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On The Nature Of Self-Defeating Convictions: A missive to an estranged southern friend

"When a system of governance loses its purpose for existence (when the system becomes a mindless self-perpetuating monster) its sustaining lies will be internalized and acted on by those governed. Militarized police units lower truncheons upon the heads of peaceful demonstrators, as individuals, unhinged by displaced grievances, mirror official policy in tragic acts of rage engendered by hopelessness."

Congresswoman against peace

"The American foreign policy has suffered from hypocrisy and lack of execution. The unilateral decision by a lobby-influenced single member of the US Congress shouldn't be allowed to weaken an already weak US policy towards peace and justice in the Middle East."

The New Mandela

"For some time now, the world has lost much of its interest in Palestine. Everything looks quiet. Netanyahu has succeeded in deflecting world attention from Palestine to Iran. But in this country, nothing is ever static. While it seems that nothing is happening, settlements are growing incessantly, and so is the deep resentment of the Palestinians who see this happening before their eyes."

Gay ‘Marriages’: So what’s next?

"Human history for thousands of years have evolved through heterosexual activities, male and female joined to form the basic social unit of family, this is a fact that nobody can contest. We do not know of any societies that has evolved through pure homosexual practices and flourished, at the very least they would have to be bisexuals to procreate."

Not only violence has failed

"The Oslo formula did seemingly advance the two-state cause by creating the autonomous Palestinian Authority, but it too has failed to generate peace and a Palestinian state....In other words, not only has violence generally failed both parties, with the few exceptions noted above--but so have other means. Accordingly, any attempt by both sides to reassess our failures and identify new strategies must focus not only on violence, but on diplomacy as well."



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