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The media has gone nuclear about Syria

"...given Baghdad's recent experience, even if--the current American secretary of state can produce a vial of evidence to hold up during a session of the Security Council, it is incumbent on the media to exercise responsibility and to simply report the fact that the Israeli raid on Syria remains a mystery."

Annapolis sets framework, challenge remains in implementation

"Now that the both sides, with Arab and international support, have officially resumed talks that have been stalled for years, the real test is in reaching an understanding on and the implementation of the core issues that uphold Palestinian rights and international law."

Shifting Policy or a Face-saving Gimmick, Somalia Cannot be Ignored

"...Washington still has a chance to rectify its wrongs and play a constructive role in helping stop the brutal bloodletting in Somalia by pulling the plug on the Ethiopian occupation and initiating through the UN Security Council a resolution that would replace them with UN forces instead of the mirage of the African Union forces."

Let’s Not ignore Atwan’s Warning on Annapolis

"It appears though that some media practitioners would have us believe that since these despots and monarchs have embraced Annapolis, Bush is on the right track. In fact it is entirely due to the fact that the Palestinian liberation movement does not possess the advantage of having a solid bulwark of frontline status as the ANC did, that it is open to manipulation."

America: No Country for Old Men

Every once in a while, a movie comes along which captures, as a metaphor, the times that we are living through. That film is “No Country for Old Men.” It’s based on a novel by Cormac McCarthy. The flick is the creation of the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan. It is a gem of a movie--grim in effect and dark in vision. In it, the villain, a sociopath, (think “Bush-Cheney Gang”) is winning; and the good guy, the Sheriff, (read “The People”), is ready to call it quits!