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Clinton Fires, Obama Fires Back

"...both sides began the process of better defining their campaigns, made their points, and scored, despite some exaggeration. Clinton reestablished her credentials as a tough, smart campaigner. She scored political points, especially among the “inside crowd.” But Obama scored on principle. And in fighting back without missing a beat in defense of his stance, he showed himself to be as tough as his opponent, scoring political points as well."

Something happened on 9-11

"...something so horrible that the American people acquiesced for a time in their own subjection."

Haneef’s case: A lesson for the Pakistan’s Government

"...the fact of the matter is that overseas Pakistanis hardly find any benefit or support provided to them by their own Government."

A Warning to Tony

"If all the world is a stage, as Shakespeare wrote, and all the men and women merely players who have their exits and their entrances, that is true even more for Israel and Palestine. Sharon exited and Olmert entered, Wolfensohn exited and Blair entered, and everything is, as Sakespeare wrote in another play, "words, words, words."

Canada at 140 – Some Lessons from History

"As long as the native people complied with the various trading companies, they were generally left alone, but whenever they resisted the traders’ pricing and policies, they were subjected to total genocide -- economically, religiously, culturally and physically. In 1666, De Tracy destroyed rebellious Mohawk villages."



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