Yes to a "new Middle East"?

When people in the east hear the west’s talk about freedom, democracy, justice, and human rights they crane their necks to take a look, and their eyes rise to these lofty principles.

However, they are quickly shocked. What they hear from the west is different from what they notice from it; freedom, democracy and justice are for them and not for the east. They see the contradiction between the west’s behavior in the east and the principles it announces in the west.

In the east they see the west as an unjust aggressor that supports the violation of human rights. They see it rejecting an immediate halt to the killing of children. They see it supporting the occupation and confiscation of lands by force. They see the west supporting the heinous crimes being committed by the aggressors against humanity. They see it supporting collective punishment and collective destruction.

They see it supporting assassinations, mass arrests and the placing of tens of thousands of those calling for freedom, democracy and justice in prisons, cells and detention camps.

On top of all this, they see it busy plundering their massive wealth and depriving them of using it to develop their countries and push them over the threshold of industry and prosperity.

They see that the west’s interests require a good relationship with the east and even cooperation and integration on many levels. They are, however, astonished, to see that the west supports their enemies with their money and provides these enemies with advanced weapons and ammunition to strike at them and destroy their aspirations, destroy their investments and kill their children.

They sense that when the west’s words match their actions it is a deception and an indication of intentions that are far from good.

As the rulers in the east feel in most cases that the west is the master, the tension, repression and oppression become the controlling factors in the east. Thus, the west pushes people towards an explosion, which the west likes to call "extremism".

If the east does not accept the injustice, oppression and the silence regarding the killing of its children and the destruction of its property the east becomes extremist.

This is how the east sees the positions of the west. Despite this, the east tries to woo the west, in vain.

Today the east is wooing the west again.

The US Secretary of State speaks for the west about a "new Middle East." The east responds by saying: "We welcome this. Yes to a "new Middle East" that brings stability, development, growth and happiness to everyone."

A "new Middle East" cannot contribute to the stability and peace of the world unless it is based on the foundation that this process needs to be based on: the implementation of international legitimacy resolutions that were taken following Israel’s occupation of Arab lands in 1967; that is, ending the Israeli occupation of all lands occupied by Israel in June 1967.

This means a complete end to the occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, Sheba’a farms and the Golan.

The second foundation is the establishment of a sovereign independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem as its capital and the implementation of resolutions leading to this, especially the return of all confiscated Palestinian lands, the removal of settlements constructed by Israel on Palestinian lands, the removal of the wall from places where it was constructed on Palestinians lands, and to have Palestinian state institutions have control over its land, air and sea borders as well as have international laws and treaties applied to protect this independence and prevent any attack on the Palestinian state or its sovereignty.

The peoples of the region long to live in freedom and peace and aspire to apply the rules of democracy, enjoy human rights and freedom of expression and to have these rights preserved and protected by the law, applied by an independent, fair and just judiciary.

The region will not witness stability or peace unless the international community deals with international legitimacy resolutions relating to the Middle East with the same standard it uses when dealing with resolutions related to other issues in the world; that is, through an honest implementation of those resolutions.

Therefore, we call on the US to think deeply and with a vision for the future about the consequences of any positions it adopts that do not reach the level of a fair and just implementation of international legitimacy resolutions.

The Middle East that the US is calling for a restructuring of is currently witnessing a severe state of tension and pressure that could explode at any second if the above-mentioned foundations are not honored.

The oppression, injustice, occupation and mass war crimes being committed by Israel with the support and aid of Washington will cause this explosion.

Our children have the same rights that the children of the Americans and the Europeans enjoy. Our people have the same rights that the people in the US and Europe enjoy. Neither peace nor stability will prevail in the Middle East unless all peoples enjoy freedom, independence, human rights and democracy.