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Stop the war

FAILED: Foreign Policy as We Know It

The Stop the War Coalition has just published a short summary of what’s wrong with the foreign policy, going through a partial list of...
Marrakech, Morocco

Volunteers create worlds

A world created is one that begins with a path taken by an individual who gives time, energy, thought and care without personal material...
Disappearing Palestine

Palestinians: Victims of an Unjust United States Law

Imagine that you are a victim of a violent crime or theft but are forbidden from reporting it because Congress has passed a law...
Beirut - Lebanon

Hariri shelves his resignation: conditional good news for Lebanon

A sigh of relief in Lebanon: On November 22 Prime Minister Saad Hariri put on hold his November 4th resignation in a cabinet which...
Al Manara @ Ramallah

Palestine’s Demand: Suspend Israel’s “Free Passage”

A recent protest action by Palestinians outside the South African mission in Ramallah, conveyed a forthright and damning message: "Why have you dumped us?...



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