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A diaspora left out in the cold

"What we need urgently today is unity, not just at the Fateh conference or between Fateh and Hamas, but between the outside and the inside."

Pentagon’s 21st Century Counterinsurgency Wars: Latin America and South Asia

"There will soon officially be military units from fifty or more nations serving under NATO command in Afghanistan - including what is left of alleged neutral nations in Europe (Austria, Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland) - from four continents and the Middle East. Never before in history have soldiers from so many nations served under a common military structure in a single war theater. Afghanistan is the training and testing ground for an embryonic world army."

A bittersweet victory

"An occupying power has so many levers of control over the population it occupies. After denying a people certain basic rights for so many years, the attainment of some procedures easing travel seems like a major accomplishment. It is not logical for an occupying power to take away rights and then return some of them at their leisure and expect the world community to congratulate them for such benevolence."

Lies can’t sanctify the Apartheid State

"The apartheid regime in South Africa is a distant memory today. But the pains of Israeli apartheid system still linger. It refuses to read the writings on the wall. Through its monumental crimes it gives a bad name to Judaism."

Five years after ICJ ruling, Israel expands its Illegal Wall onto more Palestinian Land

"The wall has changed not just the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, but also the dynamic of the Palestinian struggle. The reality created inside the occupied territories (a process begun during the Oslo accords) by Israel’s colonies, Areas A/B/C zoning, the permit system, separate roads--and now the wall--has led to the creation of a Palestinian enclave-state in waiting, and thus the death of a genuine “two-state solution.”



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