Gaol or Gallows: Bush Desperation to "Win" cannot go unrewarded

"We will win! We must win in Iraq! " This is George Bush once again making a frantic call to Americans not to yield to demands of retreat.

Speaking at an air force base in Charleston , Bush is desperate to revive public support for his discredited invasion and occupation of Iraq. Using the same scare tactics of the past which allowed him and the neoconservatives the fig-leaf to hide their real ambition, Bush is zealously seeking to prevent his disastrous military adventure from the tailspin it finds itself in.

Daily visuals of US troops killed in Iraq and flown back to America in body-bags is not the only grim indicator of a mission gone horribly wrong. Public support for the war is an all time low! Critics from all shades of opinion in the US are now openly questioning the wisdom of "staying the course ". America’ s prestige as a superpower suffering a military defeat at the hands of unidentifiable insurgents forcing a humiliating retreat is a scenario no president is eager to see on his watch.

This explains the current bout of anxiety afflicting George Bush. His body language and choice epithets epitomizes the deep distress his stubborn unilateralism has caused him. But more important is him grudgingly having to face the inevitable: Failure!

While causes for this gigantic failure will be confined to academic debates and subjected to fresh discourses on international relations in America and many Western capitals, the harsh reality of its bloody experiment has had disastrous consequences for millions of innocent Iraqis. Internally displaced or as refugees in neighbouring countries, Iraqis have been dealt a severe blow.

The price Bush may pay will unfortunately be limited to a fall from grace. But what about the huge losses suffered by Iraqis? Will it be any compensation for them that despite crashing like "Humpty Dumpty ", Bush is still able to receive red-carpet treatment wherever he chooses to travel, even after his presidency ends?

After all, his poodle having fallen from grace has been rewarded with a blood stained crown as the Quartet ‘s envoy to continue peddling meaningless and empty promises on behalf of Israel. Tony Blair became a casualty of a misguided war. His humiliating departure from 10 Downing Street has left him free to manipulate willing puppets such as Abu Mazen to forfeit the Palestinian freedom struggle.

State terrorism employed by the Bush Administration alongside the so-called "coalition of the willing " with Blair in full tow, cannot any longer be allowed to masquerade as necessary interventions to install democracy. Evidence uncovered proves the contrary! Indeed, Australia has finally admitted –” to its eternal shame –” that it committed its military in Iraq for oil. Oil! Not WMD!

Iraq is the unfortunate victim of colonial terror. It ‘s not any different from the form of terrorism perpetrated during the era of colonialism by powers bent on imposing their rule on indigenous people.

With the fortunes of Bush now on the wane and daily evidence surfacing about the deliberate manufacturing of artificial causes, nothing short of his prosecution as a war criminal, will render justice to the Iraqis.