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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Nader’s Game of "Chicken"

"More than any other American reformer of the last half-century, Nader kept showing that the emperor had no clothes. Now, at a crucial moment in history, Nader has become a de facto ally of the current emperor."

Osama’s Endorsement

"The fact remains that aerial bombardment is a crude weapon that always kills many more civilians than soldiers. The Pentagon favors it because pilots do not see the details of the terrible things they do and because many more ground troops would themselves be killed if it weren't for death from the skies."

OBL and twenty-year time bombs

"Al Jazeera cut off transmission after Osama turned his verbal assault on dictatorial Arab leaders and how they fleece their nations with the able assistance of GWB’s daddy. It is worth noting that Al Jazeera then continued with its regular programming after airing only seven minutes of the Al Qaida tape. After nearly two years of OBL’s absence from the public eye, one is left to speculate why Al Jazeera didn’t have time to air the last eleven minutes. Did they worry that their audience would switch the channel or did the Saudis and the State Department pull the plug?"

The Importance of being "Irrelevant"

"For 45 years now, Arafat has lived in the shadow of death. There was not a moment when a plot to kill him was not being hatched somewhere or other."


A Guide to Election Night for the Non-Political Junkie

"The key states to watch throughout the evening will be the so-called "battleground" states. The candidate who wins the majority of those states will likely win the election."