Al-Issa meets US Congress’s Delegation

Al-Issa meets US Congress’s Delegation

Riyadh (UNA-OIC) – His Excellency Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL), Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, met in his office in Riyadh, a delegation of United States congressperson.

The US Congress delegation included Congressman Chris Stewart (Republican, Utah), Congresswoman Mrs. Lisa McClain (Republican, Michigan) and Congressman Mr. Jay Reskenthaler (Republican, Pennsylvania) along with Mr. Clay White, Chief of Staff at the Office of Congressman Mr. Stewart, Chief of Staff, Mr. Nick Hawatmeh at the Office of Republican Mrs. Lisa McClain and Chief of Staff, Mr. Aaron Bonauer, at the Office of Republican Mr. Jay Reskenthaler.

During the meeting, a set of issues of common interest were discussed. Dr. Al-Issa stressed the historical given that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents the unifying soul of the Muslim world and the origin of its historical chapters and geographical map.

The US Congress delegation commended the arduous efforts of the Muslim World League in deepening the concept of the human denominator representing the urgent need for the peace of our world and the harmony of its societies. The delegation also praised the key role played by the MWL in building effective alliances at the level of countries and international organizations, to consolidate the values of friendship and cooperation among nations and peoples for the goodness of humanity. The US Congress delegation, in this context, noted the Forum for Common Values among Followers of Religions hosted by the MWL in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, which represented a unique international event of its kind.

The Forum brought together the main representatives of the world’s religions, and its final statement represented an important turning point in the solidarity of religious leaders under the umbrella of the human denominator for the goodness of the world.

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