networks view the people as numbers, digits and symbols of statistics to be used in competing popular number games operated in discussions as if the mankind is lifeless.

Paul Craig Roberts (“Laughing on the Way to Armageddon” 9/8/2017), the reputable American intellectual shared an interesting illustration of how the current US political operatives act like “horses” in the global setting much like the same context as the Roman Emperors used to enlist the horses as Senator members.

The intensity of collective global emotions is noticeable against the extremely provocative nuclear arsenals and development of other weapons of mass destruction by the North Korean regime. But is it something new? Were all the so-called superpowers not involved in the same scheme of delusional arm race against the mankind? The US and Russia possess the largest number of nuclear warheads. Are they waiting to be used for peace and security of the global humanity? Certainly not. If and when activated, these weapons will destroy most of the living humanity and its habitats. How wrongful thinking could wipe out the whole of the humanity. Elizabeth West (“On the Road to Extinction: it is not all about us.” Dissident Voice: 9/13/2017), is making alarming wake-up calls to all concerned too. The irony of North Korean’s claimed joys of the wanton destructiveness of its enemies should be tackled more carefully than in just reactionary outbursts. Is the UNSC is being misled as was the case during the fake WMD in 2003 US-led Iraq war? The rightful place is face to face dialogue either within the UN auspices or coordinated via China-Russia initiatives for better understanding to defuse the irrational rhetoric coming from both sides. Perhaps, President Putin and President XI-Ping of China are more mature and cautious to deal with the North Korean crisis. Human nature prevails for reality when you meet face to face and so does rational communication to resolve the critical man-made problems. How strange, the UN Security Council calls for emergency session on man-made political follies, but it does not move with any sense of urgency on the emerging humanitarian crises such forcible eviction of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma), displaced civilians in the Middle East war zones, the on-going sectarian onslaught in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Should human beings be not preferred in the global quest for peace and security?

Is Human Ignorance the root cause of Tyranny?

There are insurmountable challenges stemming out of the man’s systematic tyranny against man. Its intensity can be reduced if not eliminated by idea men for change and adaptability to a communication dialogue on equal terms. Nobody can jump to conclude the ending without having a beginning. The global mankind is informed, and vigilant with a purpose and meaning for change and progress. How to safeguard the interests of the mankind and to ensure its survival from the known and unknown conspiracies, onslaught, and extinction of life and be able to live in a harmonized global culture of peace, understanding and civilizations? The immense challenge and its on-going emerging critical implications deserve critical thinking and moral and intellectual pondering role and responsibilities from all the thinking hubs of the concerned global mankind. Man’s humanity originates from man, if we can evolve an inward thought and eye not just on business of economic survival but purpose of life with rational reflection to see our own origin, coming out of a drop in mother’s womb into a full fledge excellent Creation of God – complete system of functional human being – the Child of the Planet, the outcome could be more favorable in thoughts and actions to interact with reasoned perceptions and judgments within the socio-political encompassing environment. The self-awareness and actualization is key to rethinking and reconnecting to the originality of Man.

The emerging crises and consequences are dire and immediate for the very survival of the whole of the mankind to crush and block its progress by the invincible forces of the few interest groups.

Where are the human conscience and sense of responsibility in those who claim to be the legitimate political representatives of the people to serve the masses? As if this deliberate political treason was not enough, the humanity is wired by man-made weapons of mass destruction from Planet Earth beyond to space. Nobody wants to talk about it to maintain indifference and pretension of the unknown. The ultimate aims appear to be to drive the most intellectual creation of God on the Planet Earth – the human being to an irrational and dogmatic outlook of life – into the lasting darkness of ignorance and absurdity to be just dumb numbers and digits to be played with, evicting the moral conscience out of the mind and soul, torturing the body and intellect by sophisticated means of lies and deception, exhausting moral and spiritual values that distinctively characterize the integrated human existence and coercing them to think and act in animalistic behavior. Where do you draw the defining argument between rationality, and political tyranny surging into insanity all over the globe?

In Search of Men of Ideas, Men of Peace and Men of Humanity

To introduce Abb Pierre (1912-2007), French founder of Emmaus International as a man of humanity, Ita Marguet wrote (Diva International):

“Acknowledging this Man of Humanity, Abb? Pierre received the Balzan Prize for Humanity, Peace and Brotherhood amongst peoples … “For having fought throughout his life for the defence of human rights, democracy and peace, For having entirely dedicated himself to helping relieve spiritual and physical suffering, For having inspired – regardless of nationality, race or religion – universal solidarity with the Emmaus communities”

Often one wonders about the moving time span and recorded history in which people of conscience lived, shared imagination and reasoned. It seems that Alexander Pope (“An Essay on Man”) had an in-depth knowledge, vision, and understanding of the human nature, spiritual values and search for truth and peace in quest for Change and Reason:

Of Man what see we, but his station here,
From which to reason, or to which refer?
Thro’ worlds unnumber’d tho’ the God be known,
‘Tis ours to trace him only in our own

Then, in the scale of reas’ning life, ’tis plain
There must be, somewhere, such rank as Man;
Know then thyself, presume not God to scan;
The proper study of Mankind is Man.

Wars kill people and destroy human habitats. It could not have happened unless the mindset and driving force of global leadership were insane full of temptation and compulsion of evil-mongering against the very mankind of which they were a part. The few men who drove the humanity to madness of killing and destruction during the WW1 and WW2 but defied responsibility and consequences to the self, they were not leaders but are known as the monster of history- the people who could not think right nor do it right. Why should the succeeding generations celebrate their drudgery and failures? Or what good is there in wars to celebrate? Felicity Arbuthnot (“Remembrance Day: Let this Silence be a Scream for Peace” Dissident Voice), points out the glued wrong thinking of the warmongers celebrating the acts of savagery by man against man:

“…Hypocrisy does not come more astounding than this. There has not been a single bloodless year since. More often than not, the US, Britain and European countries has been involved. …..the pain of others should surely be, and have been, of concern, distress and subject of mediation and conflict resolve.”

In the 21st century of knowledge-based humanity to avert the monstrous wars even without formidable weapons, we the people and we the humanity are facing crises of conscience with diminishing guilt and coerced humiliation as if there were no civilized people populating the living Earth. To discard global cults of aggressiveness and animosities, we, the people must reflect on ourselves – our inner spirit of humanity to be responsible for change and adaptability to a sustainable future-making. If we ponder at the failing accuracy of rational conscience, it could lead to a self-engineered extinction of the humankind and whatever we perceive to be living in rational terms.