A cruel game with rigged rules

Amnesty International stated that the major flaw of the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo accords was that they ignored human rights. These rights were affirmed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International conventions. Yet Zionist leaders, backed unquestionably by our government, continue to peddle one after another "agreement" that ignores reality and human rights. The dozens of plans from the Roger’s plan to the "road map", and to the Geneva accords only served to increase the violence and injustice. To understand this one has to understand the systematic and ongoing nature of the Zionist project. The truth of a brutal and ongoing colonization onslaught over 55 years has left 6 million of the 9 million native Palestinians as refugees or displaced people and cost countless lives well beyond its intended victims. Such plans will fail precisely because they do not address a reversal of these colonization practices but merely legitimizing them.

The facts of this systematized ethnic cleansing are shielded from American eyes by a media subverted by the minority in America who label themselves as Christian and Jewish Zionists. The facts are shielded from many Jews who travel to Israel on well-choreographed "tours" that shows them only what Zionist leaders want them to see. Some 5000 American Jews attended the conference of "United Jewish Communities" in Jerusalem recently. They heard speaker after speaker stressing the importance of "Jewish unity" in support of Israel in its supposed time of need. No visits were planned to the facilities where Israel holds the fourth largest stockpile of WMDs in the world (according to intelligence analysts). There were no planned visits to the dozens of unrecognized villages inside Israel. Nor were visits planned to refugee camps in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. There were no visits to the latest horror: the apartheid wall.

This wall/fence/barrier is a continuation of what the Israel Committee Against Home Demolition terms "strengthening the matrix of control". Amnesty International November 10, 2003 statement warns that "this fence/wall is having devastating economic and social consequences on the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, separating families and communities from each other and from their land and water–their most crucial assets….As it continues to snake through Palestinian land, more and more Palestinians find themselves trapped into enclaves and cantons, unable to have any semblance of a normal life." In 1950, the remaining 1500 Palestinians in the town of Al-Majdal were subjected to a system of movement restrictions, land confiscation, permit nightmares, and heavy pressure and isolation (including fences) until they "voluntarily" joined the hundreds of thousands of their fellow people in the refugee camps of Gaza. Some 530 Palestinian towns and villages where obliterated and areas renamed between 1947-1950. Israel has since refused to comply with International law and allow those refugees to return to their homes and lands. The route of the current barrier/wall and the military orders that accompany it clearly show that Sharon does indeed intend as he put it "to finish the war of 1948".

A repeated deadly game is foisted on us: intensified colonization leading to resistance and then Israel citing the violent parts of the resistance to further intensify its colonization activities. Add to that the demonization of the victims and you have a real cycle of lies, violence and mayhem with no end in sight. In every situation like this many folds more natives are murdered than colonists. The reality you will not see on CNN and Fox is that the Zionist project (to create a Jewish majority state in a land already heavily populated by non-Jews) necessitated ethnic cleansing, land appropriation, and apartheid. Violence against Palestinians was part and parcel of Zionism and the expected reaction and counter violence (though many folds less), a price to be paid for its fulfillment. Zionists know that resistance is always a bell-shaped curve with some of it being extreme and highly violent and even against civilians. But they also know that this whole curve is a symptom of the disease (colonization). Their dilemma is that they know that we know that they know these facts and yet chose to lie about security and keep demonizing the natives. In the 21st century, such 17th century methods should not be acceptable.

Like in other colonial structures South Africa, France in Algeria, native Americans- the justice of the cause and the rights of natives are not nullified by the symptoms of this mistaken discourse. The symptoms include violence which kills vastly more natives than colonizers and the availability of people like Chief Buthalesi willing to sign deals with the colonizers.

The US governments, swayed by one of the strongest lobbies in Washington, provides protection of racist Israel by veto of countless UN security council resolutions and a direct aid package of $5 billion this year. This only emboldens Israel and delays the inevitable peace based on equality (a state for all its people and not "Jewish people everywhere"). The Israeli system of cantonization could not succeed any more than the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. For that we are all sure and we can only work to speed it up to save lives and properties from further damage. The sooner we face the truth and stop playing this game the less we will be sacrificing Israelis, Palestinians and now Iraqis and Americans on the altar of racist Zionism. Then we will truly drain the swamp of violence and terrorism.