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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Clinton’s arm-twisting diplomacy in Pakistan

"The question that Clinton and the Obama administration would have to confront head on is whether the United States over relying on military solutions would be counterproductive and could destabilize Pakistan in the long run. Ordinary Pakistanis' increased discomfort with the use of military force in tribal areas is evident by the public and unsubtle reaction to Clinton’s remarks."

Count Me Out

"It is impossible to make peace without a basic mental and emotional commitment to peace. Impossible to change the direction of a historic movement without reassessing its history."

University of Chicago Failed to Distance Itself from Olmert’s Criminality

"It is not the fact that the University of Chicago decided to invite a pro-Israel speaker that has offended so many. Rather, it is Olmert’s criminality that offends. It is the disparity with which the university treated its affected students that offends. It is the way in which they assured us that all views would be given a platform, and yet blatantly repressed the point of view of one group of people, that offends. And for this they must, at the very least, apologize."

Humanity Targeted in Gaza

"The United States has also proven incapable of holding Israel accountable for international law. Instead of upholding the Goldstone report's recommendations the White House has criticized it. The Congress has begun to tow the usual Likud line by considering a resolution (H. Res 867) slamming the Goldstone report as anti-Israel."

Will elections help or hurt Palestinian reconciliation?

"Palestinian leaders wishing to continue peace negotiations insist that the majority of Palestinians wants a peaceful end to the occupation within the 1967 borders. In order to attain the aims of this peace-loving Palestinian majority, the Palestinian leadership feels it needs a legal mandate to continue the peace talks."



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