Bulletins From Konsciousness Kontrol

The USA has lessons to teach the bloody, repressive, fanatic, murderous, anti-Semitic totalitarian Iranian dictatorship about real, true democracy. Independent American presidential candidate Ralph Nader was not allowed to participate in any debates with ruling party candidates in both the 2004 and 2008 elections, while Iranian president Ahamedinjad debated no less than three opposition candidates on Iranian TV during their presidential campaign. See?… SEE?

Reverting to an earlier tax rate on the state’s wealthiest residents and creating a new tax on oil drilling could bring bankrupt California billions more dollars in revenue, which is why the working class majority should oppose taxing the leisure class and petroleum interests lest they emigrate to another country and take their money with them, leaving everyone all alone and without work or oil. Then what’ll they do?

The more than half a million americans idled every month by the present economic crisis should just watch American Idol and pray that they will be struck by lightening, talent and looks good or bad enough to guarantee them money to pay their cable bills so that they can continue being distracted by this and other important expressions of art, culture and reality evasion.

New serious, very harsh , bold and domineeringly restrictive rules created by the Obama administration will put bankers and other financial capitalists in charge of regulating bankers and other financial capitalists. Citizen consumers who don’t know the difference between communism and the public library should demand an end to socialist government in the USA.

Color coded democratic revolutions in foreign countries organized and financed by western capital need to be seen as true expressions of the people because of great mobs demonstrating against repressive regimes, but massive mobs demonstrating against America’s foreign wars are meaningless expressions of communist and terrorist inspired ungratefulness for the privileges afforded our shopping masses by their wealthy corporate benefactors.

Questioning any aspect of the holocaust assaults the memories of those hundreds of thousands who – miraculously – survived it, and especially those who weren’t born when it happened or who weren’t anywhere near europe when it happened, and should mean loss of jobs and/or prison sentences, understandable In the pursuit of historical accuracy, freedom of speech and whatever. Death to the Dictator!

Monty Python is suing twits, twitters, the twittish, and their sister group the twats, who stole their label for fools and use it to claim the opposite. A twit is an ass, but twitters are a class, said a spokesperson for the national organization TWIT ( Totally Without Intellect), but pythoners claim copyright infractions and general american stupidity. A python spokesman hissed Why can’t they just spread celebrity gossip, movie news and color coded revolutions by putting up highway billboards or sending western union teletubbies or some other quaint and backward american practice?

If Ahamedinjad isn’t replaced, assassinated or converted to Christianity, he will destroy the entire planet, after stealing Israel’s nukes because Iran doesn’t have any, but Israel also doesn’t really have any and would never really use them if they had them, except for high holiday celebrations or if anti-Semites existentially threatened the european apartheid state they created in a semitic land which is the middle east’s only real democracy. Read it again.

Obama is a socialist, the Democratic party is controlled by communists and America was founded by white martians who came here to escape persecution by interplanetary dark skinned anglo saxon protestant illuminati jewish mafia lesbian free mason abortionists who circumsized moses, crucified christ, planned and executed 911 and were behind the last Yankee world series victory. Really. It was on Fox.