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How Arab Americans Will Vote

"We have been polling Arab American voters since the early 90's. Up until 2002, Arab Americans demonstrated only a slight preference for the Democratic party, usually by a margin of three to eight percent. In 2002, reflecting early alienation Bush Administration policies, the Democratic edge grew to 39% to 31%. By 2004, the margin had increased to 43% to 32%. Now, in 2006, the percentage of Arab American who self-identify as Democrats has grown to 45% as opposed to only 31% who see themselves as Republicans."

Mile by mile, Afghan quagmire is expanding

"No matter how sour this fact may be to swallow, but the military authorities can hardly deny the writing on the wall. When the expanded Afghanistan become a quagmire for the occupiers, Pakistan army will face the same fate as the terrorist warriors from abroad."

Halliburton Motto – Its Cost Plus Baby

"...many Halliburton employees did not seem to care about the soldiers and often ignored troop requests, or treated them like an annoyance."

A recipe for the Greater War: The United States fear of losing power which...

"If we keep medium and long-term consequences aside, the Bush administration has been fully successful in what it wanted to achieve in Iraq. The country is occupied. Oil resources are under full control. The military threat that Iraq could pose has been fully neutralized. The country is divided. Iraqis are pitted against each other. The civil war is on and the co-opted media still limits its description to “fear of a looming civil war.""

Being a Suspect, Not a Terrorist, Gets You Killed or Detained Indefinitely

"The more victims you create, the more people want revenge and thus you create a self-perpetuating war on terrorism or on terrorism suspects."



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