Farrakhan Plans to Meet Sharon and Muslim ‘Extremists’ to Stop ‘Suicide Bombing’



For the first time, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan openly and publicly declared that his efforts to establish friendly relations with and gain acceptance from Jews, that he admitted to have sought for the last eighteen years, have finally given fruit. A full page header titled, “New Beginning”, appearing on the first page of his weekly, “The Final Call”, published on April 2, and with his picture closely huddled next to Ainsley Heniques, Israel’s honorary consul general in Kingston, Jamaica, Minister Farrakhan announced a “historic breakthrough” and a “bold step”. Joining the Jewish community in their prayer in their synagogue, the Black Muslim leader expressed his hopes to send a signal to American Jews of his good will and intentions.

To demonstrate his sincerity and seriousness towards Jews and the Zionist state that “was promised to them by Allah (God)”, as he made it clear, Minister Farrakhan held a quickly organized press conference at Mosque Merriam in Chicago on April 2, and spoke of his plans to embark on a trip that takes him and his Muslim, Christian and Jewish delegates to a dozen or so Middle Eastern and African counties, including Israel. He offered to be the one and only “honest broker” between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian President Yaser Arafat. Though he was badly rebuffed by President Bush who completely ignored a recent letter in which the Muslim preacher solicited the President for an assignment to Muslim states as an envoy, Mr. Farrakhan pledged to inform the White House of his mission, as a religious and spiritual man, who may “lift our sight above the carnage to a better reality.”

In a statement that seems to have been carefully prepared with help and council from his “lost-and-found Zionist friends”, Mr. Farrakhan portrayed the Israelis as victims and the Arabs as aggressors who deserve all what they have gotten. He reiterated a 54 year long Zionist lie which falsely claims that the Arabs, who refused to accept the creation of the Israeli settler state in 1948, “made war against the Israeli state; and after each war more and more land was taken from them.”

To give Arafat the power to reign over Hamas, Jihad and Hezbollah whom he labeled as “extremists” for their struggle to be free, and to stop Palestinian “suicide bombings” which Muslim scholars throughout the world collectively describe as martyrdom and the utmost degree of sacrifice, Mr. Farrakhan advised Israeli leaders “to give him something”, to throw a bone or two to the Palestinian leader that he may grab and use to pacify his people. Instead of demanding an immediate stop to genocide carried out against helpless and defenseless Palestinians, and calling for Israel’s adherence to U.N. resolutions for withdrawal of its occupational forces and the return of Palestinians to their land and homes from which they were forcibly evicted, Mr. Farrakhan suggests that Israel “could say to Chairman Arafat, we will stop all building of (illegal Jewish) settlement on the West Bank,.. Stop bulldozing Palestinian homes and assassinating Palestinian leaders and confiscating Palestinian lands” as a basis for negotiations.

The following two questions put by this writer, as well as the answers given by Mr. Farrakhan, unedited, in front of TV cameras, clearly reveal the real Farrakhan who gained his fame and reputation among the Arab and Muslim world by manipulating their love for Islam and common solidarity with Blacks, and also by pretending to be a fighter for truth and justice in the belly of the beast.

Ali Baghdadi: “I would like to ask you a question which has to do really with the aspect of your speech, but later on allow me to ask you another question related to the political part of your speech. Don’t you think that the God who promised Palestine to the Jews, the God of Israel, is a racist God, guilty of promising a land to people who do not belong there? This God says that the two sons of Abraham, Isaac, who is the son of a free woman, Sarah, has the right to Palestine, and his descendents; yet, Ishmael, the son of Hagar, an Egyptian slave woman, has no right to Palestine. And at the same time, the promise that God gave to the Israelis, to the Jews, to Palestine, could you equate that to the fact that Palestinians have been living there in Palestine for thousands of years, long before Judaism, Christianity, and Islam came to be. What is more important, a promise by a God who is racist–not the God of the universe, not the God of mankind–or a deed, a title that the Palestinians have and carried for thousands of years.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan: “Let me respectfully say that I don’t believe that God is racist or unjust to promise land to a people with whom He has found favor. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. If I would call God a racist God for promising that to Jews, then I would not be able to consider His promise to us (Blacks in America). We are in the same position that the children of Israel were in 4,000 years ago. We, too, have been persecuted for 400 years and we do not have a land that we can call our own. You can say that America is ours, and in a sense it is. But until we can enjoy the same freedom, the same justice, the same equity that everyone else enjoys, we are only claiming something that we yet do not have. So, the promise of God to the Children of Israel is the same as the promise of Allah (God) to us “a land of our own. Yes, and people may be living in it who have been living there for a long time. But when God says that you are unworthy of that land and brings another people in your place, God is not unjust nor is He racist. But if He does that, we have to look at ourselves and ask what we’ve done to lose the favor of God.”

Ali Baghdadi: “As you know, there is a proposal for a solution by the leader of Libya, Muammar Gadhafi, a proposal that he made to the Arab League two years ago in Amman. Gadhafi, who is described as a mad man because he has helped every African country that was fighting racism and fighting for independence and liberation, he says that a solution is possible for Jews and Arabs to live peacefully together the way they have lived for thousands of years. The Jews enjoyed equality and freedom among Muslims and they have never been discriminated against, and that can happen again, he says. The solution is for Israel to abide to UN resolutions, to all UN resolutions. They have to abide to 194, which orders Israel to have the Palestinian people to return to their homes. There are other resolutions, as you know, 338 and 242 that demand the withdrawal of Israeli forces and occupation from all Arab lands.

“Gadhafi says a state could be established made of Arabs and Jews, where Muslims, Christians and Jews could live equally together in one state, as one nation, with one capitol, Jerusalem. What do you think of the solution? This seems to me that this kind of state will be accepted by every country in the Arab world, and I think probably there will never be war again.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan: “At the present time, Bro. Ali, the rivers of blood that have been shared between them and the level of hatred that exists between them, will forbid their being in the same state, under the same flag. I’m not saying that this cannot happen in the future, but I think the Israelis want their own state; and I think the majority of the Palestinians want their own sovereign state. If that is the core of the Gadhafi peace proposal, it may not find resonance among the Arabs and the Palestinians and the Jews, who are in the state of mind that they’re in right now, anymore than you could make a state out of Germans and Jews after the Holocaust. The hatred, the pain [was] so great that to ask the Jews and the Germans to live together in Germany would not [have been] acceptable to either party. But, Bro. Ali, I believe that, ultimately, it is the will of God that those of us who exist on this earth will one day live in peace and harmony.”

Though he introduces himself as a new Messiah who has all what it takes to “stop the carnage that is presently going on in the Middle East”, Mr. Farrakhan is not really naive. He does understand that the Arab Israeli conflict is not a little dispute between two individuals that can be resolved through counseling. He does realize that good cannot be reconciled with evil and truth with falsehood.

The Minister, whose only gift is his ability to speak, is not a genius either. His fatal mistake is the fact that he believes that he can outsmart Arabs and Jews. He does not seem to realize that his attempt to befriend the oppressed and the oppressor will not work. He has failed to learn the lessons which others have experienced. Zionist Jews who have cleverly led him to commit political suicide, will never forgive him or trust him, and surely will soon dump him. When the news of his indirect but obvious atonement and capitulation to Zionism becomes known; and Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims discover that they were stabbed in the back and betrayed by their “Muslim brother”, Farrakhan will be a lonely man. Certainly, the ending is sad and humiliating!

As a former supporter and advisor to Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for the last 35 years, I shamefully and painfully admit today that I was mislead and deceived by a friend that I was prepared to sacrifice my life in his defense. Regretfully, the work that I had put and the opposition that I had experienced to see this friend gaining acceptance and respect among Muslims worldwide were not in the proper place.

I do too declare a “new beginning”! I do ask the Minister to stay home. No place in Palestine will ever be safe for Zionists, whether they profess to be Jews, Christians or Muslims. Mr. Farrakhan who traveled extensively all over the globe does know that Arabs are extremely hospitable and generous. However, they cannot be fool. The man whom they received with open arms and warm hearts wishes to meet and confer with Sharon, a recognized mass murderer and war monger by all standards. This man also rejects a humanitarian peace plan that accepts Jews who came to Palestine as invaders to live in peace in a free and democratic state that treats all its Muslim, Christian and Jewish citizens as equal, with dignity and respect. Last but not least, he worships in a non-merciful and a non-beneficent God Who haphazardly and indiscriminately decided that Palestinian natives are “unworthy” of Palestine and undeserving of His favors that He bestowed on His “Chosen People”.

Mr. Farrakhan’s visa to Arab and Muslim lands has been permanently revoked. It will not be renewed! He is no longer welcome!