Your Vote: Paper or Plastic?

We’ve heard plenty of arguments since the stolen election of 2000 about our vote. Many talk about paper ballots instead of “plastic”-voting machines. Many people talk about having a “paper trail” for a recount. There are many points missed in all these arguments.

Yes, the machines have proven they can be programmed under their proprietary software to throw the vote. The Conyers Report proved that. Yes, you can vote with paper and even get a receipt. However, the question isn’t paper or plastic. The question has many facets to it.

After doing my show [1] for six years, right after the Supreme Court stole the election from all parties by declaring Bush President, the awakening to the sham that is our vote really began for me. I immediately interviewed Vincent Bugliosi on his book “The Betrayal of America, How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose our President”. It was very clear than a totally illegal action had taken place in full view of the American public, and like the assassination of JFK was swept under a psy-op cover up of “this happened, move on”. Just like the lies of 9/11/01.

We all were taught in school that it’s the Electoral College that really picks the President. Well, the Supremes picked Bush before the count from the Electoral College (throwback to the white male landowner vote) got a chance to be heard. By the way, women in America didn’t get the vote until years after black male slaves did. Freedom? Bah, humbug.

Even though it’s been proven Al Gore won the election in 2000, nothing can or will be done about it and we have to suffer through endless wars based on state sponsored terrorism (see Webster Tarpleys book “9/11 Synthetic Terror). Now with an almost loaded Supreme Court we may get Bush as President for life.

Back to my story, and paper vs. plastic. I interviewed Barr McClellan on his excellent book about Lyndon Johnson. It’s a fact that Lyndon stuffed ballot boxes with extra votes and duplicate signatures to get elected. Stuffing ballot boxes (receipt or not) is a reality of our history. (see the show archives for all books and shows quoted).

Along comes the Collier Brothers in the 1970’s and they put out a book based on decades of research called “Votescam” about the “new” voting machines. They take the evidence to Janet Reno and she ignored it, only to be hammered by it when she ran for office recently. (what goes around comes around).

Then we have the excellent work of Greg Palast who uncovered the voter fraud in Florida thanks to Katherine Harris and ChoicePoint (see The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”. Disenfranchised were many democratic voters who happened to be guilty of voting while black. This leads to a lot of information on “Invisible Ballots” and bad voting machines owned by the same people that support and promoted Bush. Lets not leave out their control of the media who announced for Bush in nano-seconds.

I hope you’re keeping up with me. This whole paper vs.plastic, voter fraud, machines, chads, discarded overvotes, undervotes is all a SMOKESCREEN.

Let’s get to the crux of the matter. The Collier Brothers concluded and stated it the best I’ve heard so far “we can’t vote the bastards out, because we didn’t vote them in”. To truly correct the problem of voting in America we must get to the heart of, not who counts the votes, but WHO picks the candidates for both parties. Now we’re getting hot.

Little known to most people are the money men behind the Federal Reserve Bank which is neither federal nor a reserve (check out the work of Eustace Mullins “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”; Ed Griffin’s “Creature From Jekyll Island” and Robert Gaylon Ross’ “Who’s Who of the Elite”all in my archives) the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

David Rockefeller is the front man for the family that owns and controls most of the money (Federal Reserve too) and gold on the planet –” the Rothschilds. The people that instigate and finance both sides of every war since the Civil War when they held Lincoln hostage for money. Abraham Lincoln didn’t want to kowtow to them, and decided to take the money making back to the U.S. Treasury and create Silver Certificates. We know what happened to Lincoln. JFK tried the same thing, and we know what happened to him.
These men are all powerful.

Every President in memory had to meet with David Rockefeller for approval before running for office or getting the nomination. Their party affiliation meant and means nothing. These men choose “who will wear the suit this time” for every election. They NEVER lose. Now before you start saying “conspiracy theory” do the homework. I have all the shows and all the books still available on site. Put your fear aside and do the homework, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in anything except the hoax of voting perpetrated on us for centuries. Read the book “David” about Rockefeller. Google search the Rothschilds and you will find a bloody trail spanning centuries.

If we don’t take control of our own money via the U.S. Treasury and nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank, we don’t stand a chance. These same factions will continue picking the “candidates” or candied-dates as I call them, and we will think our vote counts for something. Drop the arguing over paper ballots or computer voting. It doesn’t mean anything except one big laugh from the secret gangsters in charge. The only way to bring them down and get real Americans who give a damn to run for office is to take the bad guys on. Exposing them and their deadly games is the only way. They always pick candidates that will do their bidding, fight their wars, and fill their coffers. As far as paper or plastic –” I say give me real candidates and real money then let’s go and vote.