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The Kangaroo

"Obama must keep his kangaroo tied up at home and take the initiative into his own hands. He must announce a clear peace program, the one about which there is now a world-wide consensus (Two states for two peoples, a Palestinian state in all the occupied territories with its capital in East Jerusalem and the dismantling of the settlements in Palestinian territory) and call upon the two sides to adopt it in theory and practice – perhaps by a referendum on both sides. When the time is ripe, he may come to Jerusalem and address the Israeli people from the Knesset rostrum with a clear and unequivocal message."

A Tribute to American people’s historian – Howard Zinn

"Howard Zinn considered war as the enemy of the human race and did everything possible as an educator and activist to oppose it. He said, "The abolition of war has become not only desirable but absolutely necessary if the planet is to be saved. It is an idea whose time has come." Will our generation ever come together to save our planet to abolish this curse of war or will it let the military industrial complex to drag us to future wars that will be more atrocious and devastating than anything we have witnessed before?...With the death of Dr. Zinn there is no doubt that the anti-war and peace movement in the USA has lost one of its best activists and an honest historian that the public trusted."

Factors of America’s defeat in Afghanistan

"With the hoopla of surge and new strategy, the US politicians and military leaders lack complete awareness of the Afghan society, especially the Pashtun culture. To the Pashtun people surge means continuation of the indignity imposed on them by the US and her allies. This means more Afghan civilians would die. This also means the continuation of the same pattern of disregard to the privacy of Pashtuns’ homes. In essence, Pashtuns view this as affirmation by the part of the political and military leaders that the crimes they have committed for the past 8 years are not crimes, but rather righteousness which adds insult to injury."

‘Lost tribe’ on fast track to Israel :: Settlers seek to recruit Indian immigrants...

"...the Bnei Menashe have won two powerful right-wing sponsors: Shavei Israel, led by Michael Freund, a former assistant to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister; and a religious group known as the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which draws on wide support from evangelical Christians in the United States....The brand of Judaism the Bnei Menashe have been exposed to during their “Jewish education” in special camps in India was indicated by Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail, who has worked closely with the tribe since the early 1980s. He said he believed in the biblical prophecy of a coming apocalypse – one shared by “End of Days” evangelical Christians – in which “all the world is against Israel” in a battle to be decided in Jerusalem."

Drifting Toward Catastrophe: A Seven-Headed Beast

The temptation is great to stick to the minor, more gossipy items in the political news. The Larger Issues (here are seven) are damn difficult to deal with. Are there political leaders ready to take them seriously? Or do we continue slouching toward a kind of national suicide?



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