Abe Foxman Attacks U.S. Naval Academy!


On Saturday, June 25, 2005, I woke up in a pretty good mood. It was a delightful summer morning and the birds were chirping away in the huge cherry tree in our back yard. The goldfish in our pond were swimming around anxiously awaiting their breakfast. Then, I sat down to read my newspaper, the Baltimore Sun. Suddenly, everything changed for me when I read an item on page 3B, entitled, “ADL asks Naval Academy to end Prayers before Lunch!”

Why are the busybodies at the ADL sticking their noses into the traditional practices of the U.S. Naval Academy, I wondered? The last time I read about this organization-which is located in every state and headquartered in NYC-they got caught, with their pants down, spying on political groups out in the San Francisco Bay area. [1] Now, it’s one of our prestigious military academies! What’s going on?

Well, I soon found out. It was all the doings of Abe Foxman, the ADL’s windbag of a director. He wrote a letter, dated June 17, 2005, to the Academy whining about a practice at the school. At the noon meal, which is attended by the “entire brigade of more than 4,000 students,” they stand at their chairs to hear administrative announcements and for “a prayer, a moment of silence or a devotional thought.” The Academy, located in Annapolis, MD, presently has chaplains representing the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faiths.

Foxman, an arch-Zionist, was so incensed by this procedure, he barked, “Anything that is mandated should not be accompanied by a message that says, ‘pray.'” He insists the process violated the First Amendment. The ritual in the military of a prayer before a meal is older than the Republic itself. The Continental Army, under the command of General George Washington, regularly, had a prayer session before its meals. [2] Can anyone imagine the arrogant Foxman showing up at Valley Forge, PA, during that horrific winter of 1777-78, and telling Washington, “Cut the praying out!” What would Washington had done with this creep? Turn him over to the Virginia riflemen, headed by then-Captain Daniel Morgan, I would hope.

When I read the above news item, I couldn’t help thinking what a damnable hypocrite this Foxman fellow is. It was only nine months ago, that Maryland’s Republican Governor, Robert Ehrlich, Jr., made Homeland Security grants totally $230,000 to Jewish groups, schools and synagogues, so that they could improve their internal security. Meanwhile, the Port of Baltimore, tunnels, bridges and other sites, needed funding. If Erhlich’s gimmick didn’t violate the First Amendment’s Separation of Church and State, than nothing did. Nevertheless, not a single word out of Foxman about that affair. [3]

If Foxman really stood up for the Separation Doctrine, embodied in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, he would be demanding an end to the $3 billion-plus annual subsidy to Jewish Israel out of the pockets of the American taxpayers. In fact, Israel has received over $100 billion in freebees, since 1948. [4] Don’t those enormous grants prop up Israel and its state-mandated religion – Judaism? Question to Mr. Know-It-All Foxman, “Isn’t that a violation of the Separation of Church and State Clause?”

This is the very same Foxman that went totally berserk over Mel Gibson’s making the fantastically successful film, “The Passion of the Christ.” He screamed at the top of his lungs, that the popular actor/producer and director was “seriously infected with anti-semitism.” [5] What hogwash! While the Likudnut-loving Foxman was demonizing Gibson, he was also preaching, “tolerance!” Even George Orwell would have a tough time figuring out this demented character. I’m just so glad, too, that our laws don’t permit an easily irritated Foxman to go home and get his bulldozer!

A few other things about the mouthy Foxman: He is suspected of being an unregistered agent for the Zionist Cartel, whose operational base is located in Israel. [6] He make over $400,000 a year in salary and you never see a critical word about him in the Establishment Press, although the Jewish media has gotten on his case. For instance, when it was disclosed that his organization had taken $250,000 in donations from the tax-frauder, Marc Rich, and that Foxman had supported Rich’s request for a presidential pardon from Bill Clinton, there were some halfhearted demands for his resignation.

It’s bad enough that the Israeli-Firster Foxman advocated for the Iraqi War. Now, he wants the U.S. to take on Iran, too, so that the Israelis will be safer. [7] What Foxman leaves out, among other things, is that no Israeli will be dying in Iran, nor have any died in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Where are those Israeli Defense Forces, you might inquire? If the past is prologue, probably destroying the homes of innocent Palestinians [8]; killing peace activists, like they killed Rachel Corrie from Olympia, WA, by running her over with a bulldozer [9]; intentionally attacking a U.S. vessel, such as the USS Liberty, in international water and slaughtering 34 its crew and wounding 173 others [10]; raiding a village, such as Jenin [11]. And, maybe, some of them were hanging out over in New Jersey cheering, on 9/11, while the World Trade Centers were collapsing and thousands of Americans were dying? Who knows? [12] Israel, our supposed “greatest ally in the Middle East,” prefers that only America’s sons and daughters die on her behalf. With a loyal friend like Israel, we don’t need any enemies. [13]

Back to the Annapolis matter: Foxman is right that the “Separation of Church and State” is an important legal principle. I support it. But, Foxman’s dubious argument about the “prayer” before the noon meal at the Naval Academy being unlawful, doesn’t come close to making out a Constitutional case. I don’t like Foxman! And, I particularly don’t like those militant warmongering Zionists; such as Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle, Tom Lantos and Joe Lieberman, to name just a few. They, and other Neocons, have been bad for America! [14] We do need “Separation of Church and State” in this country, but at the moment, we need another kind of separation, even more desperately. We need a separation of America from Israel! And, when that separation does takes place-and it is coming-we will not only have a peace, with justice, in the Middle East, but we will have an America that will be true to its founding values and principles. It will also be an America that will have billions of its tax dollars freed up to take care of the needs of its own people.

Finally, as for the ADL’s blowhard Foxman, I suggest that he find something else to do rather than launching a groundless fight with the U.S. Naval Academy. For example, he might try – finding a real job for himself!


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