American Agenda in Iraq: Full of Secrecy and Confusion

Secrecy and confusion are most dominant features of Iraqi affairs particularly after the occupation forces bombed and occupied Iraq. There were expectations at the end of 2002 that Iraq’s cooperation with the United Nations, which was continuing since 1991, would soon end UN Sanctions. In other words, Iraq made all kinds of compromises with the UN in order to be liberated from genocidal Sanctions. On the contrary, Iraq was attacked. Only Baghdad was bombed for over 43 days day and night.

No respect for religion

After the fall of Baghdad on 9 April 2003, it was thought, on the basis of American announcement that Iraq will be liberated from tyranny of the Baathist regime and the power would be given to people in proportion to their percentage of population. On the contrary, a new wave of ethnic cleansing started by the occupation forces who destroyed all basic mechanisms which could have rescued Iraq from deepening chaos. The liberators engineered massive sectarian violence, which started with the explosion of bombs near on of the mosques in Falluja. As they assassinated the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on the eve of Eid ul Azha, they have the records of military operations and bombings of Falluja and other places in the month of Ramadan. The invaders also started massive psychological operations in Iraq to denounce Iraqi Resistance through the bogey of Al-Qaeda, which was transported to Iraq via electronic media and cassettes. They also targeted civilian places like markets, residential areas, religious places, festivals, bus stands and marriage parties for exploding bombs to mislead Iraqis against one another.

No respect for humanity

They created ethnic rifts between Kurds and Turcoman and between Kurds and Arab in northern Iraq. They also assassinated hundreds of Shii and Sunni leaders. Besides, over five hundred scientists were murdered in Iraq. The list of the dead includes the death of over 100 journalists, over 250 university teachers and hundreds of leading personalities inside Iraq. They also created a vicious situation to force the UN and humanitarian agencies to be out of Iraq on security reasons. On the one hand, they spread a big network of security check-posts inside major cities, which minimized the death toll of the occupation forces but on the other such security measures failed to protect Iraqis. They also made massive raids, arrests and bombings of Iraqis day and night on one pretext or another.

The occupation forces have been bombing several cities, towns and areas of Iraq with many military operations either on the pretext of searching Saddam Hussein or Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab Zarqawi. They destroyed Tikrit several times, Falluja four times and many other places more than once. Sometimes they used the card of Baathists, sometimes Al-Qaeda/terrorism or both to justify killings and destruction of Iraqi places. In their military invasions, the occupation forces have been using weapons of mass destruction like many nuclear bombs, white phosphorus, chemical bombs, America’s top-drawer bomber jets and weaponries against mostly agitated Iraqi civilians. They have so far killed about one million Iraqis since 2003 while their Sanctions had already killed over 2 million Iraqis during 1991-2002. They have not been able to even restore the supply of water or electricity to Iraqis, which were supplied before American invasion.

No respect for freedom

Their all claims over Reconstruction of Iraq proved to be false, fictitious and misleading. In fact they kept on deconstructing Iraq by all means. On the other hand, they are engaged in tapping Iraqi oil and necessary supplies for their armed forces successfully. They declared Iraq as open market, which became a pawn in the hands of American and Zionist businessmen. The occupation forces talked of democracy and federalism but practiced blood-bath of Iraqis and secessionism. Their style of making Iraqi constitution, holding of elections and working of so-called Iraqi government clearly show how best the Americans are in a position to control each and every thing related to these political institutions and processes.

No respect for law

The trial of the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has itself exposed the American management in trial, murder of his defense team, court proceedings and judgments. The performance appraisal of Iraqi premiers and president clearly show that even elite section of Iraqis has no say in Iraqi affairs. Presidential palace of Baghdad operated as building of American embassy and American Ambassador in Iraq dictated his terms over Iraqi top leaders. Several incidents have also exposed American forces in rape cases, tortures, humiliations of religious places and materials, Iraqi family norms, violations of minimal human rights, Abu Ghraib, lootings of valuables and killings of Iraqi civilians in cars, homes, hospitals, markets, roads, buses and check-posts. There are many cases of missing Iraqis and unreported cases of arrests, tortures, rapes and murders inside Iraq.

Game of the Zionists

Therefore, it appears that the major objectives of the occupation forces have been building their military bases, improving security around their military presence and safe supply of Iraqi oil. As a result, only Green Zone, military camps, oil-wells, airports and media reporting have been major areas of American and Zionist interests. On the other hand, they wanted maximization of insecurity in many parts of Iraq, secessionism of Kurds and Shiis and civil war which would ultimately divert attentions from the real agenda of ‘freedom from occupation’. This is what has happened so far. Again there are rumours that US would withdraw its forces after the assassination of the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. It is again a plot for creating confusions.

In fact, the US would prefer to stay in Iraq as long as possible in which Zionists and its Lobby in the US Administration have deep interests. They would keep Iraq either as one country or divided zones as their main base for controlling the entire region. They have Iran and Syria on their watch. In other words, the occupation of Iraq shows how cruel and criminal the leaders of Western democracies can be. It seems reasonably sensible to mention that the United States and UK weakened Iraq militarily in the First Gulf War, 1991. Then they destroyed its human resources and competency by disastrous Sanctions against Iraq. Their bombings destroyed remaining infrastructure of Iraq. Their psychological operations, tortures and raids resulted in massive humiliation of Iraqis. Their political and economic policies have finally deprived Iraqis of economic and political sovereignty of Iraqis.

Whither accountability

The net result is Iraqi holocaust and massive war crimes committed by the occupation forces. The West must ready itself either to answer several questions of present and future. If they claim to be democracies and champion of human rights then they have to be responsive and accountable to painful situations in Iraq. Otherwise their silence and inactions, which have been their dominant features particularly on Iraq, would prove that their democratic claims are rhetoric in international politics. They must learn by now that their patrons have proved to be worse than war criminals in the case of Iraq and other places like Vietnam and Latin America. Such habituated criminals must be either brought to justice or they should be taught lessons. Europe, and its liberal families–”Australia, Canada, New Zealand and their supporters like Japan, South Korea, Jordan should not delay in identifying war criminals particularly the Zionists who have in fact hijacked the American Senate, the Congress, media corporate and foreign policy of the United States.

It is now time for the American citizens too to wake up against such penetrative Lobby and their supporters within and outside the US for liberating their country in the larger interests of humanity. It is a very sad moment in international relations that the Zionists, a tiny minority of conspirators, war criminals and smugglers are dictators above the White House particularly in the case of West Asia. They have already destroyed many Palestinians, their homes and freedom. They have bombed south Lebanon. Now they would target Iran and Syria.

In all these ‘Ramboisms’, the United Nations Security Council is both exposed as ineffective and partisan against the Muslims and non-Muslim countries like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and Zimbabwe. This savage game must end or the so-called established democracies should stop talking freedom and human rights. There is no space for any excuse now. They have given enough evidences of their arrogance, hypocrisies and deliberate ignorance which are inherent in contemporary Liberalism.