Arafat to Amanpour: ‘respect your profession’



CNN pulled the plug on Yasser Arafat today when he challenged Amanpour to respect her profession.  In response to the chairman’s challenge, CNN reported that it suddenly had ‘technical’ problems. Where would CNN come up with a professional journalist on such short notice? Amanpour, standing in plain sight of Israeli tanks bombarding the Ramallah offices of the Palestinian authorities, had just asked the chairman to respond to Colin Powell’s oft repeated inane mantra that ‘the Palestinians must do more to control the violence’.  A few hours earlier, another journalist, a Palestinian working for Nile TV, had been shot through the mouth by one of Amanpour’s colleagues in the Israeli Army. If you haven’t noticed, the merger between CNN and the IDF is now a done deal.  I wonder what rank Sharon gave Christiane for dancing to any tune his orchestra plays.  Is she now Colonel Amanpour or just a captain in charge of IDF public relations?

Before going on, it is worthwhile to note that Amanpour shares her bed with a militant Israel Firster, James Rubin,  a major actor in the Yiddish supremacist militia that occupied the State Department under President Clinton.  Rumor has it that the two thugs, Rubin and Rubin, are considered personal darlings of Bibi Netenyahu and subscribe to his expultionist agenda.

CNN has consistently aligned itself with the IDF.  It is, in fact, one of the most ‘reliable’ media assets of the Israeli lobby.  The beleagured Palestinians should be aware that no neutral journalist can survive in an organization so completely dominated by these crazed Sharon worshiping sluts.  While it is obviously essential for the Palestinian narrative to reach the world,  it is a mistake to believe that dealing with a CNN ‘journalist’ is any different than dealing with an Israeli mole.

Respecting the profession of journalism is something that is very unnatural for a warped bigot like Amanpour.  She does exactly what she was hired to do, market Israeli policies to Americans.  It is obvious that the Sharon regime is not interested in any kind of meaningful peace with the Palestinians. Sharon’s objectives is to kill and plunder till there is precious little foundation for a viable Palestinian state.  Amanpour is intelligent enough to know this. But her job description has nothing to do with reporting the obvious to CNN viewers. Her current assignment is to defame Arafat even as Israeli thugs move in to murder him in cold blood.

Just forty eight hours ago, the Bush administration was trying to persuade Sharon to enhance the promise of the Beirut Arab peace conference by allowing Arafat to attend. Under pressure from the Yiddish supremacist media tycoons and a Senate for hire,  Powell has gone full circle to sanction Sharon’s attempts to murder Arafat. The New York Times, in an article by Serge Schememann (NYT, 3/28/01), expressed glee that “Sharon has made clear he is not in a mood to hold off. The prime minister openly crossed the Americans when he declared he was not prepared to allow Mr. Arafat to travel, and his government has let it be known that it is ready to resume major military operations in Palestinian territories”.  One more victory for the Israeli lobby, another miserable flip-flop by a dangerously inept State Department.

While much news is often made when a journalist becomes the victim of violence, little notice is given to the thugs in the American media who constantly vilify the Palestinians and champion Sharon’s criminal assaults against their lives and property. As far as I am concerned, Amanpour is a common thug and an accomplice to murder. CNN should be treated as a division of the Israeli army. As such, it should not be allowed entry to any country in the Arab Middle East.  It is also time for decent Americans to institute a boycott of CNN, as an organization working for a foriegn government led by a notorious serial mass murderer, Ariel Sharon.

The Arab leaders gathered in Beirut should realize that while the Bush administration cannot control Sharon. It is becoming very apparent that Sharon’s partisans in the Bush Administration have a carte blanche to dictate American policies in the region.  The Bush administration will claim that its failure was due to the recent suicide bombing in Israel.  This excuse conveniently ignores Israel’s blatant snub to the Arab peace overtures in Beirut. It also ignores the official Israeli declarations in the pages of the Washington Post that Sharon was planning a major offensive against the Palestinians long before the Passover bombing.  Colin Powell’s disingenuous selective use of the word ‘massacre’ to describe the Passover assault only magnified his stupid description of the recent Israeli mass carnage in the refugee camps as being merely ‘unhelpful.’  The slaughter of so many refugees did not move Powell or his boss to condemn the provocative carnage because the lack of clarity in the American vision is an institutional disease that comes from a bad case of anti-Arab bigotry. The signal of Sharon’s intent in a semiofficial publication like the Post is evidence that the Bush administration gave another nod to this latest wave of violence unleashed on the defenseless Palestinians.

There is no mystery about Sharon’s demonic plans to annex vast portions of the West Bank and Gaza, intensify the brutality of the Israeli occupation army and expand the Jewish supremacist settlement project.  This occupation is not about Israeli security, it is about Israeli real estate fantasies.  Israelis and their “American” cronies like Amanpour have a wicked murderous agenda to permanently quash any hopes of a Palestinian State.  Their aspirations are delusional, but they are perfectly willing to spill innocent Palestinian blood in a last ditch effort to carry out their program of ethnic cleansing.

The fact is that Amanpour does respect her true profession as a whore for Sharon’s public relations campaign.  She pulled the plug when Arafat challenged her because her cover as a ‘journalist’ was being exposed by Arafat even as he was facing death from Israeli thugs outside his office.

Arafat correctly identified Christiane Amanpour as just another Yiddish supremacist thug trying to be a good Christiane Rubin.