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"Peacekeepers" to The Rescue

"The Israeli attack on Lebanon has served to unify the people of that country. Given a chance to rebuild, incorporate Hezbollah military units as part of the regular Lebanese army, and get on with their lives, I think the Lebanese will do so."

Not in My Name

"...Ms. Tzipi Livni, the Israeli Foreign Minister, states repeatedly, without the slightest embarrassment, that her country’s assault on Lebanon is meant to “help” the Lebanese government exercise its sovereignty and implement Security Council resolution 1559. Unfortunately, she has yet to be asked how the bombing of Lebanese bridges and roads, army barracks, and communications antennas is meant to help the government nor how infringing upon the sovereignty of Lebanon is meant to solidify that country’s sovereignty."

Why must The Right Wing sound so Brutally Stupid?

"It uses American cluster bombs, the horrible things that dismembered or crippled thousands of Iraqi children. And it now appears to be using the white-phosphorus shells or bombs Americans used in Fallujah to burn flesh in much the same way they used napalm in Vietnam."

What must be Done in Lebanon

"A solution must be found by the Lebanese themselves, without the threat of internal or external force."

Why do they hate us? Listen to Qana (again)

"This is not a war of two narratives, nor even of two worldviews. It is a war in which we, the West, speak for both sides. Where we define the meaning of suffering and death, and of victory and peace. Where our humanity alone counts because we feel only our own pain as the birth pangs take hold."



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