Worldwide COVID-19 cases exceed 10 million

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Jeddah, (UNA-OIC) – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has exceeded 10 million worldwide on Sunday.

The United States of America accounts for over 25% of the world’s confirmed COVID-19 toll after recording more than 2,590,000 cases. The five countries reporting most virus confirmed cases are the United States, Brazil, Russia, India, and the United Kingdom.

In OIC Member States, the tally of the OIC 57 countries (excluding Turkmenistan) has reached 1,570,860 confirmed cases as of Sunday morning.

The five OIC Member States reporting most confirmed cases are Iran with 220,180 cases, Pakistan 202,955 cases, Turkey 195,883, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 178,504, and lastly Bangladesh 137,787.

OIC Member states are also nearing 1 million recoveries from the pandemic, with the currently confirmed number of recoveries at 998,049.

OIC Member states’ mortality rate is at 2.3% compared to the worldwide mortality rate of 4.97%. OIC countries are also performing better regarding recoveries from COVID-19, with a recovery rate of 63.6% compared to the worldwide recovery rate of 54.2%.

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