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This book is written for the young people of the world, of every race, in every country, speaking every language, and practicing every religion. You are the only force capable of learning the truth and quickly taking the essential steps required to avoid the extinction of humanity and the termination of human society—within your lifetime.[1]

It is unfair that this burden is being dumped on you, as we—your parents and grandparents—are the ones who have caused the problem. We created a worldwide economy energized by the reckless burning of fossil fuels and sustained by profligate consumerism and continual war. We are the ones who have almost doubled the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide, causing the earth’s temperature to rise to a level not seen for millions of years. You are, however, the ones who will have to live with the consequences of our thoughtless neglect.

We may be finally forced to accept responsibility, and we may be able to help you design effective remedies, but ultimately, it is up to you to make the most of your legacy—for better or for worse. We remain entrenched in our familiar existence and are resistant to change, but you have the courage and vision of youth to create an alternative and exciting future for yourself and your children.

As you educate yourselves and prepare to earn a living for the next 30 to 40 years and to save for your retirement, you must acknowledge and accept this reality: Irrespective of how hard you work, how much money you accumulate, and how much recognition and personal power you achieve, you will not be allowed to enjoy your retirement, or your grandchildren—if there is no fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, nutritious food to eat, or a community to help you care for your needs.

You will either act together, or you will all die together. As the average annual global temperature of the atmosphere and oceans rise by only another degree or so, Earth’s delicate balance will tilt, and its environment will rapidly become too hot for the habitat of most forms of life. Adaptation will be impossible, civilization will collapse, and you will experience pain, depression, destruction, and death. There will be no refuge, and there will be no escape—even for the rich and powerful, no matter how many guns and how much gold, they have hoarded.

The deadly consequences of unabated, extreme heating this century—drought, crop diseases, wildfires in the summer, bitter winters and flooding springs, hurricanes, pandemics, mass starvation and forced migration and violence, and everywhere, the agonizing thirst for water—is real and undeniable, but it is not yet unavoidable. Immediate and effective action is required, however, as you are racing toward the tipping point in physics, when the release of greenhouse gases and the melting of the polar ice shields will become irreversible.

Once that moment arrives, millions of years will have to pass before our Mother Earth recovers from the damage we have wrought, and she can once again give birth to intelligent life. The rubble of our skyscrapers, bridges, and freeways will be buried beneath the land and oceans, and the fossilized evidence of our existence will offer few clues about who we were and why we failed to thrive and to fly from our nest.

We have abused the gift of fire, and our leaders have ignored the clear and convincing evidence of fatal greenhouse warming for more than 40 years. We have been denied the truth of the evidence they held then and much of what has been learned since. There is no reasonable doubt. The continuing release of greenhouse gases will result in the extinction of humanity within the lifetimes of people who are living today.

You now have only five years to replace our denial with effective action. You must immediately quarantine and cure the latent destructive disease of war, that continues to infect your essential existence as a caring and sharing worldwide human society, as the cost of militarization diverts the very means of your survival.

It is within your power to create a happy ending to the story of our species—if you collectively put your minds to creatively solving critical problems, instead of fighting destructive wars.

Over the past 15,000 years, our minds have evolved to suppress the instinctive intolerance of the brainstem and its destructive behaviors of deception, hatred, and violence, in the creation of our caring, sharing, and thinking species of mind, rather than physical bodies. This is who you are. You must continue to expand your minds—quickly—if you are to ever free yourselves from the shackles of gravity, oppression, and ignorance.

Unified, your minds can achieve the ability to soar beyond our solar system, moving quickly outward beyond our spiraling Milky Way, zooming more rapidly past clusters of galaxies, and, as the speed limit of light is increased to its fourth power, you will soon be far enough away to gaze back in wonder at nothing but pure blackness, and behold there in the distance, the rainbow colors of our brilliant Universe of Light.

Witness the birth of our universe in the remote depths of this bottomless pool of black negative energy, which sparkles occasionally, as a positive particle of matter randomly appears and is instantly annihilated by its negative anti-particle, releasing a photon of light in the darkness. Rarely, however, there occurs a magnificent ignition of pure light: a sudden and simultaneous discharge of positive photons too numerous to be counted mathematically and too brilliant to be described, which momentarily overwhelms the matter/anti-matter annihilation barrier.

The spherical spray of photons instantly dissolves into bits of positively charged proto matter, which quickly inflates as it is surrounded by swarms of orbiting negative electrons, shielding the vulnerable protons and neutrons from annihilation. The detritus of the quantum torch of energy is ultimately organized into the matter of life, and finally, minds evolve in the surrounding negative space to everlastingly perceive our origin, actions, and destiny in a positive environment.

Our universe exists as a fragile positive, physical waveform, pulsating ever outward without resistance, most likely as a sphere-torus, with accelerating expansion, eternally drawn to and drained by the capacitor of negative energy—which occasionally overloads and discharges a quantum spark, we call a universe.

Time is meaningless in the negative space, where the random movement of the mass is noted only by the existence and curiosity of mind. As our minds evolve from the physical dimensions of mass, life, and intelligence, they extend outward from our brains into the surrounding Mind Field of negative space that envelops the positive matter of our brains, and all physical existence.

Once unshackled from gravity, and transcending time, we can foresee a happy, just, and joyful future, as our children and grandchildren make the brave leap from our garden of earth and water, fire and ice, to seek other planetary nurseries, using robots beyond our current imagination, unidentified, flying, or otherwise.

Let us imagine a tomorrow of expanding peace that has lasted so long that war is only a footnote of an ancient practice long forgotten. Watch the sun warm our Garden of Earth, which flourishes in fertile soils and clean waters. Envision a healthy, just, and joyful place to thrive and to raise children, who are destined to fly from their earthly nest and to seek other gardens where minds can create, and happy children can play.

If you share this dream, then, let us make it a reality.

Those of you coming of voting age today, have the present ability to entirely redirect the human, technological, and material resources—presently being criminally wasted on militarization—to the elimination and replacement of fossil fuel energy, and to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and methane in our atmosphere.

Within the next five years, you have the collective power to rebuild our transportation infrastructure and to energize our highways with solar energy collected in outer space and transmitted by microwaves to remote collectors on Earth, and you can entirely replace our fossil fuel power stations, worldwide, with small, safe, replicable, modular nuclear reactors, solar panels, and wind turbines—worldwide.

Your first step is to take control of your own governments, that are presently corrupted by soulless corporations and a wealthy elite. They believe it is in their best interest to lie about and to delay the reality of imminent human extinction—for the sake of year-end profits and executive bonuses. They are wrong, but their deceptions have convinced many of us that they are right.

You’ve had your lessons, and your final examination is tomorrow. The test only has one question, with two choices: Extinction or Evolution? There are two grades: Fail or pass?


[1] Were there to be only one person I could talk to about The Choices of Mind, it would be Greta Thunberg, whose photograph sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Swedish Parliament Building with her “School Strike for the Climate” sign is the current default image on my computer screens. It helps sustain my belief that these brave children of the new millennium have what it takes to survive the deadliest threats ever posed to human existence.