CAIR applauds U.S. House of Representatives for a vote to pass NO BAN Act on Muslim and African

CAIR applauds U.S. House of Representatives for a vote to pass NO BAN Act on Muslim and African

Washington (UNA-OIC) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, applauded on Wednesdays the U.S. House of Representatives for today’s vote to pass the NO BAN Act (H.R. 2486, formerly H.R. 2214) and urged U.S. Senate Republican leadership to support the bill.

“By voting to overturn the Muslim Ban, the House has hopefully brought us closer to the day when our nation throws President Donald Trump illegal policy into the dustbin of history,” said CAIR National Deputy Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell.

First introduced in April 2019 by Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) and Representative Judy Chu (D-CA), the NO BAN Act includes three critical components to fighting the Ban:

It repeals each iteration of the Muslim and African Ban – including one that specifically targeted refugees for extreme vetting – as well as an asylum ban issued after the Supreme Court’s ruling and that relied on the same authority as the Muslim Ban;

It amends the Immigration Nationality Act’s nondiscrimination provision to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on religion and to apply all nondiscrimination protections to immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applicants alike;

It responsibly limits overly broad executive authority to issue future bans by, among other things, imposing stricter requirements and mandatory reporting to Congress.

In a statement, CAIR National Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw thanks supporters of the House bill and called on the U.S. Senate to take up the legislation:

“CAIR applauds members of the U.S. House of Representatives who today stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the American Muslim community by voting to support the NO BAN Act, which strikes the first major legislative blow against Trump’s Islamophobic and xenophobic Muslim and African travel bans.”

“We especially thank our congressional allies who supported the NO BAN Act from its inception, including the act’s primary sponsor, Congresswoman Judy Chu. Although we welcome today’s vote, our work to overturn this and other discriminatory and bigoted policies of this presidency is far from over.

“The only thing now standing in the way of Congress adopting the NO BAN Act is the willingness of U.S. Senate Republican leadership to show some moral backbone and fight back against Trump’s discriminatory, hateful, and un-American Muslim and African bans. 

“If Senate Republicans do not support the NO BAN Act, they can count on history remembering them for standing with a bigoted policy instead of the Constitution.”

The NO BAN Act vote was previously scheduled for March on the House floor, but the vote was delayed as Congress recessed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Prior to the act being rescheduled, CAIR joined fellow members of the No Muslim Ban Ever Coalition on Capitol Hill in a congressional action calling for a vote on the No Ban Act.


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