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Monthly Archives: March 2004

As in Tiennamen square

"During its 37 years of occupation, Israel has already violated every article of the Geneva convention. But what it did now is unprecedented."

The Marriage Business

"Political hypocrites who spout biblical legend as a defense for bigotry will soon learn that In the present marketplace, they haven’t got a prayer. And that’s probably a good thing."

The Century of Renaissance

"The state of the world today requires a renaissance; one that will redefine the culture of power and politics veering it towards humanism that cuts across all religions and ideologies."

A New Kind of Killing

"The Israeli public sits vigilant, waiting for the next Hamas attack. Local assessments are that the revenge Hamas has promised for Yassin's killing will match the crime."

Congressmen Payne and Tancredo: More Hypocrisy on Sudan and Terrorism

"For all their stated concern about terrorism, the simple fact is that Congressmen Payne and Tancredo dropped the ball on the issue. That they have chosen to make various claims about "terrorism" is all the more hypocritical given that while they were meant to be providing Congressional oversight of the Clinton Administration’s Sudan policy, the White House was party to colossal mistakes with regard to anti- terrorism, intelligence and policy."



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