Zionism Kills and Maims Arab Christians and Arab Muslims in The Holy Land with No Biblical Support


As a Catholic and Orthodox Christian and an American Arab lawyer, I feel compelled to respond to the article written by Brad Cambell who claimed he was a Christina zionist and who attempted to relay his version of the Bible and his interpretation of some biblical prophecy to the effect that only Jews are entitled to live in the The Holy Land in a State called Israel. It appears that Brad Cambell seeks to return to “B.C.” which is tantamount to a denial of Jesus Christ Who commenced Christianity.

We Americans Arab Christians remind other Americans that we are the descendants of the first Arabs in The Holy Land and region who converted to Christianity at the time of Jesus Christ and shortly thereafter. The Jews today are descendants of those who never converted to Christianity or Islam. Like the Catholics and Orthodox Christians, the Muslims believe in Jesus Christ, that He was born of the Virgin Mary, by the Immaculate Conception through the power of The Holy Spirit, as announced to the Virgin Mary by the Archangel Gabried, and that Jesus Christ will come again near Judgment Day. My Catholic Christian Bible included a map of “Palestine at the Time of Jesus Christ,” and the Catholic and Orthodox Christian clergy has always taught that Jesus Christ was also a Palestinian.

Why then does predominantly Christian America, which is only 3% of the population of this Earth, support zionism to destroy Arab Christians and Arab Muslims who are believers in Jesus Christ – by those who use U.S. superpower warfare technology paid for by American taxpayer dollars? Why is there support in America for Israel to kill and maim over 20,000 Arab Christians and Arab Muslim within a year, men, women and children, lawyers, doctors, accountants, farmers students, bankers, businessmen, politicians, activists, teachers, and the like, and to destroy our Christian and Muslim cities and villages, homes, schools, churches and Muslim land to immigrating Russian Jews. We Arabs, the Semitic people, whether or not called “Arab” during many millennia, are The People of the Land, and have lived in The Arab World since the cradle of civilization.

We Arab Christians and Arab Muslims, believers in Jesus Christ, and our other predominantly Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist allies in countries in Europe, Africa, South America, China, Russia, India, Mexico and Pakistan, have condemned the zionists for excessive use of force and for its occupation and settlements and settlers in occupied Palestine, and have called for an international force to protect the Palestinian Arab Christians and Palestinian Arab Muslims. Brad Cambell’s applause for the settlers defies are voters of other Christians and predominantly Christian countries for immediate withdrawal of those settlers and their settlements as illegal under international law, The Fourth Geneva Conventions and United Nations’ resolutions.

May we Arab American Christians suggest that American Christian zionists read the Catholic and Orthodox Christian Bibles, stop purporting to speak for Christianity in America or world-wide, and stop supporting zionism for the sake of humanity, justice, peace and salvation of The Holy Land for all people who believe in The One. God.

Ms. Marcell Rose Anthony is President of The Arab Americans of Central Ohio and Catholic Church’s Parish Advisory Council.