Yemen: The Forgotten Tyrant and his Daily Bloodbath

The daily carnage in Yemen by the American supported tyrant, President Ali Abdullah Saleh, is the forgotten and ignored genocide by the U.N. U.S., E.U., by Arab and Muslim nations and by all the western media. The ruthless senseless genocide of thousands of men, women, and children over the last four months in Yemen is unworthy of world attention.

Saudi Arabia is the major factor in U.S. support of Yemen’s murderous killer keeping him as a buffer to protect its dictatorial regime and its rich oil wells.

Sooner or later it will be Saudi Arabia’s turn to fall and a democracy shall rise in the country of the two Holiest Mosques in Islam much like the democracy Islam’s beloved Prophet Muhammad established in that land over 1,400 years ago.

Then, and only then, will the entire Arab and Muslim world will breathe free.

Two nights ago when thousands of peaceful Yemenie protesters continued their nightly demonstration in Tahrir Square in Taiz, President Ali Abdullah Saleh sent his Republican Guards, Secret Police, the military, and civilian thugs to indiscriminately fire at the protestors. They used live ammunition and tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd. As the protesters bravely held their ground despite many dead and injured the military brought in huge bulldozers into the square to squash the protesters and set fire to their tents burning people alive.

The casualties for that night alone were at least 60 dead and over 1,000 injured.  More deaths are occurring among the injured. The bulldozers also destroyed the medical field hospitals beating doctors and nurses and leaving the dead and injured on the ground. They prevented ambulanced from reaching the killed, injured, and burned victims.

This is only one night’s carnage in one city. The murderous tyrant has called upon his military to indiscriminately shoot, beat, and arrest peaceful protesters across the country in every major city. Given the poor medical care facilities such as hospitals and clinics, and the Islamic tradition of burying the dead immediately the exact number of dead will never be known. But witnesses from around the country testify to the daily carnage of dozens of innocent men, women, and children at the hand of this beloved American murderer.

This tyrant seeks a civil war to unleash his full military upon his peacefully protesting people who’ve staged the most enduring and patient peaceful protests in the entire Arab world that has lasted for four months. This in a tribal nation armed to the teeth that can easily topple this regime in one day, but unlike the tyrants and his Saudi-American supporter they value the God given sacredness to the lives of their brothers and sisters.

This blood bather launched an attack in the capitol Sana shelling the home of one of the most prominent tribal leaders in the country, the head of tribes counted in the millions.   He lost a brother and a nephew in the shelling along with many of his tribal guards. Saleh wanted to instigate the leader to launch a counter attack and spark a civil war, but the tribal leader was extremely wise and deprived this genocidal maniac the opportunity of a civil war and did launch a counterattack that could have led to the death and injury of tens of thousands of Sana’s civilian population. His northern tribes wanted to attack Sana in vengeance but he called them off.

Yet Saleh continues his shelling of the leader’s compound on a daily basis. This man has destroyed whatever infrastructure or economy Yemen had. He’s turned off the electricity and water to cities and has blocked the influx of food, diesel, and gas into the cities as well as the replenishment of food and medicines.

People are hungry and sick. Schools and stores are closed. Inflation is rampant with people unable to afford the simplest of foods. No international organization or western government has come to aid these civilians, many who’ve abandoned their homes to become refugees outside their cities and towns.

Odd how the U.S. is oblivious to the plight of refugees when they are Arabs while spending hundreds of billions of dollars on Israel, the sixteenth richest nation on earth.

This genocider is a coward unable to show his face in public anymore, not even in the capitol much less go out of his home. Yet he madly claims the masses are with him and support him, and like all Arab tyrants (and Israel) he blames the opposition parties, thieves, thugs, and of course the good stand by Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups for the carnage and demonstrations against his “legal” rule. Just the right triggers for Washington D.C. to close its eyes, ears, and mouth at the blood that flows into the beautiful soil of Arabia Felix, Yemen.

Neither the U.S., nor the U.N., nor the E.U., nor any country has stepped up forcefully and repeatedly to demand this tyrant’s departure akin to Qaddafi. They have not called for severe economic sanctions against him and his family, freezing their assets abroad, prevent his travel out of the country, refer him to the International Criminal Court as they did so quickly with the Sudanese President.

Why? Perhaps he knows too much about U.S. political and military secrets in Yemen and the region in its alleged fight against terrorism. Blackmail between terrorist regimes and their superpower supporters is a two way street. Yemen’s dictator has learned well from Netanyahu.

In the end, It’s American aid, American weapons, and America’s shielding of this dictator thus far that emboldens this blood thirsty mad man to massacre with impunity, much like all the Arab tyrants, much like the premier terrorist rogue nation on earth, Israel.

For students of history, political science, geography, and economics, there is no better case study for such subjects than America’s history and policies in the Arab world.

Yemen’s tyrant, Ali Abdullah Saleh’s history with the United States began soon after he became President in 1978. In a border conflict between his North Yemen and the Communist nation of South Yemen in 1979 both the United States and Saudi Arabia came to his financial and military aid to defeat the Communist south.

Later on Saleh found himself in the good graces of the United States due to the discovery of oil in 1984 by the Texan Hunt Oil Company followed by the post 9/11 partnership in Bush’s “war on terrorism.”

In 2009 the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was formally established in Yemen and designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Al Qaeda provided the love connection between him and Washington D.C., the most gullible capitol in the world.