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The Beilin Syndrome

"...the Zionist peace camp cannot become a political fighting force, engage in a real opposition struggle, bring about change in the country."

Secret Agreement Increases Odds That Convicted Pan Am 103 Bomber May Be Freed

"Now it appears that the two proofs required of the prosecution have fallen apart. The key witness who identified Megrahi as that “someone,” Tony Gauci, the Valetta shopkeeper, has lost his credibility because of the up to $2 million bribe offered him by the CIA. And the timer which supposedly detonated the bomb aboard Pan Am 103 has been placed by the U.S. government under “not to disclose” orders with the Crown."

Falling U.S. Dollar is bad news – Especially for the poor

"If the present currency instability is not rectified, the entire world economy could slow down, triggering a global recession. A recession on such a massive scale would hurt us all - but none more than the world’s poor, who will pay more dearly than anyone else for the follies of the rich."

Bhutto, Bush, and Musharraf

"True democracy for a place like Pakistan is a long way off, not because of this or that leader or party, but because of the country's backward economic state. This is even truer for Afghanistan. You cannot instantly create democracies out of lands living in centuries-old economies, burdened with centuries-old customs. The best thing America could have done for this region would have been generous economic assistance, but the U.S. has demonstrated, again and again, it has little genuine interest in that sort of thing. The customs and backwardness of centuries only melt away under the tide of economic development. Democracy follows almost automatically eventually."

Channeling Suze Orman

"What kind of media future do you think I would’ve had if I chose to keep complaining about the system because of losers? I’d probably be a loser too! Not if I can help it. And I can, obviously."