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One Holy Land United with Liberty and Justice for All

"By now, the Palestinians must realize that the never ending peace process, Oslo, the Road Map and the Proximity talks are dead letters that were scribbled to accommodate Israel’s relentless creeping annexation of the West Bank and the Judiazation of Jerusalem. The only way to thwart the Israeli plans is to abandon the two-state solution in favor of a struggle for full citizenship rights and free movement. That is the natural path to Palestinian liberty and it is a path that will quickly gain support from the international community if only because it’s a no-brainer and the only remaining alternative to an apartheid Israeli state."

The big bad (Israeli) wolf is nothing but a Coward

"Currently, there are over 300 Palestinian children in Israeli jails, some as young as 12. Israeli military law allows for the prosecution of Palestinians as adults once they turn 16 while Israeli children can only be put on trial as adults when they are 18. However, the treatment these children receive, regardless of whether they are tried as adults or not, is certainly not proportional to their age and often causes long-term trauma for these children."

Of stones and glass houses

"We must agree to disagree that our historical narratives will never be reconciled, and move on to a two-state solution with Palestine and Israel living side by side in peace...In the end, the best way to purge incitement is to end the occupation."

Japanese Military joins U.S. and NATO in Horn of Africa

"Japan's destroyers off the coast of Somalia and the nation's first foreign military base in the post-World War Two era in Djibouti are in line with the geostrategic plans of Tokyo's allies in North America and Europe....Plans which are embodied most fully in the creation of the first U.S. regional military command outside North America in a quarter of a century, Africa Command. Long after pirates, al-Qaeda affiliates and other threats have ceased to serve as their justification, the Pentagon, NATO and Japan will retain their military footholds in Africa."

Rage and Rebellion: How will the Left respond?

"If Obama really does want to be a "transformational" president, he might decide, as FDR did in the 1930s, to openly take on the forces of regression and repression. He could help direct much of that mostly undifferentiated anger and resentment by rallying and educating millions of seething-on-the-sidelines citizens to understand who and where the real enemies of progress and economic justice are...But Obama just doesn't seem to be that type of personality, or have that kind of genuine social-justice agenda in mind, and so it might be left to us to organize ourselves into a mass Movement that will take up the cudgel and lead the fight. Whether that can be done within the Democratic Party is unclear at this stage."